Best Chair For Therapists 2023 (Buying Guide)

As a therapist, you spend long days listening and attending to your clients’ needs. It’s fulfilling work, but also draining. And if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day in your office, it can really do a number on your own back, neck, and mental well-being.

Just like your clients deserve care and comfort from you, you deserve the same through an ergonomic office chair designed with therapists in mind. The right chair can provide proper lumbar support, promote good posture, and allow you to relax when sessions wrap up.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best chair for therapists based on expert reviews and my own testing. I understand the unique needs of a therapy chair from adjustable features to accommodate various body types to plush cushioning for long sitting. These recommendations will provide exceptional comfort and support, so you can be fully present for your clients without pain or distractions.

Top 9 Best Chair for Therapists 2023

We have some amazing units on the board. The below-stated list is undeniably a life-saver for our busy readers. Every model is an example of perfection, elegance, and comfort. So get ready to spend a few bucks. Because our suggestions will definitely urge to do so.

1. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair:

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This model is indeed the best chair for therapists in the US. Because it’s the complete package of ease, comfort, and luxury. Also, it’s available in multiple colors. So, you get the chance to choose from several options available.

This unit stands on a polypropylene base. It is a swiveling model and features nylon casters at the bottom. These casters glide smoothly without making noise.

The backrest is designed to ease a therapist in the best possible way. First of all, it features contoured lumbar support. It relaxes the lower back divinely during prolonged therapy session. The good part of the story is that this lumbar support is adjustable. So, you can set it on the most aching part of your back.

While the backrest relaxes the therapist, it doesn’t let him sweat. The credit goes to the durable mesh. This mesh fabric allows the air to pass through. Hence significantly regulates the body temperature.

The charisma of the backrest doesn’t end here. Apart from all the above benefits, it lets the user to recline. The backrest is high and can tilt backward. Moreover, you can lock it at 3 angles. Locking at the desired angle is very easy. However, you can also adjust the backrest angle with the help of tension control.

The headrest is also adjustable and comprises a mesh. Not only this! But the user can customize the seat height as well with the help of a pneumatic cylinder.

The seat is exclusively comfortable and offers a mesh sitting room. It features a very useful waterfall design. So, an overall soothing experience is an assurance. Not to forget! This chair includes armrests also.

 To sum up, the therapist can surely cherish the real essence of relaxation with this amazing innovation by ERGOHUMAN.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

The best part of this chair design is that it lets you adjust every ergonomic fearure. The chair is not perfect but, for now, it is rhe best I have purchased.

  • durable construction
  • the maximum weight capacity is 250lbs
  • very ergonomic and comfortable
  • supportive design
  • seat depth and armrest height is adjustable
  • quality product
  • bad quality tension spring

2. SUNNOW Ergonomic chair for therapists:

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Our next recommendation is not only the best chair for therapists in hospital. But it is also one of the best office chairs for lower back and hip pain. This model is the true example of elegance, style, perfection, comfort, and luxury. The design is absolutely ergonomic and is surely capable of relaxing the therapists during his job.

SUNNOW introduces a very well-built unit in the market. It tends to stand maximum weight up to 280lbs. The backrest is designed to relax your aching spine like a pro. How? It features adjustable lumbar support. This lumbar support is not only adjustable up and down according to your waist. But the rotating knob helps you adjust it forward and backward also. So, the high backrest is made to support your spine in the best way.

Moreover, the mesh is used in the back, seat, and headrest. The usage of mesh adds glitter to gold. Because mesh promotes ventilation and adds comfort to the unit. The therapist will experience the cooling sensation rather than sweating. However, the armrests include soft PU padding. This padding supports the fatigued arms professionally.

The good news is that this chair for therapists offers much more adjustability. Besides facilitating with adjustable lumbar support, it lets the user enjoy endless customizable options. For instance, the angle and height of the headrest are alterable as per need. Similarly, the armrests’ height is also customizable. Moreover, the backrest can tilt back to 135 degrees. Most importantly, the mechanics let you lock the tilting at three different angles.

The company offers a 1-year warranty. Besides, they are always ready to respond to your queries. So, it’s better not to hesitate for such a relaxing unit with amazing customer care service.

