Best Office Chairs For A Bad Back 2022(Complete Buying Guide)

Adults doing the nine to five jobs are normally the sufferers of bad backs. The reason behind this is not their eight continuous working hours but the chairs they use. investing in the best office chairs for a bad back means investing for good well-being. Because a good ergonomic chair has so many direct links with the health of an individual.

Top 09 Best Office Chairs For A Bad Back 2022

A boost in physical health enhances your mental well-being also. so, don’t waste time and buy any one of the office chairs for a bad back recommended below. We’re sure, our suggestions will really help you enjoy a good deal at the end.

1. Office chair for back pain:

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Regarding the best office chairs for a bad back,  this desk chair stands in the first place. It is from the BEST OFFICE STORE. The manufacturer is the #1 best seller in the industry. So, picking it is surely going to be the best decision for your suffering back.

It is an economical unit in black. Meanwhile, it includes all the essentials of the best office chair for degenerative disc disease. The backrest is ergonomic. It is designed to relax your back pain during long office hours. Besides, it comprises a mesh. This mesh is durable. Also, it regulates your body temperature because it’s a breathable material.

Similarly, the seat is super comfy to sit on. It is nicely padded with a durable covering. The seat is made to stand regular usage. Thus, it serves you for years to come. Not to forget that the framework also meets all requirements of sturdiness. As a result, a heavier individual weighing up to 250lbs can easily use it on regular basis.

Another good part of the story is that this office chair is BIFIMA certified. So reliability is obvious. Next, different features are customizable. For instance, the seat height is adjustable. A classic-3 gas lift is there to help you in setting the required height. Similarly, the tension control beneath the seat lets you monitor the seat height.

Moreover, the ability to swivel at 360 degrees is indeed a blessing. The smooth-rolling casters at the bottom play an important role in the smooth mobility of the chair. Assembling this model is not hectic. Rather it’s very easy.

So you see, this is a very compact, ergonomic, and comfortable office chair with lumbar support. Without extra bells and whistles, it serves all the needs of the user.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

My son needed a computer chair for the hours he spends gaming on-line with friends. This chair fit the bill and is exceptionally well made, except for the flimsy plastic inserts that cover the central support. They are very cheaply made and two of the three were out of proportion and the plastic, distorted. However, this is no reason to avoid buying this chair. As a chair it is comfortable and sturdy and well worth the price. I would buy this again in a heartbeat. I would also suggest a cordless drill/driver with an Allen Key attachment for assembly. You can certainly put it together with the included tool, but it is tedious and easier to go with something less “manual”.

  • ergonomic armrests
  • durable unit
  • good for long gaming hours
  • includes 90-days warranty
  • very comfortable and economical
  • stable model
  • moves smoothly
  • supportive backrest
  • doesn’t recline

2. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest:

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Now we have with us the best office chair for lower back pain under $300. It is a very elegant and modern design. Besides, the classic black color adds glitter to gold. This amazing model from the house of SIHOO is a very unique piece of the list. Let’s learn how it excels over other models.

The first feature of this chair that immediately grabs the attention is its footrest. Unlike other recommendations, this item includes a footrest. Most importantly the footrest is adjustable.

Besides, this best office chair for a bad back is highly customizable. The backrest can tilt back to 125 degrees.  You can adjust the tilt angle with the help of a rotary knob. So, the chair allows resting in between hectic working hours. Also the backrest is ergonomically designed. It doesn’t pressurize your spine and is made to support your lower back. Hence can cure your bad back for sure.

Moreover, it comprises a breathable mesh. This mesh woven fabric is durable, offers comfort, and supports air permeability. So, indeed the backrest is an absolute win from all angles.

Now let’s come back to the adjustability aspect. The headrest is also two-way customizable. Similarly, you can set the lumbar pillow as per requirement. Adjust it up or down to support your lumbar spine in the best possible way.

In addition, the height of the armrests is also adjustable. So you see this is an extremely customizable office chair. Every feature aims to facilitate the user. Above all, adjusting all the features is very easy and handy.

