Best office chairs for lower back and hip pain 2022(complete buying guide)

Best office chairs for lower back and hip pain are the prime requirements of every other working professional. These professionals need to spend a major portion of their day in the chair. An office chair lacking in important ergonomics can severely harm their health. So, it must be competent and ergonomic enough to prevent them from lower back and hip pain. Most importantly, it must be designed to reduce pressure on the spine.

But what makes the chair enough competent? Some features are mandatory. Whereas, the lack of others doesn’t make up a huge difference. For a simple citizen, it’s hard to approach the most competent product in the market without seeking help. That’s why we are here to help in this regard.

Top 11 best office chairs for lower back and hip pain 2022

Every office chair is not designed while primarily considering lower back and hip problems. That’s why we have short-listed a few. These 11 products will surely act as a perfect medication for your lower back and hip pain. Because they are ergonomic chairs and a true demonstration of adjustability, versatility, ergonomics, and above all, comfort.

1. KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Best Office Chair:

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As we are going to introduce the ergonomic chairs for lower back and hip pain. So, we would like to put forward a perfect model from the house of KOLLIEE. It is an ideal mesh office chair for long-term sitting. The design is quite ergonomic. The back is contoured to provide lumbar support. Thus, the unit emerges as a good painkiller for your aching back and hip pain.

This ergonomic office chair can easily stand heavier individuals weighing up to 250lbs. So, the durability of the frame is nothing to doubt about. Similarly, the padded seat is also outclassed. It comprises highly resilient foam. This foam cushion doesn’t deform, lasts for long, and absolutely comfortable to sit on.

Coming onto the covering, we feel proud to inform you that it’s a high-density mesh. This mesh is American-made and owns a matchless quality. It is breathable and durable. The mesh covers both the back and seat of the chair. so you see, the chair doesn’t let you sweat throughout your gaming or working session.

You can also see rolling casters at the bottom of the chair. these casters are very durable and let the unit move smoothly from one place to another. The good part of the story is that these casters swivel at 360 degrees, and so is the chair.

The flip-up design of the armrests adds glitter to gold. This adds compactness to the chair and helps in easy storage. Another appealing feature of the model is that its seat height is adjustable. This aspect allows customization according to the height of the user as well as of the desk.

Not only this! But the backrest can recline a bit. You can see just to 30 degrees. Above all, this office furniture is easy to assemble also.


premium quality gas lift cylinder

very comfortable

easy to move

flip-up armrests are a blessing

very user-friendly

supports good posture

good for long-term sitting


you cannot lock the back reclining angle

not suitable for long-heightened individuals

2. Big and Tall Office Chair:

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Now we have an exclusively sturdier piece on board. The maximum weight capacity of this leather office chair is 500lbs. It means it can stand double weight in comparison to the above-discussed unit. The back is also sufficiently high. Moreover, the seat is wide enough. So, this unit from BESTOFFICE STORE is definitely a right office chair for long-heightened individuals.

The design is ergonomic and lets it shine amongst the mesh office chairs for hip pain. Because the back is designed to support your upper and lower back. A very thick seat cushion is used as padding. This high-density foam doesn’t deform. Besides, it’s long-lasting and makes the chair amazingly comfortable. For upholstering, the manufacturers have preferred Pu leather due to its durability.

The most amazing aspect of this item is the lumbar cushion with remote control. This lumbar cushion offers proper support and a massage feature. This massage feature is powered by a USB. If your back is aching but you need to complete your presentation, then this office furniture becomes your crime partner. Just switch it to massage mode with the help of remote control. Meanwhile, keep on doing your task as well. The massager will reduce hip pain to the core.

The back can tilt to 120 degrees. Moreover, the seat height is adjustable as per need. Also, the chair can swivel to 360 degrees. The swiveling feature enables the user to do multitasking. The base has five legs. These legs stand on durable nylon casters. This five-legged design adds stability to the overall unit.


easy and smooth to move

high back



very stable

supportive design

mesh pocket at the bottom

massages gently


difficult to assemble

3. Devoko Office Desk Chair:

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The brand brings so many ergonomic office chairs for lower back and hip pain. But we found this model excellent from all angles. It is versatile, durable, comfortable, and whatnot. A lot of positive reviews are also there as an assurance. So, to avoid regrets in the future, do give this best mesh office chair a bit of consideration.

First of all, this is an ergonomic chair. so, it’ll definitely support your whole body. Its mid-back design is contoured according to the shape of your spine. As a result, you won’t feel stressed out even after hours of sitting in it. Moreover, the back includes no padding but comprises mesh fabric. This fabric is wear-resistant and is breathable also. Thus, we claim this premium chair as the best option for long-term sitting.

