Best Recliner Chair For Pregnant Woman 2023 (Buying Guide)

Buying the best recliner chair for a pregnant woman is an incredible investment one can make to cherish this beautiful journey toward motherhood. Recliner chairs in the market are made to pamper expecting ladies with warmth, comfort, and mind-blowing support. They become true lifesavers when a woman goes through hormonal changes and suffers fatigue and poor posture alignment due to an ordinary chair. Apart from enhancing physical well-being, they play an important role in the uplifting moods of a pregnant lady. This is just the trailer for this amazing kind of furniture. You can get to see the whole picture upon scrolling down.

Top 7 Best Recliner Chairs For Pregnant Women 2023

As always, we have brought some truly practical recliners for pregnancy. All these models are excellent from all angles and are made to serve during the post-pregnancy period as well. It means your investment won’t serve only for a specific period but in fact in a long run. So firstly, let’s learn about some top picks. Furthermore, you’ll also get to know about the benefits of using them and the most important factors to consider before buying a recliner chair for a pregnant woman.

1. Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Rocker Recliner:

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Ashley Furniture Industry needs no introduction. It has been busy entertaining the consumer industry by making a wide range of furniture, rugs, lighting, mattresses, etc. By satisfying customers belonging to different age groups and varied classes, the company has, fortunately, become a trusted source to purchase.

Here we have its contemporary recliner chair with us. This unit stands amongst the best chairs for pregnancy. It features a metal reinforced seat and comfy the user through its plush and denser foam. Moreover, faux leather is used for upholstering the entire model. So you see! this recliner chair perfectly demonstrates comfort and luxury at first sight. Not to forget! this is an amazingly durable and sturdy model on board.

This recliner chair rocks gently so emerges best to relax pregnant women. Besides, the backrest reclines as well for a better and more comfortable sitting experience. Above all, reclining the back is absolutely effortless with the help of an easy-to-use mechanism.

The spacious seat and cozy design give the user a homely feel. Most importantly, each and every bit of this recliner means to support the fatigued muscles of a pregnant woman. In addition, it tends to accommodate the growing belly of an expecting mother so nicely.

This best recliner chair also facilitates a retractable footrest. A sitting gear with a footrest is indeed a lifesaver for a pregnant lady because it helps to improve blood circulation. Don’t worry, elevating the footrest is not going to be hard on your body. Rather,  it’s easy to bring up with a simple button push. So buying this item specifically to relieve an aching body for nine months is indeed a wise idea.

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  • Double-stuffed armrests
  • Nice lumbar support
  • Comfy
  • Good for big guys
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • The backrest is hard to move back to an upright position after you are done with reclining.

2. Comhoma PU Leather Best Recliner Chair for pregnant woman:

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Now we are going to introduce you to a very versatile recliner chair. This model is indeed a life-saver for expecting mothers because it reclines, rocks, swivels, and offers warm massage. Due to these endless options, this unit also works best as the best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

While being built on a durable framework, the recliner chair surprises with mind-blowing durability and stability. Denser and resilient foam is used to stuff it and furthermore, very good material is used as upholstery.

Checking on the adjustability aspect, this article doesn’t disappoint us. The backrest reclines at three different angles. Hence letting you watch your favorite Netflix show, read a novel, and even take a nap.

As we are recommending this product for the sensitive period of pregnancy, surely it’s supportive to the core. It is designed to pamper the changing body of a pregnant woman and let her relax divinely. The thickly padded headrest plus plush armrest, both make up a nice combo. Moreover, the retractable footrest adds glitter to the gold.

The lumbar support produces worthwhile results. But when you switch on the heat function, the lumbar support turns into a true life-saver. This recliner chair vibrates in 4 parts. You can select the massage modes, heat function, and vibration strength with the help of the remote control that comes along with your purchase. The good part of the story is that the remote control is easy to use and you can store it in the storage pocket quite handily.

So again COMHOMA wins hearts by making this ergonomic, versatile, and comfortable recliner chair in the care of the expecting moms.

  • Very good customer care service
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Vibrates practically
  • Comfortable and nicely adjustable
  • Soft leather upholstery
  • Reclining the backrest is not effortless.

3. Accent Recliner Chair with Ottoman:

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Upon visiting the MCOMBO store, you’ll get to see this recliner chair. Besides this cream-white color, it is available in plenty of other colors also with varied price tags. However, it depends upon your budget and preference that which color you choose to opt for.