We also ensure you the durability and stability of this computer chair. it holds the certification of SGM and BIFMA. Installing it is very easy. Above all, the three years warranty is very convincing.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This chair is very comfortable and was easy to assemble. I never had a headrest like this chair has. I never knew what I was missing. I used to have an Aeron Chair that was nice compared to what was on the market 10-15 years ago. These new styles of chair take that design concept much further at an affordable cost. Don’t buy a $100 office chair. Do your back and neck a favor and get something decent like this chair.

  • tilt angle is easy to lock
  • supports good posture
  • very comfortable seat
  • adjustable seat height
  • the maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs
  • smooth-rolling casters
  • overall supportive and very durable
  • worth the money
  • doesn’t recline to 180 degrees

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair:

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The vendors will show you a lot of the best office chairs for a bad back. This may be confusing sometimes. Because every model may not fall within your budget or your criteria of requirements. Though they will be the best office chairs for lower back and hip pain. But still, a lot of factors need deep consideration.

Here you go with the best office chair from the house of NOUHAUS. It is available in grey, blue, black, and burgundy color. Being built on an iron framework, the model perfectly demonstrates durability. Its maximum weight capacity is 275lbs. So, if you weigh 275lbs maximum, this chair can become your crime partner for sure.

This chair for bad backs is absolutely adjustable from all aspects. First of all, it lets you set the height of the headrest as per need. Secondly, the lumbar support of this unit is customizable also. Adjust it as per compatibility to your aching back for a soothing experience.

The amazing part of the story is that the office chair includes 4D adjustable armrests. To clarify you can move them in either of the four directions. Not only this! But the height of the armrests is also alterable. Moreover, it is easy to tilt the backrest to 135 degrees. Besides, the seat height can be set up or down also.

Don’t doubt the stability of the unit. It stands on a 5-point aluminum base. Each point includes dual castors that help in smoother movement. In addition to the chair, the company also gives a set of blade wheels as a nice bonus.

The headrest and backrest comprise a breathable elastic mesh. This material not only prevents the user from sweating during long working hours. But also makes this Ergo 3D a complete package of comfort and luxury.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

First off… let me start off by telling you how long i sit in a chair. I usually sit for minimum about 12 hours a day. It is how i start the day and how i end my day.

I make music throughout the day and usually im front of the computer for extended amounts of time. For anyone that sits for long amounts of time, they would know that it comes with aches and pains in odd places (usually back and buttox). Because of this, i always have been in the market for new chairs. Most chairs are great but its different when you sit for an extended amount of time. This is where a great chair really shines. If you can sit in the chair for longer, you can get more work done with taking less breaks, and at the end of the day you can relax without any pain radiating from your back or pelvic region. This chair does that!

Not to mention, the ease of building the chair was really nice! I was thinking that it was going to take a while to piece it together however i did it in less than 15 minutes following their manual they provided. Super Simple!

All in all, I would recommend this chair to anyone and everyone! its cheap compared to other chairs on the market and especially for the people that sits for extended amounts of time i really suggest purchasing this chair because it is a GAME CHANGER!

PS.. my dog hopped up on the chair while i was taking pictures. This chair is officially “Mugsy Approved”.

  • heavy-duty and sturdy chair
  • pretty comfortable
  • handy controls
  • stylish look
  • very ergonomic
  • elasto mesh is easy to clean
  • silent and smooth wheels
  • nice lumbar support
  • excellent product
  • easy to install
  • armrests are thinly padded

4. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair:

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Our next recommendation is not only perfect for offices. But it is the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. It is a super stylish model. The white color makes it an absolute eye-catching piece of hardware.

This computer chair is brought to you by HBADA. It is built on a solid base and can stand individuals weighing up to 250lbs. The backrest is shaped to accommodate your spine in a natural way. Also, it is a mid-back design. If you have back issues, using this model won’t fatigue your back anymore. Rather it will cure your bad back. Because the backrest includes a very nice lumbar support.

A breathable mesh is used to cover the backrest. it is a high-density material, flexible, and supports your back very well. Similarly, the seat is matchless also. it is thicker and flat and comprises a very good quality foam.

Fast forward, this model is also adjustable like all other best office chairs. It can tilt to 120 degrees. Moreover, the seat height can be set according to the height of the user. Or you can also adjust to maintain a 90-degree viewing angle. The armrests are adjustable like never before. They feature a flip-up design. So set them at 90 degrees to adjust the chair inside the desk. This aspect makes the unit space-saving equipment. The ability to rotate the chair at 360 degrees is another perk within the budget.

