Best Chair For Si Joint Pain 2023 (Complete Guide)

Comforting si joint pain with the help of the best chair is not at all a weird concept. Because brands are manufacturing so many practical sitting gears that are designed and engineered to do so. They tend to be your crime partner within the parameters of your home or office. Hence upgrade your mental and physical well-being and improve your productivity as well.

Top 9 Best Chair For Si Joint Pain 2023

Below you’ll get to know about some of the best chairs for si joint. Some are meant for offices. Whereas others are versatile to relax you in your bedroom, living room, home theater, or office also. All you have to keep in mind your budget. Besides, don’t forget to consider some of the must-haves of the good chair.

1. Modway Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair for si joint pain:

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Since an ergonomic chair is a prime requirement to soothe si joint pain. That’s why the first recommendation is supportive, adjustable, and user-friendly. It is an incredible innovation from the stores of MODWAY. This item features an articulate design. The most appealing part of the story is that you can choose your favorite color. Because this model is available in a wide range of colors.

The backrest comprises breathable mesh with passive lumbar support. Moreover, it’s not short. Rather it’s adequately heightened to support the body in the best way.

Just look at the seat. It is nicely padded with a soft yet denser cushion. The foam also features mesh covering. Not only this! But the seat is contoured to support your buttocks. So that you feel immense relief from si joint pain while you work on your desk.

All the features of this amazing unit are nicely adjustable. First of all, you can adjust the seat height. This will help you keep your thighs horizontal. The adjustability of the seat depth also catches the limelight.  Moreover, the armrests’ height is customizable as well. This aspect lets you place your arms at a suitable level without straining the shoulders.

You can also tilt the backrest. Most importantly, the tilting angle is lockable. In addition to all these traits, this model is a swiveling one. It can swivel at 360 degrees.

This is a sturdier unit for sure. It stands on an iron framework. At the bottom, you can see five dual-wheel casters. They are made to glide smoothly over carpets. Besides, they don’t scratch the wooden floors also. In short, it is a durable, stable, and reliable item. The cherry on top is its maximum weight capacity that is 331 lbs.

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User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Who’s looking for a comfortable ergonomic chair for lower back support and general bad posture for my home office. Every high-end chair I looked at had several reviews that scared me off based on the price tag. So I went mid-range and found this one. I like it. I’ve only had it a little while but my back doesn’t hurt as much anymore and it’s comfortable.
The directions are a bit lacking – they’re just pictures but I watched a few user videos and it went together pretty well. I wanted glides and I had bought some for another chair and they went on very easily but I saved the wheels in case I want them for the future.

  • sturdy
  • supportive
  • comfortable
  • easy assembly
  • durable mesh
  • the settings don’t remain locked
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2. ComHoma Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair for si joint pain:

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You may fail to remain productive during office hours because of si joint syndrome. A very supportive gear, however, can surely upgrade your spirits. An ergonomic chair is very important in this regard. So let’s check what stands next on our list.

It is a very supportive unit. The framework is made up of alloy steel. A very high-density and well-shaped sponge is used to stuff the seat. This sponge is furthermore covered with a durable, breathable, and eco-friendly mesh. The entire configuration is absolutely promising in terms of comfort and durability.

Coming on to the backrest, the chair doesn’t fail to grab attention. It is absolutely ergonomic and contoured according to your spine. The lumbar support is there to relax your lower back. As a result, you also feel relief in your si joint pain. This lumbar support is adjustable. So, it doesn’t make any difference either you are short or long. You can set the lumbar support accurately.

Usage of mesh in the backrest is another plus. Moreover, the backrest can tilt back to 120 degrees with the help of a lever. This angle helps the user to relax or take a nap in between the tiring office hours.

Now let’s check the armrests. They feature a flip-up design. Thus, they save space when not required. Let’s reinforce a fact that it is an adjustable chair. We mentioned the adjustability of the lumbar support above. Moreover, the seat height can also be set according to the height of the individual. This kind of setting lets the user put his feet flat on the flooring.

