Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain Sufferers 2023

Are you a back pain sufferer? If yes! You don’t deserve to be the one! Pampering your body requires some investment of time and money. Investing in a room chair that can support your back in the best possible way is the wisest idea ever. This investment boosts your spirits in the longer run. So right now, you need to set your goal to buy the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. And we are sure, you are researching for an ergonomic living room chair to battle your ailment. Because this disease will be badly impacting your professional and private life. Apart from opting from one cure or the other, it’s good to consider using a specially designed best family room chair for back pain. Because an ordinary chair remains no more your go-to place.

Top 10 Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain Sufferers in 2023

For your convenience, we have short-listed the best living room chairs for back pain sufferers. Each product on the list holds expertise in dealing with your back pain. Some of them massage your back at lumber. Whereas all of them offer a durable and retractable footrest. Other features are also hypnotizing. We are not going to reveal the whole charm here! for every bit of detail keep on scrolling until you reach your final destination.

1. Vnewone Recliner Chair for Living Room Lounge:

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This is an awesome recliner chair. It is sleek, stylish, and elegant to the core. The design and structure make it an ideal purchase for either living room, bedroom, and study room. Besides, it is also suitable for office or any other business place.

This is indeed the best living room chair for back support. Some very useful features are an accurate demonstration of our statement. We’ll definitely mention them in the context below. But let’s discuss some other specs, firstly.

So, this best sofa for back pain relief is built on solid hardwood. The usage of solid hardwood ensures the longevity of this comfortable chair. This framework is furthermore upholstered with PU leather. Selecting this material accompanies multiple benefits. PU leather is not only water-proof. But cleaning it is snap also. , In short, the durability of the unit welcomes any individual weighing up to 275lbs.

Now let’s discuss the features that relieve your back pain significantly. So, this is basically a push-back recliner. The back can recline from 95-160 degrees. Thus, let’s you watch TV, read the newspaper, and even take a nap easily. And can you believe it! All the reclining angles are meant to soothe your back pain. You just need to adjust the reclining angle as per need.

Meanwhile, this product includes an adjustable leg rest also. This foot extension is built on a durable alloy frame. Also, it features denser foam padding. Just adjust it according to the most relaxing posture and cherish the most heavenly experience.

Armrests are curved and wider. Similarly, the seat cushion is also larger. This living room furniture for back pain stands on four feet. Each foot features non-marking pads. As a result, they don’t leave scratch marks on the floor.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

My family and I love these chairs, they’re comfortable and just the right size. We bought them for our home theater and we’ll be purchasing a few more! Hubs said they were easy to assemble as well.

  • very easy to assemble
  • easy to move
  • premium upholstery
  • slim
  • very comfortable
  • worth more than the price
  • no con is found yet

2. Giantex Recliner Chair for Living Room:

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Now we have a very ergonomic chair for back pain relief on our list. This unit offers much more than expectations. It is indeed a competitive model to so many high-end living room chairs. Without costing you an arm and leg, the product lets you cherish the real essence of ease and relaxation.

It is built on a sturdy metal framework. This kind of structure ensures strength and durability. As a result, the model is competent enough to stand weight capacity of 275lbs. Denser foam is used to stuff this living room chair for back pain relief. Furthermore, very good quality leather is used for upholstering this amazing piece of furniture. So you see quality and durability catch the limelight in the first place.

Fast forward, this is an ideal lounge chair for back pain sufferers. Because it can recline till 160 degrees. Besides, the leg rest is also adjustable to 90 degrees. So you can enjoy the most relaxing posture by stretching your legs.

The reclining back and retractable footrest also add to the versatility. In other words, you can watch TV, read the magazine, or take a nap on this model. While such a chair continues to soothe your entire body. You just need to adjust the angle properly.

It is indeed the best massage chair for back pain relief. To clarify, it massages your back with 8 modes. There are 2 vibrating nodes at the lumber. Remote control comes within the package. It lets you control the massage intensity and time very easily and handily. This massage chair is certified by UL for safety. This certification is no doubt, a sigh of relief.