Coming onto the bottom, you’ll be thrilled to see the rolling casters. They are made up of shock-absorbing nylon. Most importantly, they let the chair move smoothly and silently.

Image source: empire-s3-production.bobvila

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I’ve been looking for a comfortable chair for my desk and also for my sewing table. This chair fits my expectations well. My back is less likely to hurt after spending time at the sewing machine and at my desk. I like the way the arm rests can be lifted up out of the way yet available when I need them. I bought a second one do I do not have to move one from my two work stations. The sale price was also helpful. Thank you.

  • very comfortable cushion
  • easily adjustable
  • rocks back and forth
  • solid base
  • SGS certified
  • safe to use
  • easy assembly
  • minimal lumbar support

5. Furmax Office desk chair:

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FURMAX is not a strange name in the field of making office furniture. The company vigilantly looks into every detail of its products. It promises quality, comfort, elegance, and technology in its office supplies. Above all, it has always responded to its customers’ queries. So, opting for its best reading chair for back pain is an absolute wise decision.

This model by FURMAX is designed to be the best office chair for bad backs. The backrest is high and features an ergonomic design. It can surely support you during long gaming hours also. The backrest and seat include leather upholstery. This leather is durable and easy to clean. Mesh is also used in specific areas of the seat and backrest. This usage has great significance because it adds breathability to the overall upholstery.

Both of them are also nicely padded. The backrest features a 2” padding. Whereas, the seat offers 3” padding. Not to forget that the seat depicts bucket style and offers ample sitting area. This configuration is commonly found in gaming chairs.

This item can stand maximum weight up to 280lbs. The seat height is adjustable. In addition, the unit can swivel to 360 degrees. Besides, it can also rock back and forth. So, you can take a relaxing break in between your working hours.

The five-legged design adds stability to this best office chair. Five casters at the bottom are icons behind the smooth movement of the chair. They are of premium quality and don’t scratch the floor.

Armrests are padded but not adjustable. However, it doesn’t make a huge difference. Because the unit is already offering more than its price.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I am very impressed with the quality of the product for the price as well as the customer service. One of the arm reats did not fit correctly but Lisa answered all my questions and even went out of her eay in sending me a new one which fits perfectly. I am very happy with everything, thank you.

  • very supportive back
  • soft upholstery
  • super comfy to sit
  • good for long-term sitting
  • economical
  • swivels smoothly
  • very sturdy
  • available in multiple color combinations
  • the base is a cheap material
  • installing it is not very easy

6. Vnewone Ergonomic Office Chair:

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As we are here with some amazing and best office chairs for bad backs. So ignoring VNEWONE ergonomic computer chair won’t do justice to our readers. Because this very model is a complete package of ease, comfort, luxury, and elegance.

It stands on a heavy-duty nylon base. Whereas, some portion of the chair comprises plastic. Coming on to the backrest, it is best for the bad back sufferers. It is curved and is perfectly compatible with your spine shape. As a result, the backrest perfectly supports your neck as well as your upper and lower back. The lumbar support is designed just like two hands push and support your lower back. So, it is exclusively ergonomic. The mesh used on the backrest adds glitter to gold. It enhances breathability and doesn’t let you sweat.

The seat is also classic in its way. A high-density and resilient cushion is used in it. Moreover, the mesh is used to cover the seat. This combo makes the seat exclusively comfortable. If you find seat height low or high according to the desk, then don’t worry! Because it is adjustable up to 3 inches, fortunately. An SGS certified gas cylinder is there to help you in setting seat height.

The back can recline to a further 30 degrees. A rotary switch below the seat lets you customize the backrest angle very easily. 5 casters at the bottom are of incredible quality. They glide smoothly on the carpet and floor and enable the chair to swivel at 360 degrees.

To sum up, this is the best easy chair for back support. Above all, the maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs. It is safer to use, durable, and comfortable. The company introduces different colors also. So, buy and enjoy the deal.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I use this everyday to WFH and its great. Easy to put together.