Now let’s dive into the charisma of the soft seat. It features curved seat edge. It is stuffed with a thickened and high-density sponge. This foaming is soft, resilient, and comfortable. Furthermore, breathable mesh fabric is again used to cover the seat. This fabric excels in so many ways. It not only prevents the user from sweating. But is a friendlier option for people having sensitive skins.

The flip-up design of the padded and adjustable armrests is not less than a lifesaver. Flipping them up saves a lot of space while storing and working. The seat height is adjustable with the help of a certified gas lift. So, you can customize the seat height as per requirement. Moreover, its ability to rock back and forth is not less than a perk.

The base is designed to offer the utmost stability. It comprises a five-legged design with smooth-rolling casters. The wheels help in easy as well as noiseless rolling. Above all, the product holds a certification of BIFMA.


supports good posture

available in multiple colors

the maximum weight capacity is 280lbs

very easy to assemble

good for gaming also

very comfortable

reclines with tension adjustment


back is not very high

4. YAHEETECH Ergonomic Home Office:

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While shortlisting the best office chairs for lower back and hip arthritis, it’s hard to ignore YAHEETECH. Because the brand always manufactures according to the needs of the consumer industry. Here we go with its amazing executive chair. This model is surely gonna hypnotize you. Because it’s an ultimate blend of luxury, comfort, and durability.

First of all, let’s learn about its back design. Fortunately, the back support is configured ergonomically. It is curved to align the spine of your body. Thus, this right chair enables you to carry on prolonged tasks or gaming sessions without stressing the back. Once you don’t feel any kind of fatigue, you feel good using the chair. moreover, a breathable mesh is used at back. This ensures a well-balanced body temperature throughout the sitting episode.

Next comes the leather seat design. It also falls in the entire criterion of perfection. While offering an ample sitting surface, the seat also offers optimum comfort. It includes a combo of high-density foam and a covering of PU leather. Both add luxury in their way. The sponge is nicely resilient. Similarly, PU leather is wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

With this ergonomic seating in your home or office, feel free to adjust the seat height. Moreover, the back can tilt also. a knob under the seat helps in adjusting the back angle.

The bottom of the chair features a five-legged design. Each leg is furthermore equipped with a nylon caster. These casters rotate at 360 degrees. Moreover, they add to the smooth and effortless mobility without scratching the floor or making noise.

This ergonomic chair can swivel at 360 degrees. Thus, helps you perform so many different tasks without getting up from it. In addition, its maximum weight recommendation that is 265lbs makes it a nice deal for both children and adults.


easy to assemble

sleek and stylish

supportive design


very comfortable

features are easy to adjust


armrests are not padded and don’t flip up

5. YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair:

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If you are a heavier individual and earnestly desire an office chair for hip pain, then stop scrolling right away. Because you have reached your real destination. Yes, the best office chair from YAMASORO will definitely solve the major problems of your life. With its ergonomic features, lower back and hip pain after prolonged sitting will become a matter of the past. And you’ll look forward to your personal and professional life with a new vision.

At the first glance, you can notice how comforting it looks. The exclusively padded seat features a double-layer soft cushion. The headrest is thickly padded to offer optimum support. It is a good model for long heightened individuals. because the back is high enough to support them properly.

According to the manufacturer, this suitable office chair can easily stand heavier weights up to 300lbs. Apart from the good quality cushion, the credit also goes to the stainless steel base. This stainless steel base is explosion-proof also. so buying this will let you experience a safer sitting episode like never before.

The armrests are also padded and offer additional comfort and support. Most importantly, they feature a flip-up design. So, you can turn them upwards if they act as an obstacle in your activity.

The model is designed ergonomically. Its back is made to align the shape of your spine. Just because of the ergonomic back with a neck support, you can spend hours of gaming in this best chair. In short, it will relax your back through the longer sitting span.

The versatility of the unit is beyond words. It can tilt back to a further 30 degrees and gets locked with the help of a tilt lock. Moreover, the seat height is customizable according to the desk height. A certified gas lift is there to help in the process


easy to move with nylon casters

settings are easy to customize

amazingly comfortable

exclusively supportive

includes good warranty

excellent quality and craftsmanship


easy to assemble

available in multiple colors


doesn’t support good posture

6. Leather Chair Big and Tall Office Chair:

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Again we have good news for tall and weighty individuals. because GO DEEP 365 also introduces a sturdier and leather office chair with a high back and wide seat. This item has got very positive feedback from the consumer industry. And obviously, the credit goes to the quality and mechanics of this ergonomic chair.

