How To Hang A Hammock Chair Indoors (Step-BY-Step Guide)

Spending your leisure in a hammock chair is an affordable way to enjoy yourself. It is a space-saving commodity and lets you have fun outdoors as well as indoors. But the question is can I hang a hammock chair from the ceiling. Yes! you can use it to decorate any boring corner of your home since you can hang it from the ceiling. Apart from hanging it from the ceiling, you can also hang it from a traditional hammock chair stand. The below context is all about how to hang a hammock chair indoors. Before we start guiding you in detail, let’s have brief look at the procedure.

Firstly, you need to finalize how you would love to hang the hammock. The further procedure includes finding and marking the stud,  drilling the hole, and screwing the hook. After these important steps, hang the hammock swing and ensure its safety.

It is not rocket science to hang a hammock chair indoors rather it’s a very easy peasy process. So, let’s learn from scratch.

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How to hang a hammock chair indoors: (Step-BY-Step Guide)

First thing first! Choose the right spot in your home. Your chosen spot must have enough space around it so that the swing can move freely. For this, don’t forget to take dimensions from the spot to the walls around.  To be on the safer side, make sure that the distance between the corners of the wood spreader and the walls around must be a minimum of 2 feet.

Things you need:

  • Stud finder
  • Drill – ¼” drill bit
  • 7/16” x 3” eye hook
  • chain or rope to hang hammock swing


A cozy corner of your living room or bedroom is perfect to hang the hammock. However, room selection depends upon various factors. Once you finalize the right spot, the next step is to choose the best way to hang a hammock chair indoors.

You can hang a hammock swing with the help of two ways. These are

  • Pivot style
  • Swing style

Hanging with pivot style is easier as it needs a single anchor point only. This style lets you rotate and drift while relaxing.

On the contrary, swing style will allow you to move forward and backward like regular swings but not so far as 1.5 feet.

Step 2:

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Now take the stud finder and use it to locate and mark a ceiling joist. Be very cautious about marking both sides of the joist with a pencil. Make sure that marks are clear and you don’t miss out on the accurate location.

Step 3:

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The next step is to drill a hole. Not to forget at this point that you should drill precisely in the joist middle.  Once you are sure about your marked spot, pick up your ¼” drill bit and use it to drill a hole at the right spot. Make sure that the hole is 2” deep and vertical as well otherwise it won’t serve the purpose. If you drill carelessly and make a slant hole, your eye hook won’t go straight and it will ruin your investment of time and energy.

Step 4:

After you make a hole with the help of a drill, get ready to screw in the eye hook. Use your muscular energy and screw the eye hook inside the hole. Keep on screwing in and once it starts to tighten, use the pliers to fix them tightly.

Step 5:

As you are now done with eye hook insertion, it’s time to hang the hammock swing chair. But wait! Don’t forget to take measurements before. The distance of the chair from the floor must not be less than 20″. Either you are going to hang a hammock with rope or chain, measure it accordingly and join it to the spring link and insert it in the eye hook. Again measure the distance between the ground and the bottom of your chair for a good experience.

Step 6:

Look how beautifully your hammock is hanging. Your body must be craving to relax in it. But don’t jump in it. Rather we recommend you to test its safety by putting some weight on it. Also, give a few quick tugs to your rope or chain to check its fixing. Once you find the whole setup capable to hold your weight, give a pat on your shoulder and get ready to have a relaxing time.

Step 7:

After hanging a hammock chair in bedroom , there remains no need to rush outdoor to relax. It lets you enjoy your leisure within the parameters of your home. You can surprise your spouse or kids with this amazing addition to their rooms. A hammock swing chair will engage your kids for longer and you’ll get some quiet time to spend with your spouse.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Can I hang a hammock chair in my room?

Yes! you can hang a hammock chair in your room. you just need to choose the corner wisely so that the swing chair gets enough space to move around.

How do you hang a hammock chair without drilling?

Hanging a hammock chair without drilling is possible and easy as well. You can either hang from an already available pillar or use a hammock stand for the purpose. Both ways let you hang a hammock chair without drilling holes in the ceiling. However,for outdoors you can hang a hammock between trees.

Are hammocks good for your back?

Hammocks don’t support good posture. Although they are designed without pressure points one can definitely experience, back pain relief, ultimate relaxation, and coziness while sitting in them.

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As you learn how to hang a hammock chair indoors, you are definitely going to cherish winters like you do summers outdoors. So don’t worry about getting bored inside in heavy snowfall because now you can hang a hammock indoors as well and spend some worthwhile time in it. we have also reviewed some best chair for fire pit so if you are looking for some outdoor furniture, don’t forget to jump on this link.