Can A Massage Chair Bruise Your Back?

Being in pain is the world’s most dreadful experience, and being able to get out of it is a huge blessing. A massage chair is just a blessing in disguise and serves mind-blowing benefits. It can fix your problem from acute pain to just tensed muscles. After sitting long hours on your research chair, in your car seat, or standing on your feet for a long time, you simply need a human touch on your neck or back, and today’s advanced massage chairs are specially designed to fulfill this purpose. But still, an ambiguity prevails in the consumer industry that can a massage chair bruise your back?

Despite their high demand, there comes a question that while relieving pain whether one experiences bruises from massage chair. The answer is NO. Yet, you listen to people around you complaining but never jump to a conclusion. As it is designed to make people relax and the goal is to relieve stress, and tension and alleviate back pain so there must be some deep facts around the telltale stories.

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Can A Massage Chair Bruise Your Back? (5 Valid Reasons):

Now let’s get into some facts. Experts claim that massage chairs release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are happy hormones! Just like a good workout your massage chair provides you with muscular compression that increases the production of endorphins in your brain and brings down the daily stress of your life.

However, there are complaints about bruising from massage therapy. Various reasons lay behind such apprehensions. So, let’s address a few of them and shed light on important factors. 

1.      Your body is not familiar with massage chair:

Can massage chairs cause bruising? The answer varies on its use. Yes, some pains are normal, like as a new user, you might experience some kind of pain after having your first few massages. According to the Mayo Clinic, some forms of massage can leave you feeling a bit sore but typically a massage should not be uncomfortable. We can take the example of a person, who just introduced himself to the body workout or any kind of new activity. Initially, it can be uncomfortable but as he gets along with it, he will get the expected results soon.

In your first experience, you might need some guidance in operating this new machine. As the improper setting can lead you to a painful experience instead of making you relax and blissed.

2.      Inactive or stiff muscles:

Stretching out your body before exercise is always considered a great idea, the same is the case with the usage of massage chairs. Warming up will not only relax your tensed muscles but also increase your blood circulation and produce flexibility in your stringent muscles. Hence, before diving into deep tissue styles consider starting with a gentle therapy setting or any heating function program present in your massage machine. This will help you avoid negative effects of massage chair.

3.      Hydration is a key:

If you are dehydrated you might end up with a sore from massage at the end of your session. Why is it so important? Being dehydrated can build up toxins in your body that can lead to aches, pains, and inflammation in all of your body. It’s better to stay hydrated and flush out all the toxins from your body and take lots of fluids before and after your massage session. It would be a great idea to fulfill this purpose with water, as drinks containing high sugar content can propel inflammation in your body and can result in soreness and discomfort.

4.     Improper usage of a massage chair:

Using a machine in an improper way results in false feedback. Sometimes, people may use certain medications (like painkillers) to treat the pain already presented in the body. Painkillers terminate the ability to receive pain messages in your brain. You go into deeper massage options because it seems comfortable to you but in fact, you expose yourself to injury and bruises.

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Now let’s approach some common questions

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

How long should I sit in a massage chair?

As long as you want to. NO that’s not an answer.
You can use it anywhere between two to fifteen minutes, ideally with short intervals.15 minutes are more than enough to get comfort from your massage chair. Do not overuse it.

Can I use my massage chair every day?

It depends on your problem. If you are using this for some medical reasons (like pain) three to four times a week should work to fix your problem. For just relaxation purposes, one to three times a week is enough, and do not use it if you already have some injury or herniated disk.

Can a massage chair bruise your back during pregnancy?

It’s totally fine to use a massage chair during pregnancy as it relieves your back pain, leg pain and labor pain plus makes you relax and reduces anxiety.
Some manufacturers anticipate premature labor because of stimulating pressure points on the back but no evidence supports this claim. The good part of the story is that massage chairs usually work in rolling motion rather than putting intense pressure on one spot. Apart from massage chairs, recliner chairs are also soothing to use during pregnancy. For further details and some amazing products, you can have a look at one of our phenomenal articles that is the best recliner chair for pregnant woman.

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Bottom Line:

As buying a massage chair is a big decision, so get yourself prepared and have thorough research before getting one. Do not overuse this. Most importantly, do not use it without consulting your doctor, if you have other related medical conditions. You can also seek advice from medical experts that can massage chair bruise your back. Above all, listen to your body and make your experience as stress-free as possible. Stop using it right away if you have persistent concerns.