Like most office chairs, it is built on a sturdier framework. A high-density sponge is used as stuffing. This cushion is resilient, flexible, and very comfortable to sit on. Similarly, the upholstery material is outclassed also. it is PU leather. The leather gives luxury look, easy to maintain, and wear-resistant. Most importantly, it also adds to the comfortability of the model. The armrests are also padded. So, you see the office furniture perfectly demonstrates excellence.

The amazing part of the story is that the back support is designed to relax your body. You can spend hours and hours working on it. And by the end, you won’t suffer from a fatigued back. The back of this ergonomic office chair is contoured to accommodate your upper and lower back precisely.

The seat height is adjustable. Besides, the back can tilt also. Most importantly, you can lock the tilting angle by adjusting the tension control. The chair features 360 degrees swiveling. So you see it offers multiple sitting positions.

To sum up, this is one of the best chairs for hips and helps doing computer work, completing assignments, and even for gaming. Because its construction fulfills all the requirements of a good comfy chair. so, buy it and get ready to cherish a new working lifestyle.


offers good lumbar support

well worth the money

very comfortable

soothes lower back and hip pain

good for long-term sitting

superb quality casters


armrests are not adjustable

7. Ergonomic Desk Chair for home office:

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Our next recommendation is truly the best office chair for hip pain. It is a safer model as it is certified by BIFMA. Its ability to stand weight up to 250lbs ensures durable construction and quality. Describing this model in a few words seems impossible. Because each feature deserves to be highlighted in detail.

Let’s discover its seat design priorly. So, the seat of this next office chair is densely padded with a soft and resilient cushion. This kind of padding ensures an ultimate comfortable sitting throughout office hours. The covering of the seat is equally valuable. The mesh fabric is used to wrap the seat and this makes the executive chair a perfect item for individuals with sensitive skins. Because the mesh is breathable and regulates the normal temperature of your body.

The good part is that you can customize the seat height with a lever. So, if your desk is too high, don’t stress! Just customize the height of the padded seat in accordance and start your work.

The back of the chair is amazingly designed. It is ergonomic and doesn’t let you fatigue at the end of the day. Rather it relaxes your body while you continue to prepare your presentation. It features a mid-back design and comprises a denser mesh. The mesh prevents the user from sweating and gives a cooling sensation. Moreover, the back can tilt to a few degrees. This tilting is easy to lock with the help of tension control.

To sum up, this ergonomic office chair gives a homely feeling to your body. The structure is designed for hip pain relief and doesn’t strain an inch of it. Moreover, it acts as a perfect pill for hip arthritis. so buying this model will let you cherish your lifestyle in a true sense.


armrests are adjustable

very comfortable and relaxing

sturdy construction

wheels don’t scratch the floor



back is not very high

8. Big and Tall Office Home Desk Chair:

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It’s time to bring to notice another trustworthy manufacturer that is YARSTORE. They have been making the best office chairs for hip and back pain with amazing ergonomic features since long.

This model is really a pro at soothing lower back and hip pain. Its back is high. So thorough support to your back and lumbar is an assurance. Moreover, the back is contoured according to the spinal curve. This shape soothes your hip pain and prevents waist from straining at the end of a long working day.

Very denser foam is used as padding. This foam serves as a very comfortable sitting platform. The usage of Pu leather as upholstery acts as glitter to gold. It is a non-slip material and plays an important role in relaxing hip pain. So you see, the seat of the best office chair offers an amazing combo of comfort and luxury.

Not to forget that the seat height is customizable according to the height of the desk. Moreover, adjusting the height is not rocket science. Rather it’s very easy with help of a lever.

In addition, the back can tilt to 120 degrees. The mechanics of the back are also designed to let it rock back and forth. You can also see nylon wheels at the bottom. These wheels own a superlative quality. They help in easy and quiet moving without scratching the floor.

This chair for hip pain can swivel at 360 degrees. Also, the armrests are padded. It is a heavy-duty model with a high range of weight-bearing capacity. Buy it for your home office and computer desk. This unit lets you do long-term gaming as well.


very good craftsmanship

gas spring is explosion proof

thick and comfortable cushion

back is slightly radian

easy-to-use mechanics

tilt gets locked

large seat


a bit pricey

9. Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support:

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Here you go with the most ergonomic office chair of the list. It is an amazing article of the TRIBESIGNS series. The feature which makes it the most attention-grabbing is its exclusive adjustability. To clarify, this desk chair for hip pain is adjustable in so many aspects. Besides, its backrest can tilt more in comparison to all the above recommendations. The uniqueness doesn’t end here. but the product is superlative in so many ways. Let’s learn what they are.