This recliner is best to keep in the living room. On the contrary, you can keep it in your bedroom either if you have a nice and cozy corner there. Moreover, it’s the best purchase for a pregnant woman. Once she gets tired of doing all the house chores or gets back home from the office, this accent recliner chair is ready to comfort her through its facilitating features.

It stands on a high-quality wooden base. The padding is done with a resilient cushion while faux leather upholstery acts like a cherry on top. Coming on to the design, the backrest thrills the user with its incredible shape. Thick headrests and armrests ensure maximum support plus relaxation. You can also see the lumbar pillow. This lumbar pillow is removable so utilizing it in case of need is very easy.

Now let’s discuss some other jaw-dropping aspects. The backrest can recline up to 140 degrees. Moreover, you can elevate your feet on a plushly padded ottoman that is included in the package.

Not only this! But this recliner chair massages your body in three areas that are upper back, lumbar, and thighs. The entire massaging episode is exclusively customizable. You can adjust the massaging modes, nodes, and most importantly the intensity of it as well. Customizing all the settings is very handy with the help of remote control.

  • Features a swiveling design
  • Very easy to clean
  • Vibrates perfectly
  • Offers a variety of relaxing angles
  • Premium quality
  • Assembly is not very easy

4. Power Lift Recliner Chair:

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The next recliner chair onboard is not only suitable for pregnant ladies but appears to be quite helpful for the elderly as well. The reason behind this fact is that it not only reclines but stands up as well. 

The standing feature makes this product quite unique among all. A very powerful motor works behind to ensure this ease. This motor is absolutely noiseless and is made to serve in a long run. The motor works to push the recliner up and lets the pregnant woman get up without stressing her knees or back.

Not only this! But the backrest also reclines to 150 degrees. Both the reclining and lifting mechanisms are very easy to operate and control with the help of remote control.

Now let’s have a look at some other features. So, this model offers a strong massage at 8 points. The waist heating function is another plus. Hence the combo of massage plus warmth truly destresses all the stretched muscles of an expecting mother. Not to forget, the massage intensity is customizable. Moreover, you can also make adjustments amongst ./different massage modes through the remote control.

Other useful features of this recliner chair are handy side pockets, cup holders, and a USB charging port. All these mean to facilitate the pregnant women so they need not leave their comfort zone every now and then.

Last of all, it’s a durable chair and stands on an eco-friendly and durable framework. The padding of the backrest, armrests, and seat is not only comfortable but glamorous as well.

  • Wider armrests
  • User-friendly
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable fabric upholstery
  • The heat function is quite mild

5. Contemporary Microfiber Rocker Recliner :

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Here you go with another plushly padded recliner chair. It’s specifically designed for relaxing pregnant women. However, if you are a back pain sufferer, then you can opt for it to cure your bad back as well.

This model gives a comfortable feel at first sight. Just look at the backrest, seat, and armrests! They are stuffed with resilient cushions and ready to pamper the user like never before. The core structure is absolutely durable and made out of sturdy material. Moreover, the upholstery comprises soft suede microfiber. All these factors truly add to the value of this model.

The backrest is designed to recline and rock for a heavenly sitting experience. The amazing part of the story is that reclining is a very easy peasy with the help of a lever on the right side. This ability to recline and rock lets an expecting mother take a sigh of relief once she gets seated in it.

You can also elevate the footrest and support your feet. This is indeed a nice perk because swollen feet are quite common in pregnancy and placing feet on footrests gives so much relief.

To sum up, this is an ergonomic recliner chair. It is designed to fulfill the basic comfort requirements of a prego. So without giving it a second thought, do place your order!

  • Very sturdy
  • Rocks gently
  • Easy to use locking mechanism
  • Ample stuffing
  • economical
  • Makes noise while rocking

6. Upholstered Swivel Glider:

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The stores of DAVINCI introduce this glamorous piece of furniture. It is made to serve the consumer industry with comfort, luxury plus elegance.  You will find different colors of it in the market. So you get a nice variety to choose from.

This chair stands on a metal base so durability is nothing to doubt about. It is stuffed with denser foam for supportive sitting. We not only recommend it to relax during pregnancy but it tends to become your true crime partner once the baby comes into the world. Lean on it while holding your baby and you’ll truly enjoy the facility and ease.