  • affordable
  • comfortable
  • easy to assemble
  • feels solid
  • not bulky
  • nicely and easily adjustable
  • not good for long gaming hours

7. Furmax Mesh Computer Desk chair:

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Like all the above best office chairs for a bad back, this model also holds record-breaking excellence. It is not only the must-have essential of an office. But this unit can be the best chair for lower back and hip pain at home also. Scroll down and learn about its versatility.

It is black in color. However, the company also introduces office chairs in different colors with varied price ranges.

Now let’s come to the point. This chair can be the best therapist for your bad back. Because the backrest is ergonomic. It is designed to support your lower back. So that you won’t experience more fatigue after using it. Moreover, it comprises a breathable, durable, and denser mesh. This mesh acts like a cherry on top. Because it enhances comfort and prevents the user from sweating.

The seat includes padding of a resilient and thick cushion. This cushion is furthermore covered with mesh. So you see a cooler sitting episode along with exclusive comfort is an assurance.

In addition to the comfort and luxury, this office chair is BIFMA certified. It is an absolute reliable piece of equipment. Because it is made while considering all the quality and safety standards.

Most importantly, this model can swivel at 360 degrees easily. This feature lets you cherish the real essence of multi-tasking. And the credit goes to high-quality PU  casters at the bottom. The good part is that these casters won’t scratch the floor and glide noiselessly.

The maximum capacity of this item is 250lbs. So don’t doubt its durability.  It will surely serve you in a long run. Not to forget that the backrest can tilt to a further 30 degrees. Also, the seat height is adjustable as per need.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Overall a great chair, arm rest are a bit to low for me but very comfy I sit in it for 8 hours a day and doesn’t cause me to have back pain like other chairs.

  • mesh will not deform
  • ergonomic armrests
  • sturdy framework
  • easy to install
  • controls are easy to operate
  • comfortable and compact
  • affordable
  • armrests are not adjustable

8. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair:

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One more office chair for a bad back is brought to you by GABRYLLY. This is also the best chair for hip replacement. Because the seat includes a waterfall design. This design significantly reduces pressure on the hips. So a relaxed sitting episode is an assurance.

It is a very good purchase for individuals with long heights. Because the back is high enough. Besides, the maximum weight capacity is also sufficient that is 280lbs. So, durability is nothing to doubt about.

Now let’s come on to the backrest design. So you see how the company has made it exclusively supportive to deal bad backs. Lumbar support is the biggest stance in this regard. Moreover, the backrest is tiltable to a further 30 degrees. This adjustability enables the user to stretch back and relax for a while in between the working hours.

The availability of the headrest is an amazing perk. And the freedom to customize its angle and height acts as a cherry on top. So adjust it as per your comfort and enjoy your investment to the fullest.

The adjustability feature of this model has no full stop. To clarify, the armrests feature a flip-up design. This is the most attention-grabbing aspect of an office chair. Because it makes the unit a definite versatile and compact piece of equipment.

Not to forget! The seat height is adjustable also. and the good part is that the adjustments are easy to make. Besides, all the controls are very handy also.

A breathable mesh is used in the backrest, headrest, and seat. Apart from offering good air circulation, it adds to comfort also. Easy assembly and 1-year warranty are some of the other irresistible perks.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This chair provides great support for your back. The seat and the back support both have mesh structure, providing great ventilation and make it so cool to sit for a long time. I also like the lumbar support. It is easy to assemble and works great. Although there was a small hiccup on the payment, the customer service people was very responsive, and it was solved very quickly.

  • Exclusively supportive
  • maintains good posture
  • foldable armrests
  • stylish frame
  • PU casters glide smoothly and quietly
  • safe to use
  • headrest is removable
  • the seat sides are plastic and they are discomforting

9. OFM ESS Collection Ergonomic Bonded Leather Office Chair:

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As an executive, you already know how crucial it is to start each day on the right foot. And that includes having a relaxed and comfortable body position! The ESS Collection was designed with your health in mind. Its usage ensures refreshed mind and soul even after long hours at work—no matter what industry you work in!
This ergonomically designed durable chair features luxurious plush memory foam and is upholstered with faux leather for extra comfort. With this product, you can finally say goodbye to back pain from sitting at a desk all day – perfect for both weight-bearing tasks and non-weight-bearing tasks alike.