  • very ergonomic
  • exclusively adjustable
  • includes SGS certified gas lift
  • nylon wheels roll smoothly
  • extremely comfortable
  • not bulky yet sturdy
  • locking the chair is quite tricky

3. Hbada Reclining chair with footrest:

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If you are looking for a model that can support your feet as well, then here you go. HBADA brings a swiveling unit for therapists around the globe. The feature that differentiates it from the above is its footrest. Footrest is not very common in best chairs for therapists. So, if you find one, immediately grab it before it gets too late.

This is an ergonomic piece with a mesh backrest. The backrest excels from all angles. It includes adjustable lumbar support. The back is configured to align your spine. The unique part of the story is that it can recline much more than the above models. So, for a therapist with back pain, it’s the best deal. Because it offers reclination till 155 degrees. hence the unit turns out to the best recliner for back pain sufferers.

Spending hours on this model won’t annoy you. Because it maintains your body temperature. The credit goes to mesh fabric. The mesh used is flexible, durable, breathable, and tear-resistant. It promotes air circulation and prevents the user from sweating.

The seat cushion is super comfy as well. Now just look at the headrest. It comprises mesh and adjustable also. The armrests are easy to customize as per convenience. Moreover, they are covered with PU. So, offer a comfy resting platform to the arms.

With a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, the chair doesn’t stop surprising you. Most importantly, its footrest is very stable and reliable. It is built on sturdy metal and includes foam padding for a comfortable sitting.

This therapists’ chair is very easy to assemble. Moreover, it’s not only available in black color. But you can grab the white-colored model also.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Fell apart after 10 months of average use. Only leans forward. Mechanism broke to keep it level so it tilts around like a carnival ride.

  • relieves pressure from hips, back, and legs
  • thick-cushioned seat
  • premium quality wheels
  • adjustable seat height
  • very ergonomic and comfortable
  • easy to adjust settings
  • headrest doesn’t remain stable

4. Herman Miller Embody Chair:

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Now we have the best chair for therapists at work from a very famous brand. It is very supportive and is usable for long-term sitting. The whole design and mechanics ensure pressure distribution. Besides, they promote natural movement and serve with accurate spine alignment.

The backrest is absolutely ergonomic. It helps with good posture and relieves pressure from your overall back. The lumbar support offers mind-blowing support. As a result, the therapist experiences a significant improvement in blood circulation.  This improvement also led to an increase in oxygen supply to the brain.

This HERMAN MILLER model is also the best office chair for back pain sufferers. Its adjustability is enough to convince you of its purchase. first of all, you can set the armrests like never before. Their height is adjustable to ease your shoulders in the best possible way. Moreover, you can move them inward or outward also.  

Seat height is customizable as well with the help of a premium quality gas lift. The casters at the bottom are very unique. They are translucent casters and glide very smoothly. You can also see that the base seems super sturdy. It is made up of titanium and includes a white frame. Not to forget at this point that the company offers this model in two colors. One is charcoal whereas the other one is in blueberry color. So choose what you love most.

This high-back chair weighs 52lbs. However, it can stand individuals weighing up to 300lbs. This chair is the best buy for people with serious back issues. It is also the best chair for hip osteoarthritis. So, if you belong to either category, do place your order.

Wait wait! We forget to mention the fabric quality. So, it’s very durable, flexible, soft, and smooth. Most importantly, it doesn’t cause sweating. So you see the product is a total win!

Image source: vivandtimhome

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Yes it is a very good chair for sitting, either long term or short term. I noticed big differences immediately in my upper back. I carry tension in my back and sitting in this chair it melts away. I feel energized after sitting in the chair for even 5 minutes. The action of the chair is very smooth while sitting back or leaning forward. The chair is also highly customizable in order to allow you to lay back and sit up straight. The chair is truly an amazing piece of technology.

  • very well-built
  • impressive looks
  • amazingly supportive
  • Suitable for all kinds of body structures
  • 12-year warranty
  • bad customer care service

5. Therapist Chair with Thick Seat Cushion:

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This is another high back therapist chair with a headrest. It is brought to you from MOLENTS  and is configured to offer divine support and luxury. This is undoubtedly the best chair for extended sitting. Because it truly pampers a tired therapist after a hectic session.