The wheels at the bottom glide smoothly and silently. Most importantly, they don’t harm your flooring or carpet. Easy assembly and a very responsive customer care service are also inviting aspects.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I am actually in love with this seat I was going to buy a gamers chair but I decided on buying this one instead I love the look and style of it super easy to put together to me it’s well worth the money the only downfall that I thought I would have on this is that I wish to cheer itself was just a little bit wider some people have bigger butts than others my hubby is tiny and he loves to cheer and for me I just wish like I said I wish the chair was feeding itself was a little bit wider but other than that totally awesome and definitely worth the money I love the way I can incline on it or and I like the way that the arms can lift up and down so sometimes I use them and sometimes I don’t

  • swivels at 360 degrees
  • the tilting angle is lockable
  • nice and comfortable
  • good at soothing lower back and pain in buttocks
  • sturdy and superb quality
  • cushioned armrests
  • armrests’ height is not adjustable
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3. TKEY High Back Mesh Desk Best Chair for si joint pain at home:

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A chair without lumbar support is useless for the sufferer of si joint strain. And the freedom to adjust it as per need is an absolutely encouraging aspect for the user. Because it lets him set it at the most suitable point.

This chair from the house of TKEY is an incredible piece when it comes to pain relief. Because the entire structure is ergonomic and immensely supportive.

The backrest is contoured and helps in good posture. Moreover, the waist support is adjustable. It doesn’t matter if the user is long or short heightened, the lumbar support serves the purpose through adjustable design.

Moreover, it’s made up of mesh. So, comfort plus luxury is obvious. Above all, the backrest is designed to rock back and forth from 90-120 degrees. So what do you want more in this complete package of perfection?

The seat design is also beneficial in multiple ways. It is a thick seat and includes memory foam for cushioning. The memory foam plays a promising role in relaxing the user. it is elastic, supportive, and doesn’t deform upon continuous usage. Most importantly,  it comes covered in a durable and breathable mesh for added comfort.

The seat height is adjustable. So, it’s better to set in a way that your thighs lay horizontal while sitting. This setting becomes a deal-breaker for si joint inflammation.

The framework comprises robust pp. It is a sturdier yet lightweight material. Besides ensuring durability, the material also makes sure that the unit remains stable as you sit.

It’s a 360-degree swiveling model with the help of rotatable casters. So multi-tasking becomes very feasible. The five-legged base adds balance to your overall sitting posture and doesn’t pressurize your si joint.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

My 15 yr old was 240 lbs, 6.1 ft when I purchased the chair. He likes the look and style. He spends hours in the chair and has had no comfort or support issues. Nothing has come loose or malfunctioned. It was easy to assemble. I recommend this purchase.

  • the armrests fold up at 90 degrees
  • very user-friendly
  • tilt back to 120 degrees
  • glides smoothly and quietly
  • very comfortable
  • no con is found yet

4. Saddle Stool Rolling Chair without backrest:

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The above-mentioned best chairs for si joint pain are suitable for official premises. But now we have a very versatile piece of equipment on the board. It is the perfect utility for any kind of sitting arrangement. Either you are searching a sitting gear for salon, kitchen, clinic, office, or for any kind of home setting. This stool emerges as the most compatible one in all the scenarios.

It is not a regular stool. Rather it’s a saddle stool. The seat is amazingly ergonomic and is designed to relieve pressure from your buttocks and lower back. Besides, it helps you maintain a good posture while sitting.

The seat cushion is sufficiently thick hence adds to the comfort. Usage of faux leather on the seat is another bonus. This material is premium quality leather. It is wear-resistant and very easy to maintain.  In short, you don’t experience even a pinch of discomfort while sitting on this stunning model.

Now just have a look at the chair base. It comprises five legs. Each leg furthermore is equipped with a rotating wheel. This feature lets the stool rotate at 360 degrees effortlessly. In addition, this rotating ability of the model helps you perform several tasks in the kitchen way quicker than before.

This model is very compact. But offers much more than limitations. To clarify, the seat height is adjustable. Not only adjustable but exclusively customizable. because you can extend the seat height from 21” to 28”. This is a very good range which other saddle stools don’t offer.

And can you believe it! The maximum weight capacity is 400lbs. It is the highest weight recommendation mentioned yet. So you see, the company has designed it keenly while considering all the standards of durability.