All the above features are useful in their way. But they also make this product an awesomely comfortable purchase.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Love the automated massage modes built into it!

  • curved backrest and wider armrests
  • very sturdy
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • modern and classy
  • includes a side pocket
  • very ergonomic
  • back is not very high

3. Furniwell Recliner Massage chair:

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This FURNIWELL massage chair rocks the stage with its budget living room chair for long-heightened individuals. It is an absolute heart-winning model. And the huge number of positive ratings is the biggest proof in this regard.

If you are a back pain sufferer, then this is the best living room chair for you. Why? Because it can recline to varied angles from 90-170 degrees. The reclining feature lets you relax divinely. Apart from relaxing, you can adjust the reclining angle for reading the newspaper or napping. Not to forget! Watching TV while relaxing on this recliner is possible as well.

The availability of a retractable footrest adds glitter to gold. You can avail the best possible posture for back pain relief by reclining the back and adjusting the footrest. The back is curved according to your natural body shape. This is also one of the most appealing factors. It gives a homely feeling to the body and adds to the comfort.

Thanks to the massage feature. It makes the model the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. Massage nodes at lumber are not less than a life-saver. They destress and soothe your back just like a pro. Most importantly, you can control the massage intensity with the help of remote control.

This massager is available in black color. It weighs 58.5lbs and weight capacity is up to 265lbs. The structure comprises iron and comes padded with soft and comfortable sponges. While PU leather is used as upholstery. Assembling the equipment is not at all rocket science. The amazing part is that the company offers a very good warranty on this ergonomic chair. So, buy with confidence!

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Just as advertised and easy ta set up

  • wider armrests
  • easy to tilt back
  • elegant
  • durable and long-lasting
  • extremely comfortable
  • vibration is not intense even at maximum speed.

4. BOSSIN Gaming Recliner Chair for living room:

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In the flood of best living room chairs for back pain sufferers, it’s tricky to pick the most suitable one. The one that falls in the entire criteria of your requirement. But when you come across this lounge chair by BOSSIN, you immediately feel inclined towards it.

Why? Because it offers some additional features that take you to the next level of comfort. These aspects include a thick headrest and lumbar support. Both the factors are just awesome. Besides serving utmost relaxation, these aspects make the chair an ideal unit for gaming.

So you see this recliner chair for back pain sufferers is a worthwhile purchase for longer gaming episodes. Not only this! But using it for napping, watching TV, or reading the newspaper is also feasible. And the credit goes to its reclining design. Yes! This amazing model includes an adjustable backrest. It can recline till 180 degrees. This lets the chair play a wider role.

An adjustable footrest is also there. This icon acts as a cherry on top. When your back is on its way to utmost relaxation, your legs and feet don’t feel ignored. Adjusting the angle of the footrest prevents your feet from unnecessary hanging. however, it all depends upon your priorities.

This is one of the most durable living room chairs. Being built on a wood and metal framework guarantees our statement. A denser sponge is used as stuffing. Whereas, PU leather wraps the entire unit. The manufacturing not only promises a comfortable sitting. But also ensures an easy-to-clean episode.

300lbs of maximum weight capacity is just mind-blowing. Assembly is like a piece of cake. Above all, a very good customer care service is an incredible incentive.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Good chair made for smaller spaces

  • includes a storage pocket
  • very ergonomic
  • resilient and comfortable seat
  • upholstery is water-proof
  • sturdy and comfortable
  • good for long-heightened people
  • it doesn’t massage

5. Homall recliner chair for living room:

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Being entitled to the #1 best-selling company, HOMALL grabs the attention immediately. It introduces amazing innovation in the field of the best living room chairs for back pain sufferer. The recliner chair for back pain by HOMALL nicely pampers the user. It holds expertise in relaxing your back. Apart from the back, it emerges as the best living room chair for neck pain.

First of all, this model beats all the records of durability. To clarify, it is incredibly sturdier. Hence can support a maximum body weight of up to 265lbs. This is the highest weight capacity of any model discussed yet.