This unit is made to pamper the user with the help of its lumbar support. The s-shape design of the backrest nicely supports the lower back. As a result, the user feels utmost relaxation like never before.

The backrest can also tilt to 130 degrees. Moreover, adjusting the backrest is very easy with the help of a tilt lock. Above all, the backrest comprises a mesh. So an extremely comfortable and relaxed sitting episode is assured. The amazing part of this model is that it features an advanced weight-activated mechanism. This mechanism lets the chair support you well according to your body weight. Not to forget at this point that the maximum weight capacity of the unit is 275lbs.

The headrest is adjustable as well. You can change its height and angle into a comfortable position. The mesh fabric of the headrest offers good air circulation. So that the therapist doesn’t sweat even a bit.

The armrests comprise a 3D design. They are covered with soft PU and rotate at 360 degrees. In addition, their height is customizable as per the comfort level. The ability to change seat height is not less than a perk. So you see the chair is the perfect demonstration of a luxurious abode for a busy therapist.

The company offers you 18 months warranty on this best easy chair for back support. Most importantly, it is very easy to assemble. So place your order and get ready to enjoy the highest degree of relaxation.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I bought this chair for myself. since I am more frequently working from home, a comfortable chair is way necessary to help me. I have sciatic and I am suffering terrible back pain from long sitting. This chair safe me. It’s so comfortable and supportive. I can’t sit and work without it.

  • the lumbar support can move up and down
  • good chair for offices
  • supports your legs very well
  • The seat includes premium quality high-density sponge
  • good for long-term sitting
  • magically reduces fatigue
  • exerts no pressure on your body muscles
  • headrest adjustability is not suitable for a short person

6. BILKOH Ergonomic chair with mesh seat:

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You will come across a lot of the best chairs for therapists in the market. It’s very time taking to thoroughly analyze each model keenly. But trusting our recommendations saves a lot of time and energy. Most importantly, you’ll find every suggestion on our list absolutely fruitful.

So, now we have come up with the best office chair for lower back pain under $300. It is available in black color and stands on an alloy steel frame. This model is from BILKOH stores and the manufacturer states that this item can stand weight up to 300lbs.

Every feature is designed to facilitate therapists during session. It relieves pressure from the head, back, hips, and arms.

The backrest comprises a mesh. It is curved to accommodate the spinal curve. The availability of lumbar support ensures optimum relief to the aching back. The good part is that the lumbar pillow is not only adjustable up and down. But the user can remove it if he doesn’t require exclusive comfort. Moreover, the backrest supports good posture. Besides, it is tiltable and lets the therapist relax to the fullest.

The adjustability of this unit is incredible. You’ll find every aspect exclusively customizable.  we have discussed the versatility of backrest formerly. But that’s not the end. Because the model gives you to freedom to adjust the wider headrest, 3D armrests, and seat height.

Last of all, the company offers multiple incentives with its product. Along with a 1-year warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee, the brand also helps its customers with professional after-sale services.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I used for a month !that is really good chair!Still comfy, ultra-sturdy, and the reclining doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to fall. The headrest hasn’t even broken off or anything, though it definitely is more flimsy than the rest of this tank-grade chair.I would recommend it !

  • the gas lift cylinder is SGS certified
  • premium quality wheels
  • very adjustable and comfortable
  • durable and flexible mesh
  • U-shaped seat supports hips and legs
  • sturdy model
  • headrest height is not adjustable

7. HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable chair for therapists:

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From the house of HON, we selected another model for our valuable professionals. Besides, being the chair for therapists, it serves a lot more than the expectations.

To clarify, bringing this best chair for lower back and hip pain at home is indeed a great deal. Because the structure is absolutely ergonomic. As a result, it minimizes pressure exertion on the lower back, hips, and legs. So, keeping it in the living room will surely have a positive impact on your overall health.

It is a black mesh chair with advanced Syncro-tilt. The backrest tilts at a 2-to-1 ratio according to seat angle. To clarify, the backrest height is customizable. A tilt-lock is there to help in backrest reclining. The seat cushion also moves forward and backward. Moreover, you can also lock the seat positioning in either way.

The lumbar support of the backrest catches the entire limelight. It can move upward and downward. You can set it according to the most aching point of your lower back. So you see the chair emerges the perfect remedy for stressed backs.