Image source: gstatic

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I am a dental hygienist and was noticing my hip giving me pain. I decided to invest in a different chair and I have fallen in love with this one! The wheels work great, I zoom around in it. They also do not get caught on all the cords in the room. My hip pain went away a few days after using it. I accidentally got it delivered to my husbands work and they set it up. He told me several guys in the office tried it out and a few even went straight to Amazon to order them one too!! HIGHLY recommend… also very comfortable for big butts 🙂

  • wheels are safe to use on all kinds of floors
  • 1-year warranty
  • easy to assemble
  • wide seat
  • good at soothing si joint pain
  • available in coffee, grey, beige, and white color
  • the seat design doesn’t support leaning forward

5. Ergousit Ergonomic High Back Chair For Si Joint Dysfunction:

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The best office chairs for lower back and hip pain can definitely cure your si joint inflammation. Because all these ailments are related to each other in one way or the other. Similarly, we have also brought some of best office chairs for a bad back. Please have a look at them. I am very much sure that they’ll definitely solve your biggest problem of the year.

For our valuable readers, we have one more suggestion in concern of their si joint strain. This model is from the stores of ERGOUSIT.  The chair is not only suitable for offices. But are meant to comfy the user while doing work from home. And since the covid-19 is in the air, this particular item has become the top pick by the consumer industry. Because its physical appearance easily compliments the home decor.

First of all, let’s mention the most unique feature that is the headrest. The headrest is made to support the head while being breathable. Moreover, you can set its height according to your sitting position.

Coming down, the backrest indeed includes an attention-grabbing structure. First of all, it includes mesh to enhance breathability.

Secondly, it’s structured according to the natural spine of the human being. The lumbar support is adjustable and a pro at giving relief to your screaming back. Also, Tilt the backrest at three angles from 90-136 degrees. Enjoy the rest mode or office mode as per need. In short, the backrest is up to the mark for all; kinds of back pain sufferers.

The armrests don’t flip up at 90 degrees. But their height is adjustable. Similarly, seat height is also customizable. So setting both features lets you attain the ideal posture. Hence, you experience zero stress on the shoulders, thighs, and feet.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Sitting on it will now slowly make me sink down. Not even a year old. EDIT- customer service is extremely helpful. Definitely reach out if you’re having trouble. Before my pump error, I love my chair. Still do, looking forward to the pump replacement!

  • s-shaped backrest
  • thickly-padded seat
  • includes anti-slip casters
  • swivels at 360 degrees
  • maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs
  • very supportive and easy assembly
  • Some customers didn’t find the seat comfortable one

6. VUYUYU Fabric Electric Recliner Chair:

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Doing particular Si joint pain exercises to avoid this stabbing pain is not the only solution. One needs to bring very comfortable and supportive sitting gear to his home. So that he can spend his leisure most productively.  Thus choose a sitting unit that lets you watch TV, read a book while soothing lower back and buttock pain.

This recliner chair is very impressive in this regard. It stands on a durable metal frame. The structure lets the unit stand maximum weight up to 320 lbs. It is exclusively stuffed with cushions. These cushions are comfortable, supportive, and denser.

You can see the armrests. How exceptionally padded they are! Besides, they are wide enough to support your arms nicely. The backrest is also remarkably thick.

Adjustability is incredible as well. The backrest can tilt to 140 degrees. Reclining the backrest is very easy peasy with the help of a button on the right side. This button lets the user recline the backrest and vice versa. Moreover, the same button also includes a USB port. This will help to charge your i-phone while being in a relaxing mode.

This is a massaging recliner. It massages at four areas. You’ll get a remote control to control and monitor the entire session. With the help of this remote control, you can set one of the five modes. Also, it lets you set the timer as well.

The lumbar area includes a built-in heater. Turn it on through remote control and enjoy a warm massage on the lower back.

All the above chairs were meant for offices. But this recliner is perfect for the living room and bedroom. You can buy it to keep in the relaxing room of the office as well. The maximum weight capacity is 300lbs.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

The chair arrived fast and was easy to assemble. The base had a problem. I contacted the company and they were extremely helpful. They are replacing the base and remote. Excellent customer service with fast responses. Easy to deal with! Definitely would purchase again from this company!