The model itself weighs 61lbs. But it’s compact and easy to move. It easily gets fits into a small lounge. While the four feet at the base helps in convenient moving. These feet are covered with non-marking pads. Hence they don’t scratch the floor.

The upholstering is done with very good quality PU leather. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. Besides this leather quality is easy to clean as well. A thicker sponge is used as padding. It is resilient and therefore super comfy to sit on.

The back can recline till 180 degrees. So, you get endless possibilities to adjust the back as per need. Either you want to take nap or watch TV, every activity is possible with this single purchase.

The footrest is also adjustable and exclusively padded. It prevents your feet from hanging, supports them, and elevates them to the required degree. The upholstery features a dual stitching design. Overall, this product is unbeatable regarding quality

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Is perfect to rest

  • thick recliner back
  • very solidly built
  • extremely comfortable
  • relieves back pain
  • easy to assemble
  • armrests wobble

6. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair:

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This company also holds the honor of being the #1 best seller in the industry. JUMMICO is a trustworthy name. It has introduced so many kinds of best living room chairs for back pain sufferers. Its electric power lift recliner chair and gaming recliner has gained a lot of popularity. Some of its models offer massage feature as well. Here we are going to recommend its ergonomic living room chair for back pain.

It weighs 59.5lbs and is built on a steel frame. Instead of PU leather, this recliner chair is upholstered with fabric. This fabric has its set of pros and cons. It’s not easy to maintain. But its breathability prevents sweating. Not to forget, the club chair is thickly padded. Thereby ensure maximum comfort and luxury.

You can recline the backrest from 90 to 165 degrees. This range gives freedom to watch TV or read the newspaper. Feel free to take nap also. The amazing part of the story is the retractable and adjustable leg rest. Utilizing it while reclining truly embellishes your relaxing session.

If you weigh 265lbs, then this model can easily support your body. It’s stable, reliable, and a safer piece of living room furniture. Assembling the product is also snap. So you see! this best ergonomic chair is a complete demonstration of ease and luxury.

Not to forget before concluding that armrests are wider and curved. Moreover, the feet are covered with a rubber cover. These covers shield the floor against scratches.

You can buy this item for the bedroom or if you want a best living room chair. it lets you enjoy leisure to the fullest while soothing your overall back after long hours at office.

Image source: racechairs

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Set up only takes about 10 minutes when taking your time. It is really comfortable. It is sturdy and has a well built feeling to it. I like that is reclines all the way back. I look forward to taking a snooze in it.

  • super comfortable
  • easily adjustable
  • stylish
  • compact
  • easy to move
  • very nice color
  • good customer care service
  • craftsmanship is not up to the mark

7. Recliner Chair for Living Room:

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The massage recliner chair from the BEST MASSAGE STORE emerges as one of the best living room chairs on the list. It is absolutely sturdy, comfortable, and versatile. Let’s learn how it actually hypnotizes the buyer.

The framework comprises solid hardwood. Whereas the upholstery is premium quality PU leather. This kind of upholstery is skin-friendly and is very easy to clean. The best living room chair is nicely padded also with a high-density filling sponge. Thereby, a comfortable sitting session is an assurance.

This item weighs 62.26lbs. But it’s sleek, stylish, and compact. You can adjust in any corner of your living room, bedroom, home theater, or office. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. But offers plenty of sitting room to relax and lean back. Most importantly, it can support heavier individuals up to 275lbs.

Moreover, this is a push-back recliner chair. It can recline till 160 degrees. Besides, a foot extension is also there. Both the feature let the user relax without any limitation. While relaxing, you can avail maximum out of your leisure. For instance, surfing the internet, reading your favorite novel, or even naping, everything is possible.

The most amazing aspect of this product is its massage function. Being a massager, it doesn’t remain unappealing anymore. Because it turns into a perfect remedy for hip pain and back pain sufferers. There are 2 massage nodes at lumber. The massage modes, intensity, and time are easy to monitor with a remote control that comes along.