The backrest is only meshing. Whereas, the seat features double-layered padding with a mesh covering. The armrests are covered with PU and exclusively adjustable. So feel free to move them up, down, forward, and backward.

This unit is backed by a full lifetime warranty. Just be careful and buy if your weight falls within the given limit of 300lbs.

Oh! We forget to mention the wheel quality. So nothing to surprise that wheels glide very smoothly and don’t scratch the floor meanwhile.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

it’s so comfortable i’m really happy with this purchase especially since I WFH…worth the price tag.

  • very comfy cushion
  • easy assembly
  • awesome adjustability
  • solid and well made
  • no chemical smell
  • weak lumbar support

8. CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair:

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While we wind up the list of best chairs for therapist, we cannot ignore the chairs from the clatina store. The company has introduced multiple models. Some comprise a mesh. Whereas, it also manufactures the best chairs with a premium quality fabric other than mesh. But the item we are going to suggest to our readers is available in grey fabric.

This chair includes alloy steel as the core framework. The quality ensures durability. So, the chair can easily stand heavier individuals up to 275lbs. Like all the above, this model is also unbeatable in terms of adjustability. For instance, it lets you adjust the seat height and depth according to your comfort level.

Besides, feel free to adjust the armrests’ and headrest’s height and angle. The same is the case with the tilt tension and backrest tilt angle. Let’s clarify a fact that the backrest can tilt to 135 degrees. Moreover, the ability to adjust lumbar support height adds glitter to gold. If you worry about the tough criteria to change all the settings. Don’t worry dude! every adjustment is pretty easy to make.

Like any best chair for back pain relief at home, this model is super breezy to install. Amazingly, the package includes a 60-month warranty. Not only this! But you can replace or return within 90 days of your purchase.

Last of all, we want to ensure you again that it’s an ergonomic model. It really means to relax a therapist during prolonged sessions. Buy it and pamper yourself with this magical item.

Image source:

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

The base cracked and hydraulic fell to the floor just as it is stated in other reviews. Do not buy this chair for the price as I am having to buy another chair 1.5 years later after buying this one.

  • a highly-certified product
  • durable and breathable fabric
  • aesthetic design
  • extremely comfortable and supportive
  • nicely and easily adjustable
  • good for long-term sitting
  • very solid and well-made
  • poor after sale services
  • The armrests are a little far forward.

9. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman:

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This is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever sit in for a longer therapy session. We dare you to try it out and come back with a different opinion! The plush arms will wrap around your body like a lover, hugging to give any room amazing fullness and life. Add this beauty to your living room or bedroom for an oasis from stress? All colors are also available, so pick the one that suits you best!

For a recliner, the Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman is priced well and definitely more stylish than most. It’s also really comfortable because of the 3 inch thick seat, padded with fire retardant foam. Plus, it has an integrated headrest for extra support. And if you’re anything like me -and I think we all are- then you know that not all ottomans are created equal! So rest easy knowing that this one will do no harm to your floor.

This Flash Furniture Recliner Chair is the ultimate in relaxation. It moves with your body, providing a delightful sitting experience that will be anything but not uncomfortable. Once you lay into this plush fabric upholstery and find your ideal position, all you have to do is pull back on the lever to let the chair cater to your every need. Your feet will love kicking back and relaxing on the ottoman as well!

with this recliner chair , you get all the luxury of a comfy recliner without breaking your bank account!  The swiveling mahogany wood base is what gives this reclining angle such stellar comfort; not to mention it looks great for any home decor or design style. And if cleanliness is a concern  don’t worry: this baby truly wins the hearts! Assembly takes less than an hour. Amazing indeed!

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Love the chair. Comfortable and nice well built. Put it my my motorhome.

  • comfortable to sit
  • well worth the money
  • easily adjustable
  • stable
  • supportive
  • Swiveling mechanism doesn’t function properly in a long run.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Chair For Therapists

Though you know about the viral chairs in the market. But still, you need to be learned about some compulsory aspects of the best chair for mental health therapists. This basic education is very important. So that you don’t invest in the wrong product if you want to research personally. Once you will go through our buying guide about the best therapist chair, you’ll be done with the whole homework. So, don’t stop scrolling unless you grab the whole concept of the best chair.