  • includes a retractable footrest
  • comfortable and durable
  • good customer care service
  • good chair for feeding babies
  • well worth the money
  • no real massage, it’s just vibration

7. YODOLLA Massage Recliner Chair:

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Once you come back home after a hectic day, your tired body looks forward to some divine relaxation. This is not possible without a good recliner chair at home. Buying a versatile recliner solves various health issues. For instance, si joint inflammation, lower back pain, bad posture, and the list goes on.

This recliner for the living room is very much useful and practical. It is dark brown. But you can also get it in cream color. It is very much sturdy. The thick padding and soft upholstering truly upgrade your sitting episode.

Not to forget! The maximum weight recommendation of this model is 300lbs. So, if you weigh more than the given range, then move forward to find something perfectly compatible.

The availability of a supportive headrest and retractable footrest is very inspiring. This combo ensures a perfect relaxing posture. Besides, the backrest is tiltable to 140 degrees. This adjustability adds glitter to gold. Hence soothes your lumbar spine and buttock in the true sense by relieving pressure from the spine, pelvis, and si joint.

The charisma doesn’t end here. This recliner is engineered to massage the user at 8 nodes. The massage modes, strength, and timer can be set with the help of remote control. In addition, the heat function at the lumbar adds glitter to gold. It destresses all the stretched spinal muscles in a true sense.

Unlike the above-recommended recliner, this model rocks back and forth till 30 degrees. Moreover, it swivels at 360 degrees. Thus, emerges a perfect purchase for carpeted rooms. Tilting the backrest is very easy with the help of an internal pull handle. However, the footrest requires manual operation for retracting and vice versa. 4 storage pockets and 2 cup holders are very nice additional features.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Works well for anyone with a foot injury that needs support sitting.

  • not very bulky
  • good customer care service
  • elegant and classic piece
  • massages quietly
  • comfortable and fantastic
  • the heating function only turns on and off, with no levels

8. YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair:

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Yodolla also cares for the senior citizens of the consumer industry. That’s why it brings an electric power lift recliner. Besides brown color, this model is also available in grey color. Whatsoever, both colors are very much decent and elegant. Most importantly, the maximum weight capacity is 360lbs, wowww!

This is a stand-up recliner chair. Obviously, it reclines but unlike the above recommendations, it’s engineered to lift also. This automatic lifting lets the user get up without putting pressure on strained back muscles. A very strong motor stands behind this mechanism. It is certified by UL.

The backrest reclines to 150 degrees. Let’s not forget to mention that reclining the backrest and lifting this unit is very handy. A control button on the right helps you perform all the movements. The same button also includes a USB port. So, charging the smartphone while being seated becomes super feasible. In addition, the retractable footrest is also an amazing perk.

This model is more than a recliner. Because it massages all the sensitive parts of the body as well. Not only massage, but the built-in-heater at the waist provides warmth to the lower back. Hence soothes all the stretched muscles of the lower spine.

The remote control helps you to make all the settings. It offers the choice to select from five massaging modes. Moreover, it enables the user to set the intensity and timer also. Above all, elastic fillers, a sturdier framework, and faux leather, all add to the luxury of this chair.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

My husband is very happy with the chair, very comfortable.

  • the footrest and backrest move simultaneously
  • very much ergonomic and supportive
  • sturdiest
  • easy to assemble
  • user-friendly
  • good customer care service
  • the motor may stop working after a few days

9. GM Seating Executive Hi Swivel Chair:

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Introducing the GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base! This chair is available in four different colors, such as black and burgundy.
With an automatic lumbar support system, this swiveling leather executive desk chair will be easier than ever to use. It features a high back for superior upper body and neck support that provides durability and comfort. The ergonomic design of this chair increases productivity by helping to foster better circulation and reducing fatigue throughout your day. Don’t wait! Order today!
This ergonomic chair is the perfect blend of form and function. The adjusting backrest makes it easy to find your most comfortable position, while the design makes you feel like a boss. Either raise or lower the backrest or recline it. You get the chance to explore an absolutely different experience with its exclusive adjustability.
Top-notch quality leather upholstery provides an ultra-comfortable seat cover, leaving no part of you unprepared for a long day’s work. With a tilt synchro mechanism and adjustable headrest, it’s sure to stand out in your office. The sleek styling is matched with updated ergonomic counterparts like adjustable seat slide and swivel options make working long hours feel like nothing! Not to forget! the 3D adjustable armrests truly rock the stage.
This product is ANSI-BIFMA certified for indoor air quality, meaning that it won’t cause breathing problems or release noxious gasses into your workplace. So why wait? Click now to purchase the GM Seating

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

very comfortable

  • solid construction
  • good material
  • extremely comfortable
  • stable model
  • leather peels off with time

What Is Si Joint Pain?