Above all, assembly is very easy. Putting it together doesn’t require tools and hours. Rather a 2-minute investment is a maximum requirement.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

The chair surprised me, I’m 6ft and 280 lbs and I sit in it comfortably. Will it last? Don’t know but it’s working fine right now!

  • very stable
  • good quality
  • very relaxing and comfortable
  • gets locked to a specific reclining angle
  • massages nicely
  • footrest doesn’t get locked

8. Esright Massage Recliner Chair:

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Now we have with us the most adorable, versatile, and above all most ergonomic and great living room chair. It differs in design from all the above. But acts as a perfect pill for back pain sufferers. Also, it’s pricey in comparison to its above competitors. And the reason behind this additional cost is the presence of some extra perks. For instance, swiveling, rocking. So, scroll down to learn in detail.

The framework comprises durable iron and CARB certified board. A thick sponge is used as padding. Whereas, the armrests and back are exclusively stuffed to offer additional comfort. Coming on to the upholstery, it also excites the buyer. Because it is faux leather that is water-proof and easy to clean.

This is the most unique and good living room chair for bad back. How? Because it offers reclining positions till 140 degrees. Recline it manually and enjoy a relaxing posture while reading your favorite book or watching TV.

Besides, it is one of the amazing massage chairs. It massages the body at eight points. Within your purchase, you get a remote control and power cord. The remote control lets you monitor the massage intensity and modes. A heat function at lumber acts like glitter on gold.

Most importantly, this living room massager rocks back and forth and offers warm and cozy position. And if you want your purchase to swivel then yes! It is designed to swivel at 360 degrees.

Two cup holders make the unit absolutely ergonomic. Also, a storage pocket at the sides lets you store remote control, magazines, or any other accessory. Easy assembly is indeed an amazing incentive. Above all, the customer care service of the company is always ready to listen to your queries and respond to them.

Image source: empire-s3-production.bobvila

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

It was very easy to assemble I did it by myself it comes in two boxes I moved them by myself and I’m a small woman

  • very relaxing and supportive headrest
  • rocks smoothly
  • very user-friendly
  • manually adjustable footrest
  • can support weight up to 300lbs
  • vibrates nicely
  • footrest is tricky to lock back
  • armrests are difficult to install

9. Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair:

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Back pain sufferers are always on their way to hunt comfortable furniture. That’s why like other brands, DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE STORES also brings a super relaxing chair. The design of this model soothes the buyer’s eyes, firstly. Because the backrest, seat, and armrests are extraordinarily padded.

It is a 95lbs chair. Being built on a hardwood framework, the chair promises long-lasting service. Also, it can easily support heavier individuals. Thus it pays you back more than your investment. Usage of soft and luxurious leather as upholstery accompanies multiple benefits.

The configuration of the backrest is very unique. It is divided into three sections and imparts maximum area to the headrest. As a result, your head and neck are very nicely supported.

As it means to relax your aching back. So, the reclining feature is obvious. This ultra-plush model can recline to the maximum angle. Hence offers a very nice posture to sleep soundly. Besides, a minimum recline lets you watch TV and read your favorite fiction. In short, you can adjust the backrest as per your need and ease.

Moreover, the footrest is retractable. You can adjust the angle of the footrest also. so you see this is an adjustable chair. thus you can customize the settings according to your mood.

Not to forget the smooth rocking motion that is the specialty of this model. Besides opting for this product for living or bedroom, consider it for nursery also. Because its smooth rocking feature soothes crying babies like a pro. This rocking feature entitles this item to a motion recliner.

To sum up, the company not only offers superb quality products in an affordable range. But also promises amazing customer care support

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Reclining mechanism did not line up. Received a full refund.

  • amazingly comfortable
  • exclusively wide
  • sturdy and long-lasting
  • perfect for breastfeeding moms
  • easy to assemble
  • the side lever may break after a few weeks.