1. Stability:

Your weight shouldn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the chair. otherwise, it will surely fail to emerge as a stable unit. Companies do mention the highest weight recommendation of their product. So, consider that in the first place. Once you’ll buy the stable chair, you won’t experience unbalance tilting or other movements.

The wheels and the base of the chair also play an important role in adding stability to any model. Make sure that the model you opt for comprises a sturdier base and premium quality wheels. Perks of a stable chair are that it serves maximum support and helps with good posture also.

2. Adjustability:

It is the most attention-grabbing trait. Because with the help of adjustable options, the therapist gets the chance to avail the most comfortable posture. The ability to adjust different features gives the user endless possibilities. You’ll see so many items with adjustable seat height, seat depth, backrest angle, headrest height, and angle. These items are indeed the best chairs for therapists.

3. Armrests:

An armrest is one of the essentials of an ideal chair. The therapist cannot relax divinely in an armless chair. so, always look for a chair with armrests. In addition, we recommend you buy a chair with adjustable armrests. Because fixed armrests may limit the mobility of a therapist. The freedom to move armrests back and forth and change their height acts as a cherry on top.

4. Headrest:

The best chair for therapist can be without a headrest. But choosing a chair with a headrest gives the therapist some extra benefits. He will avail additional support for his head while dealing his client. Just make sure the headrest settings are customizable.

5. Lumbar support:

Addressing this feature will surely take you to the right product. Because the lumbar support is amongst the must-haves of the good chair. This factor ensures accurate alignment of your spine and the backrest. Hence reduces fatigue, stress, and backaches. The adjustability of lumbar support adds glitter to gold. Move it up or down and fit it according to the painful area. The lumbar support makes the chair perfect for long-term sitting. As it keeps your spine in shape regardless of the sitting hours.

6. Breathable mesh:

Therapy consumes an ample amount of time. So, you need to sit in a chair for a longer span. It’s better to select a mesh chair for therapist rather than choose the one having a PU leather cover. Because mesh supports air ventilation and keeps your back cool. As a result, the therapist doesn’t sweat and concentrates more on his job.

7. Tilting backrest:

Tilting capacity ensures heavenly postures to relax. All of our recommendations feature tilting backrest. They offer three-position tilting. The good part is that the therapist can lock the required angle also. Once the therapist sets himself to a comfy tilt, he gets ample room to stretch his arms and legs.

8. Size:

Chairs for therapists either comprise long back or feature mid-back style. Choose the backrest design in compatibility with your height. Long-heightened individuals must go for long back styles. Similarly, the people with average and short heights should select the other category.


Where does therapy take place?

According to the research of the American physical therapy association, several therapists practice their expertise in hospitals. However, more than 80% of therapists practice in different setups. These settings include private clinics, nursing homes, fitness facilities, and outpatient clinics.

What chairs do therapists use?

A therapist surely needs therapy while questioning his patients. So, the chair under his/her use must be designed to soothe the screaming muscles of the body. That’s why therapists prefer to use chairs with maximum comfort and adjustability. Availability of lumbar support and armrests is mandatory. They buy chairs comprising mesh rather than PU. In short, the chairs that therapists use should fall in the entire criteria of ergonomics, comfort, flexibility, and ease.

Is a therapist a psychologist?

A physical therapist helps people in developing, maintaining, and restoring body functionality and natural movement. To get a firm grip over his mode, a physical therapist needs to study psychology as well. Both courses help him become competent health professional.

Is an armrest really important for a therapist chair?

Armless chairs offer very comfortable movement with maximum freedom. But the availability of an armrest has its particular benefits. They support your arms and prevent shoulders, neck, and back from stress and fatigue.  A therapist needs a relaxing unit to sit on. So, an armrest is really important for a therapist chair.

Can a therapist use an office chair?

Every office chair is not designed completely ergonomic. Some may lack in the armrest. While others may include PU leather as the upholstery. So, it’s better to consider the chairs particularly designed for therapists. Our shortlisting will surely help you in this regard.  


So, this was all about the best chair for therapists. If you find our article very useful, then do catch on our reviews about best office chair for si joint pain. You will find some amazing and worthwhile products there as well.