It is a swiveling model. So you need not get up from it for nearby tasks. Just move around while sitting and you’ll have easy access to feeding bottles, warmer, or other accessories. Besides 360 degrees swiveling, this chair glides back and forth as well.

A stuffed ottoman also comes along with a package. So you see! sitting on this unit serves with the most comfortable posture from head to feet.

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  • Ensures cleaner indoor air
  • High backrest
  • Glides silently and smoothly
  • Comfortable
  • attractive
  • Narrow seat

7. Lay Flat Sleeping Dual Motor Lift Recliner Chair:

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One more comfortable chair for a pregnant woman is ready to grab your attention. It comes furnished with all the useful features that any pregnant lady would need while sitting in a chair. Besides, it’s an awesome sitting gear for senior citizens also. Hence buying it will definitely lead to long-term usage.

First thing first, it is incredibly adjustable. To clarify, this recliner is a lift chair as well. It stands up and helps the pregnant lady get up with maximum ease. Similarly, it prevents the elderly from stressed knees and lower back pain by helping them get up with the help of a lifting mechanism. A hand controller comprising 4 buttons is there to help you in the process.

The backrest can recline at different angles to 180 degrees. You can adjust and lock it at the required angle for a specific purpose. For instance, you can set it to watch TV or read your favorite book. Similarly, feel free to set it at 180 degrees to take nap comfortably so this unit also serves as a sleeping chair for pregnant ladies. Not to forget! dual motors are the real icons that work behind the entire mechanism.

 The footrest is also designed to elevate but the good part is that it changes its angle regardless of the backrest. To clarify, the backrest and footrest are independently adjustable.

Now comes the structure! So don’t worry, this chair is outstandingly durable as it stands on a very good quality metal framework. As a result, it can easily entertain a person weighing up to 300 lbs. The cushioning is done with a high-density sponge. Meanwhile, the smoothness and comfort of the leather upholstery act like a cherry on top.

  • Wide and supportive backrest
  • Includes a removable lumbar pillow
  • Easy assembly
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Features two rear wheels
  • Motors operate quietly and smoothly
  • Very good customer care service
  • No built-in lumbar support

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Recliner Chair For Pregnant Women:

1. Padding:

If you are pregnant and wish to buy a chair to relax, then what’s the point of choosing a recliner with less or no padding? Because what you want is divine relaxation that is impossible to avail without sufficient cushioning. So, make sure that you choose a well-padded recliner chair. Ample cushioning at the headrest, backrest, armrests, seat, and footrest will help a pregnant woman relax in a true sense.

2. Adjustability:

Adjustability in a recliner is as important as oxygen for human beings. So never ignore this feature because an unadjustable model doesn’t worth your precious time and money. It will soon become a useless commodity and you’ll transfer it to the storeroom after getting unsatisfactory results.

To avoid this scenario, make sure that you buy one of the best recliner chairs for a pregnant woman! That is with adjustable height and reclining angle. Some models also offer adjustable lumbar support and armrests. In fact, the more adjustable features lead to super supportive sitting sessions. As a result, the pregnant woman will be able to adjust herself in the most supportive and relaxing angle. So, never forget to check the adjustability aspect.

3. Upholstery:

As you are on your way to finding the best recliner chair for pregnant women, so prefer to buy a unit with durable and easy-to-clean upholstery. We recommend you check durability so that it can stand the heavy weight of a pregnant woman. Similarly, an easy-to-clean upholstery is indeed a sigh of relief for an expecting lady because she may not find herself energetic enough to maintain and clean her recliner on daily basis. Also, make sure that the pregnant lady for whom you are buying a recliner is not allergic to the stuff of that particular model.

4. Swiveling mechanism:

Swiveling recliner chairs are indeed lifesavers, especially for women who are passing through a very sensitive phase of their lives which is pregnancy. The ability to swivel prevents the expecting mother to leave the chair now and then. Thus, it also cuts down the hassle of continuous readjustment at the most supportive postures. If you find a swiveling recliner an expensive one, don’t hesitate to purchase it. Because you’ll surely get more than the bucks you pay.