10. Wingback Recliner Chair for Living Room:

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A chair for back pain sufferers must be designed to fit in any corner of the home and office. Either it’s a bedroom, dining, cozy living room, or home theater, the item must be compact yet versatile to fit in. This best living room chair from the FDW store fulfills this particular criterion. Not only this criterion! Byt you’ll find it an expert in so many aspects.

It weighs 58lbs approximately. While standing on a solid hardwood frame, the chair emerges as a sturdier unit. The maximum weight capacity of 275lbs is the biggest proof in this regard. As far as the padding is concerned, it’s dense and firm yet soft. This feature ensures upgraded comfortability. The upholstery comprises PU leather. This material is waterproof, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. However, it’s not breathable. So, you may sweat a bit while sitting on the chair.

This living room chair high back can recline to varied angles. As this model lets you destress, it also allows watching TV, internet surfing, and napping. And the credit goes to customizable reclining angles.

Besides, it lets you elevate your feet. As a result, the blood circulation in your legs doesn’t get interrupted and your feet don’t go numb. Meanwhile, the reclining divinely soothes and relaxes your stressed back. So, the product turns out an amazing buddy in your leisure.

Assembly is nothing to worry about. Putting together is very easy and doesn’t require any tools. So, what is still refraining you to order this hypnotizing product? Are you still concerned about its looks? Don’t worry dude! The expert craftsmanship, sleek, and elegant design will urge your friends and family to appreciate your choice. And we are damn sure about this.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

We needed a firmer chair along with our couch and loveseat that was not big and bulky. This is perfect. Can’t get my husband out of it. Made perfectly for smaller frames man or woman! Great product for the low price! Looks great too!

  • wider arms
  • worth more than the price
  • easy to move
  • supremely comfortably
  • reclining it to the required angle is a bit challenging

Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain Sufferers Guide

Never take back pain on a lighter note. Because ignoring it in the initial stages can result in critical consequences. A living room chair designed to mitigate back pain sufferers turns out to be an amazing life-saver. But you still need to be very keen while choosing one. Why! Because the flooded market can easily overwhelm your senses. However, learning a few tips and tricks can help you reach a comfortable chair as per your need. As you scroll down, you’ll come across some very important factors. Considering these factors is the first tip towards a worthwhile purchase. So, let’s learn what the below context is going to unveil.

1. Padding:

This feature defines the comfortability of a chair. If the item is stuffed with a hard pad, it won’t soothe the aching back. Rather it will worsen the pain. A hardback twists the spine into the chair shape. Hence, a hard cushion means a simple no to the chair. Because it won’t emerge as a comfortable unit to sit on.

Similarly, the padding must not be extraordinarily soft. The soft cushioning will let you sink in the chair. This kind of soft pad also intensifies your already suffering back.

So, a firm and thick cushioning is the most appropriate one. It assures comfortability and furthermore relief from back pain.

2. Back height:

The height of the backrest also plays an important role in suppressing back pain. Low back accompanies uncompromising con. For instance, your head won’t get proper support. Slipping down a bit to overcome this issue will result in a pathetic posture. So, to avoid slouching, a living room chair with a heightened back turns out an ideal purchase for back pain relief.

3. Width of the chair:

The chair must be wide enough to support your shoulders properly. However, if the width exceeds the shoulders, it will result in a bad back. How? The unnecessary width of the chair lets the user slouch in a poor posture. So, if you want a chair to relieve back pain specifically, considering the width is very important.

4. Footrest:

Hanging feet while sitting is quite discomforting. Also, they adversely affect the spine by putting a strain on it. Not only this! But dangling cause your feet to swell. You may also go through the annoying feeling of pins and needles. Because prolong swinging cuts off the blood circulation towards the feet.

The best living room chair for back pain sufferers doesn’t let the user dangle his feet. Rather it includes an adjustable footrest. So, that the user can elevate the feet at the required angle while reclining.

5. Upholstery:

This factor indirectly affects your overall back. To clarify, upholstery also defines the comfortability of the living room chairs.