The core structure comprises an amazing balance of nylon and metal. The backrest offers very good and adjustable lumbar support system. It moves up or down to comfy your lower back. Besides, it’s perfectly contoured according to the spine. Hence supports your upper and lower back in the best possible way.

The breathable mesh and adjustable headrest is just woww. You can easily set its height and angle as per ease. Similarly, the height of the padded and curved armrests is also customizable. And obviously like above all, the seat height can be altered as well. So, you see the freedom to change different settings is just incredible.

Coming to the backrest again, you can see that it is made up of a breathable mesh. The mesh lets the body heat to pass through. It also allows air circulation. Hence prevents sweating and regulates the normal body temperature. Moreover, the backrest can tilt to 150 degrees. Most importantly, it offers multiple reclined position and can get locked at 3 levels. This is indeed the flexible range and enables you to take a short nap in between working hours.

Not to forget! The seat is padded with a very durable, highly resilient native sponge. This cushion is furthermore covered with breathable elastic fabric. This material influentially dissipates heat. It is easy to clean and very comfortable to use.


extremely comfortable and supportive

easy to assemble

smoother to move

stylish and elegant

very user-friendly

easy to adjust

swivel at 360 degrees

adjustable tilt tension

the maximum weight capacity is 300lbs

quiet casters


installing a headrest is bit tricky

10. REFICCER Office Chair:

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It is very hard to wind up the list without mentioning the best office chair for hip pain from the REFICCER. This is a very sturdier piece. It can stand individuals up to 250lbs. And the good part is that it’s available in two colors. Just scroll down to learn more about this amazing deal.

The design of the leather office chair deserves a huge round of applause. The backrest is high and offers very good lumbar support. It gives a very homely feeling to the user. most importantly, it aims to support the user for long working hours. So apart from using in the office, the chair has the competency to soothe your neck pain, hip pain, and back during long gaming sessions.

A high density and soft foam are used as padding. This kind of padding ensures an optimum comfy sitting. Moreover, it features a waterfall seat edge. This reduces pressure exertion on the back of the legs. So you see every feature is made to offer comfort and luxury.

Most importantly, the model is exclusively adjustable and is one of the best ergonomic office chairs . Its backrest can recline. The seat height is adjustable. Above all, you can flip up the arms to meet your comfort needs. 360 degrees swiveling acts like a cherry on top. Adjustability is one of the must-haves of the best office chair for lower back and hip pain. So, this model rocks the stage with its multiple customizable features.

Nylon rolling casters help in a quiet and smooth movement. Most importantly, assembling it is just a piece of cake. So, who won’t be willing to buy this package of ease, comfort, and utility?


premium leather upholstery

includes 1-year warranty

supports neck

control are easy to operate

thickly padded

rocks back and forth

very comfy

good for long-term sitting

stable unit


leather upholstery is smelly

11. HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair:

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HOMCOM wanted to create a recliner that people would enjoy. Whether you want to get the most out of the relaxing moments at the office or home – this chair for hip pain has you covered with all the comforts of home. If you need to take care of some business on the couch, our redesigned ottoman has room for everything from laptop computers to stacks of phone books so nothing gets lost between cushions.

This is a beautiful and elegant recliner chair. It’s very comfy, too. The metal base makes it feel stable and the soft leather upholstery feels great against your skin during long office hours. Consider this if you’re looking for something that can comfortably accommodate people of different sizes since the maximum weight recommendation goes up to 352 lbs.

Treat your body to one of the best self-pampering routines! With 10 massage points throughout your back and seat, you can relieve muscle tension and increase circulation at the same time. When you count in its heating function at the back, this chair is like a spa for your body every day. Watch TV or read a book while reclining and let our Massage Recliner Chair do all the work for you!

This product is a must-have for anyone with lower back or hip pain. The recliner range to 145 degrees is perfect to get the right angle needed for your comfort level. With a 360 degree swiveling base, it has the stability you need while you lounge around in this chair.

With a reclining back, not only does this chair increase comfort and relaxation, but it also increases productivity. So, open your eyes to the world’s most comfortable office chair created for people who want every moment in the office to be spent, well, working.


super comfortable


the backrest easily reclines and gets locked

massager works well



difficult to put together

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Office Chairs For Lower Back And Hip Pain

Every chair in the market is not meant for offices. Some are designed for gaming. While others are best for camping. You will also see the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. The process to select an ergonomic office chair for hip pain can be highly ambiguous. Although a strong framework is always a mandatory recommendation. But once you scroll through our buying guide, you’ll definitely get to know your boundaries precisely. So, let’s learn some of the must-haves of a best office chair.