The si is the short form of sacroiliac. These joints connect the spine to the hips. Their placement is between the sacrum and iliac bones. The si joints play an iconic role in providing support and stability to the overall body. In addition, they are also meant to absorb impact while walking and lifting.

The si joint pain is related to buttocks and lower back pain. It results when the joint located between the hip and spine get injured or damaged. However, learning how to sit with si joint pain and an appropriate diagnosis can help to deal with the pain timely. If the case is mild, then physical therapy is enough for sure. But if your medical expert senses some alarming situation, then he may prescribe some other methods. For instance stretching exercises, medication, or even joint injections according to the intensity. For severe cases, doctors also suggest surgery to fuse the joint and deal with painful movement.

So the si joint pain can be acute or chronic. The former category appears out of nowhere and its healing time comprises several days. On the contrary, chronic si joint pain is really frustrating. It lasts for a long period and may get severe due to certain activities. Not to forget, chronic pain pinches the body every time.

Symptoms Of Si Joint Pain:

Different kinds of pains symbolize si joint syndrome. Let’s get learned about all the signals that indicate this pain:

  • Initially, you’ll feel distressed at the buttock and lower back. The intensity can be mild, moderate, or severe. In the lower back area, the pain can be either on one side or on both sides.
  • This pain disperses towards the groin, lower hip, and upper thigh. The numbness and weakness of the legs are also signs of si joint pain in the legs. Again, the sufferer may feel pain on one side or on both sides of the hips and thighs.
  • The feel of the stabbing pain at the buttocks and thigh back also signify si joint pain. This hot and sharp feeling symbolize sciatica pain as well. So, yes si joint pain is related to sciatic pain.
  • Limited mobility at the lower back, hips, pelvis, and groin is a very obvious symptom of si joint pain. This stiffness reduces your routine movements like bending or climbing upstairs.
  • Worsening of pain upon climbing, jogging, running, sleeping, or sitting on the affected side means you are a victim of si joint strain.
  • Instability in the lower back or pelvis during transitional movements or while standing or walking is also the major reason of si joint dysfunction.

Causes Of Si Joint Pain:

One of the basics is to address the causes of si joint pain. So, here you go:

  • The loosening or tightening of ligaments that support si joint results in this annoying pain. These ligaments stiffen with age. As the cartilage degenerates, the bones strike and rub together causing extreme discomfort. Other reasons behind the ligaments damage are injury, accident, fall, and childbirth.
  • Some individuals have legs of different lengths. This results in uneven pressure exertion on one side of the pelvis. Also, the movement in the pelvis may vary if the person is suffering from hip and knee arthritis. Both the scenarios may let the person endure through si joint pain.
  • Sometimes, the heavy kind of physical activities such as sports or other laborious jobs exerts great stress on the joint. This repeated stress contributes majorly to si joint pain. Similarly, prolonged sitting or standing is also a prominent reason behind strained si joint.
  • Different surgeries, for instance, fusion surgery, lower back surgery, or hip joint replacement surgery stand behind si joint inflammation. In addition, the taking of bone grafts from iliac bones also causes this pain. However, research is also made in this regard. According to it, multi-level surgery encourages si joint syndrome in comparison to the single-level procedure.

How To Sit With Si Joint Pain?

Don’t sit casually if you are a sufferer of si joint pain. Rather follow the tips stated below for a comfortable and soothing experience.