The majority of our recommendations feature leather as the upholstery. This material adds to the comfort, easy to clean, and doesn’t support mold growth. However, the maximum lifespan of leather is 5 years. After 5 years, you’ll start seeing signs of distortion.

6. Adjustability:

Don’t invest even a single minute of pondering on an unadjustable model. The best chair for back pain sufferers cannot lack in adjustability. Because one needs to do a lot of customization according to body type and requirement. So yes! adjustability is one of the most important essentials of an ideal unit.

7. Improves good posture:

Buying a comfortable and relaxing chair doesn’t make any difference to your screaming back if you slouch in it. Your personal sitting habits mean a lot. So, if you don’t maintain a good posture, look for a comfortable chair that can improve your posture alignment. The model must help in posture improvement in the most comfortable way. This will significantly strengthen your back muscles. An improved posture ultimately results in a good back by soothing back pain.

8. Price and warranty:

Curing back pain is not rocket science for our recommended budget-friendly living room chairs. Because they are engineered to support and massage your lower spine and help you maintain good posture while sitting. So opting for expensive models is not the one and last solution if you are fed up with your stressed back. In short, choosing an economical recliner chair can definitely put you on the right track towards a healthy lifestyle.
We also advise you to check for a warranty while doing a survey. This aspect can prevent you from a lot of hassle. For instance, if the company offers a money-back guarantee, you can save your hard-earned money in case of any dissatisfaction. Even if the manufacturer offers a limited warranty, it’s also an amazing plus.


What is back pain?

The term ‘back pain’ is followed by a whole new chapter. It has different reasons, intensities, and cures

Routine bending, lifting, walking, twisting, or standing cause back pain. Also, these activities may upgrade its intensity. Besides, injuries or medical conditions also become the core reason for back pain. Considering the reasons, back pain can target people belonging to any age group.

Sometimes it relates to muscle aching. At other times, it let you experience severe conditions. For instance, shooting, stabbing, or burning sensation. It may also move down your leg.

Are gaming chairs good for back pain?

Gaming chairs are professional icons to offer comfortable sitting sessions. You can sit on them for long hours and don’t fatigue your body meanwhile. But they are not a suitable purchase for back pain sufferers. Back pain is something that needs to be treated by a specially designed chair. That’s why always prefer to buy a good recliner for the purpose.

Are recliner chairs good for your back?

Yes! only when your recliner fulfills some terms and conditions. First of all, there must be proper lumbar support. The recliner must be designed to support your lower back at every reclining angle. If not! It will let you suffer from back pain.

Secondly, the recliner must include an adjustable footrest. Freedom to elevate feet while reclining back adds glitter to gold. This combination offers extra support to your back.

Are recliners bad for your legs?

At times, the recliners act as bothering units for legs. When you are on the recliner, the center of gravity lies near the center of the chair. so, getting up from the seat requires some force and effort. But it doesn’t mean that recliners are bad for your legs.

Are recliners good for sciatica?

While recliners are a good buy to cure back pain, they relieve sciatica symptoms as well. So, if you are a sciatica patient, don’t opt for a regular chair for a relaxing purpose. Rather buy a well-supportive and comfortable recliner.

Is it safe to sleep in a recliner while suffering from back pain?

Medical experts consider sleeping in a recliner quite soothing if one is suffering from back pain. The patient gets better and uninterrupted sleep but make sure that your recliner is ergonomic enough with an adequate lumbar support.

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When it comes to finding the best living room chair for back pain, there is no one-size-fits-all option. It’s important to consider your own body type, existing medical conditions, and lifestyle when choosing a chair. With that in mind, ergonomic chairs with adjustable features, lumbar support, and cushioning are generally the best choice for people with chronic pain or who spend a lot of time sitting. Taking breaks from sitting can also help reduce discomfort and fatigue.

A recliner or rocking chair may be beneficial for providing motion and support for lower back muscles, while an office chair with adjustable armrests can provide additional comfort. Consider chairs with lumbar support and adjustable features to ensure that you are sitting in the most comfortable and supportive way possible.