Supportive backrest:

Analyzing the shape of the backrest is very important. Make sure that it’s ergonomic and offers pronounced lumbar support. So that you can feel relax to use them during long hours of continuous working. The backrest must be configured to support the natural curvature of your spine. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain a good posture and won’t suffer due to unnecessary pressure on the lower spine. In short, a best office chair offers a stress-free sitting and working episode.

Adjustable seat height:

Make sure that you are choosing the office chair for hip pain with an adjustable seat height. Because it’s very important to lay your feet flat on the floor to maintain good posture. Thus, the adjustability of the seat height not only helps you maintain a 90-degree viewing angle. But also lets you cherish the good posture in real means. It is not hard to access an ergonomic office chair with adjustable seat height. Because the majority of the models come furnished with this very amazing feature. The ease to make adjustments is another important feature to consider.

Adjustable backrest:

A good office chair with an adjustable backrest is indeed a lifesaver. Sitting for hours in the same posture has some injurious kind of side effects. So, it’s better to keep on changing posture at frequent intervals. And this is only possible with a chair having an adjustable backrest. normally office chairs with ergonomic features can recline till 120 degrees. This range is enough to experience a posture change and lets you sit comfortably also.


The upholstery material is a very important aspect of the best office chair. it can be breathable or suffocating. Mesh office chairs are a good choice to go for. Because meshing allows air movements and helps to regulate the body temperature. Also, ensure that the mesh is stretchable and flexible enough to stand heavier weight.


Feeling lethargic after getting up from a home office chair means the chair was not at all comfortable. Above all the worth considering factors, comfortability lies at the top. The great office chair must soothe your aching back and nicely support your upper and lower back. In this regard, the quality of sponging, adjustable, and supporting features, all play an important role.


1. Can my office chair cause hip pain?

Yes for sure! If your office chair lacks important ergonomics, then it will definitely pressurize your hips ending in severe pain.

2. When hip pain is serious?

The initial treatment to cure hip pain is to take rest or ice the painful area. Furthermore, elevation and compression are also some of the ways that help reduce hip pain. Therapists are pro enough to target muscular imbalance precisely. If the hip pain is not serious, then you’ll surely get over it with the help of physical therapy. But if this course fails to alleviate stressed areas, then surely the hip pain is serious. And it’s time to consult a specialist in the field.

3. Can hip pain cause back pain?

First of all, let’s clarify a fact that the location of the hip and lower spine is very close to each other. So, sometimes you can mistake your back pain for hip pain and obviously vice versa. Because of this very close location of the hip joint and spine, hip pain can easily result in back pain. In fact, hip injuries not only cause back pain. But also end in groin pain, pain during walking, and ailment while you sleep.

4. Are best office chairs for lower back and hip pain bad for carpet?

This is a very common question. Because offices are normally furnished with carpets. So, if you are concerned about whether office chairs for hip pain ruin carpet or not. Then remember my friend! It depends upon the wheel quality. Low-quality wheels will definitely damage the carpet. And if they are broken, then it adds glitter to gold. Because damaged wheels impose a great threat to the carpet. Rollerblade-style wheels are best to be used. They come wrapped in polyurethane and don’t harm the carpet in any way.

5. When does hip pain starts?

Hip pain starts due to several reasons. Complications within the hip joint compel the patient to go through the dilemma of hip pain. However, if an individual suffers from external hip pain, it can be due to complications within ligaments. Similarly, problems related to muscles, tendons, and other surrounding soft tissues also result in hip pain on the outer side.

Serious health issues also end in hip pain. Arthritis, inflamed tendons, and hip fractures are the reasons behind starting serious hip pains.

6. What can be done to prevent or reduce hip pain

Following certain guidelines will help you in dealing with hip pain in a much better way. These guidelines are stated below:

  • Use an adjustable and ergonomic office chair.
  • Don’t cross your legs while sitting.
  • Your back pocket must not hold your phone or wallet as you sit.
  • Doing quick stretches after every few minutes is a very good practice. Following this activity frequently will add flexibility to your hamstrings and hip flexors.
  • Don’t hang your feet if your chair is very high. Rather keep them on a footstool for better support.
  • Try to maintain good posture while sitting.
  • If your office chair lacks built-in lumbar support, use a pillow or cushion as compensation.
  • Don’t sit for continuous hours. Switch your sitting posture to a standing one to avoid hip pain.


As you have grasped the real concept of best office chairs for lower back and hip pain. So choosing the best is no more rocket science. Although, our all recommendations are best in different aspects. But you need to make a selection compatible with your budget and preferences. so, play your part dude! And place the order hurriedly before the stock runs out.

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