  • First of all, adjust the seat height, its depth, and the lumbar support for divine comfort.
  • Support the curve of your spine by placing any supportive gear. It can be rolled towel.
  • Don’t keep sitting for continuous hours. With si joint pain, we recommend you to stand up after every 15 minutes.
  • While sitting, make sure that you place your feet flat on the ground while hips should be above knees. Moreover, the feet placement must be in front or right under your knees.
  • Lastly, the distance between your legs should be as wide as your shoulders.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Chair For Si Joint Pain

If your job requires prolonged sitting. And the cherry on top is you are a patient of si joint pain. Then any ordinary office chair can ruin your mental as well as physical well-being. Thus buying a comfortable and supportive chair becomes absolutely mandatory. So that your pain doesn’t provoke while you sit. We recommend you to look for the following features to find the right chair:

  • Always consider the chair with a high back. Low back chairs don’t offer thorough support to your entire back.
  • The backrest design must include adequate lumbar support. Getting a lumbar pillow is absolutely fine. But if the lower back area of the chair is curved inwards, then it’s an absolute win.
  • A good posture is very important to reduce any kind of pain. So, the chair you buy must be capable enough to help you maintain good posture. For this purpose, check the entires structure of the backrest with maximum vigilance. The ergonomic backrest is always welcome.
  • Don’t go for an armless chair. Your arms also deserve a supportive platform. But make sure that the armrests are neither very high nor low. In fact, they must be adequately heightened. However, the adjustability of the armrests adds glitter to gold.
  • The seat height must be adjustable as well. So, that you can maintain a 90-degree viewing angle while working on the computer. This adjustability trait will prevent you from slouching. Ultimately, it will be resourceful in minimizing the si joint pain.
  • Obviously, you cannot neglect the importance of comfort. So, make sure that the foam used in the seat and back is of premium quality, denser, and resilient. The chairs with a mesh backrest are also inspiring. Because they help regulate the body temperature while preventing the user from sweating.
  • The waterfall seat edge is useful in so many ways. It reduces pressure on the legs as well as your lower body. Besides, it plays a very important role in improving blood circulation by relaxing the stretched muscles. So, it’s better to buy the one with a waterfall seat design.


How to sit comfortably with si joint pain?

In order to sit comfortably with si joint dysfunction, make sure you follow all the tips stated below:

  • Sit while maintaining a good distance between your knees. Also, they must be turned out a bit.
  • Make sure that your lower back is supported well. If your sitting gear includes built-in lumbar support, then it’s absolutely fine. Otherwise, place a pillow to support your lower spine adequately.
  • Also, ensure the even weight distribution over your bottom while sitting.
  • Your upper body must be straight and upright while allowing the shoulders to relax.
  • Last but not least, take breaks in between prolonged sitting periods.

Is swimming good for si joint pain?

Yes! Water therapy is very good at dealing si joint strain. Because water supports muscles exclusively and soothes them very gently. Hence, there is no point that it can hurt muscles. You just need to practice the slow workout instead of a hard one.

What does si joint pain feel like?

Some people experience it as dull and achy. Whereas others feel it as sharp and stabbing. It originates in your hips and pelvis. Bt spreads upwards to the lower back and downwards to the thighs. Your legs may feel numb as if they fail to hold your body weight.

How to sleep with si joint pain:

We recommend you align your hips for a favorable sleeping posture while going through si joint pain. Aligning hips during sleep is easy if you place a pillow or cushion between your knees. Similarly, you can also sleep on your back comfortably and prevent your si joint from any pressure by placing a pillow or cushion beneath the knees.

Does sitting relieve si joint pain?

Sitting remains no more therapeutic for the sufferer of sacroiliac joint pain. Because it stimulates SI joint and thus affects the stability of the sacrum to hold the upper body weight. Also, the legs may get numb ending up in an uneasy feeling. Hence sitting especially for longer periods can turn into a nightmare for the patient of si joint pain.


Finding the best chair for SI joint pain can be tricky, but it is well worth the effort. Having a comfortable, supportive chair that meets your needs can make all the difference in managing si joint pain.

For official purposes, Ergousit Ergonomic High Back Desk Chair is the best chair for si joint pain and sciatica. This product stands prominent due to its extravagant adjustability. The headrest and backrest are amazingly ergonomic. Moreover, the usage of the mesh also ensures good ventilation.

However, YODOLLA Massage Recliner Chair is ideal for your living room. Because it’s not heavy and bulky. But serves much more than expectations and price. The swiveling, massage, heating, reclining, and footrest elevation all add to the divine sitting session.