5. Lumbar support:

Lower back pain is quite common during pregnancy because it is your lumbar spine that is supposed to bear extra belly weight. So look for a recliner chair with truly practical lumbar support. Good lumbar support will definitely entertain the user with multiple benefits. The most important among them are healthy posture and back pain relief.

6. Neck support:

Neck stiffness and headaches are quite usual during pregnancy. In this scenario, a recliner chair with padded neck support will truly help. So, try to invest in the model with adequate neck support as this will entertain the user with some additional benefits.

7. Footrest:

Swollen feet are also a very common suffering of pregnant women. However, they are soothable if one opts for an exclusively supportive recliner chair that features a footrest as well. The availability of the footrest acts as a cherry on top. It prevents the feet from swelling, enhances blood circulation, and hence improves the sleep of the pregnant lady.

8. Size:

Before you drive to the market with the intent to buy a recliner chair, measure the space at home where you plan to keep your new purchase. Then select the chair that perfectly suits the available space. However, it’s always a good idea to go for a less bulky unit with all the must-haves of a good recliner. A compact yet practical model will not only comfy the user but also allow moving or rearranging the living room handily.

Benefits Of Using The Best Recliner Chair For Pregnant Woman:

Though the benefits of using a recliner while pregnant are obvious. But we would like to highlight them for your better perception. So, let’s have a look at some significant pros of relaxing in a recliner chair during pregnancy.

  • First of all, they offer divine comfort to an expecting mother in comparison to a bed. Because the bed doesn’t offer customizable settings but a recliner does so. So, a pregnant lady feels more secure and supported in the recliner that she prefers to sleep in it at night as well.
  • A pregnant woman bears a lot of weight on her lower back. Only sitting down does not put this weight off her spine. Rather she needs to lay at a reclining angle for required relaxation.  Again a recliner chair works best in this regard.  It helps in back pain relief by allowing the woman to lay in it at the most supportive angle.
  • Swollen ankles are quite common during pregnancy. Raising feet at heart level is the perfect solution to soothe swollen feet and improve blood circulation. So, there are recliners in the market that help alleviate feet on a footrest. The footrest pop-ups or elevates easily with a handle or button.
  • A regular chair cannot compete with a recliner in terms of comfort. Recliners are normally customizable as per the body shape and convenience of the user.  A pregnant woman finds multiple angles to adjust her aching back and growing belly. Moreover, she can stretch herself and relax to the core. So recliners are an absolute win when it comes to comfort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to sit in a recliner while pregnant?

This question is quite logical because, with a baby bump, one may find it uncomfortable to sit in a regular chair. As ordinary chairs are neither adjustable nor help in putting off additional weight from the lower back. That’s why sitting in a recliner is indeed a sigh of relief for a pregnant woman as long as the backrest reclines at a supportive angle. Moreover, a recliner chair plays an important role in relieving stress, adding relaxation, and letting the expecting mother stretch out. And the credit goes to the reclining backrest, adjustable footrest, and awesome lumbar support.

Which type of recliner is best for pregnant ladies?

The chair with infinite angles to recline is indeed the best office chair for pregnant ladies. Besides, if it swivels, offers warm massage at the lumbar, and is designed to facilitate with an adjustable footrest, then it’s a total win. So we strongly recommend you purchase a PU leather recliner chair from the homes of COMHOMA. Apart from all these significant features, its leather upholstery adds to the cleaning ease. So buying and using it in your home or office will definitely urge you to suggest it to your friends and family.

What is the most important feature of the best recliner chair for pregnant woman?

Every feature has its matchless significance. The reclining backrest helps in achieving the most comfortable posture. Similarly, the footrest plays an important role in soothing swollen ankles and improving blood circulation. Likewise, we cannot ignore the utility of neck support and swiveling mechanisms. But what actually makes a recliner chair worth buying is its adjustability feature. This aspect will let the woman customize all the settings according to the most relaxing posture. So, look for adjustability on a prior basis.


When a woman embarks on the journey of pregnancy, the right recliner chair can provide essential comfort and support for her aching back and expanding belly. However, making the right choice can be a challenge. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which recliner will truly cater to a pregnant woman’s unique needs. That’s why companies have strived to create recliners that stand out above the rest, offering exceptional support and comfort to ensure that a pregnant woman’s experience is as comfortable as possible. We have listed some of the best options available, carefully curated to make your choice an effortless one.