This office chair is the perfect work friend. With its lumbar support and padded armrests, it’ll be your sidekick as you spend hours hunched over a keyboard or engrossed in a project. Adjustable armrest height means this arrangement will be comfortable for everyone! Sitting comfortably allows you to do better work (talk about motivating!). Overall seat heights can also be adjusted – all these choices make it easy for you to find the right amount of legroom to fit your needs. Say goodbye to back pain with an ergonomic chair, never again feeling like working is such a chore!
It’s affordable and features an orthopedically contoured seat that is designed with quality bonded leather that is easy to clean. With a five-star base, handy adjustment controls, and a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs this stylish ergonomic desk chair will suit any professional on the go.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This chair is comfortable and fits me well. I am 6’2 and 198 lbs.

  • simple assembly
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • comfortable
  • sturdy
  • spacious
  • armrests remain high even at the lowest settings.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Office Chairs For A Bad Back

Official work requires you to sit for long hours on a chair and in front of the computer. Prolonged sitting is not a soothing idea. Rather it’s absolutely tiring. But the right gear can really change the game. For this, you should choose the most compatible product from the above-described best office chairs for a bad back. Before you make final selection, remember! The Comfortability and durability of the chair is the utmost priority. Several features add to these two factors. So, let’s learn what they are:

  1. First thing first! The backrest must be ergonomic. As you are hunting for some soothing chair for your aching back. Thus, the backrest must be made to align your spine. So that your back receives some relaxing vibes.
  2. Availability of lumbar support adds to the ergonomics. A chair that lacks lumbar support lets you suffer from a bad posture. Without lumbar support, slouching becomes obvious. So, select a chair with the inward backrest at the lumbar area.
  3. Adjustability is a very common trait of the best office chairs for a bad back. Because every user differs in weight, height, and body type. So, if the seat height is not adjustable, skip that model. Whereas, tilting ability of the backrest also adds to the optimum comfortability. Hence adjustability is the key to comfort.
  4. The ability to glide smoothly marks the unit as the best office chair. Make sure that the wheels swivel at 360 degrees and move effortlessly.
  5. The waterfall design of the seat is something you should prefer. Because the edge that slopes downwards has several pros. This design minimizes pressure on the back, hips, and thighs. Besides, it promotes blood circulation also.


Will walking help a bad back?

Don’t ignore the significance of walking. It is one of the few initials that can definitely heal your suffering back. It is a low-impact activity and is very easy to do. If you are a victim of a bad back, then must add walking to your daily routine.

What is the best office chair for back support?

As per my analysis, NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair is a pro in supporting your back during continuous working hours. This is an exclusively adjustable chair and includes a customizable headrest, armrest, seat height, backrest and above all lumbar support. The adjustability aspect makes this chair nicely supportive as well as soothing for your back.

What is the fastest home remedy for back pain?

There are multiple ways to heal back pain. Focusing on the intake of anti-inflammatory drinks is a good option. It can be turmeric milk, tart cherry juice, and ginger-green tea. With these beverages, you will develop a lot of antioxidants and anti-cancer agents in your blood. These agents play an important role in healing inflammation of spinal nerves. Besides, having a full night’s sleep will also relax and destress your bad back. You can also buy heat patches to soothe your bad back. These heat patches are very handy and activate automatically upon contact with the body. You can provide warmth to your aching back with the help of these patches.

How should I lay with lower back pain?

Being a sufferer of a bad back, it’s better to lay on your side. Meanwhile, put a pillow in between your knees. This sleeping posture is very soothing. You can also lay on your stomach while keeping a pillow under your abdominal area. However, if you want to sleep on your back, don’t forget to put the pillow under the knees. Keeping a pillow under the knees will not pressurize your already aching back.

How should I sit with a bad back?

First of all, avoid sitting for continuous longer periods. However, if you need to do so, put a cushion to support the curve of your back. Also, keep your feet on a stool. This will help to align your knees and hips at 90 degrees. This sitting posture is good at relaxing your bad back.


These best office chairs for a bad back can be a nice treat for your employees. They will revitalize their physical and mental morale. Hence will help develop a productive working mode and environment. So, being an employer, invest in these useful gears. Ultimately they will give you amazing results in a long run.