Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain 2022(Complete Buying Guide)

Amongst the wide range of sitting gears, the best zero gravity recliner is pro at dealing with back pain. It ensures an ergonomic sitting posture. As a result, it does not soothe back pain only. But reduce knee, hip, and joint pain as well. This kind of relief surely upgrades your energy, mood, and productivity.

Top 09 Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain 2022

Obviously, comfort is the most searched feature in any kind of sitting gear. So our recommendations are absolutely comfortable. Besides, they are divinely ergonomic, adjustable, durable, and whatnot! So, instead of wasting time in the market, do consider our zero gravity recliner chair reviews.

1. Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Folding Recliner:

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The first product on our list is from the BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS STORE.  This chair features a casual design. But it offers mind-blowing comfort and luxury within the boundaries. Here we also want to share the good news! This item is also available in a combo of blue and black apart from this grey and black color. So cheers!

Now let’s look at its all the details keenly. First of all, we assure you of its durability. The framework is sturdier enough to support a maximum weight of up to 300lbs.

Furthermore, just look at the seat. It’s sufficiently wide. Hence this model emerges as the best one for bulky people.

The backrest and seat comprise padded Textilene fabric. This fabric is incredibly long-lasting. Moreover, it is waterproof and stain-resistant. Let’s not forget to mention that the padding is super comfy. so you see! the fabric and padding together make up a very inspiring sitting space.

Amazingly, it is a lightweight unit and the foldability acts like a cherry on top. Both these features make it the perfect gear to be taken to picnics, camping, tailgating, etc. So being a sufferer of back pain, you need not miss out on outdoor events anymore. Buy this best zero gravity chair for back pain and get ready to enjoy all the open-air events.

Last but not least! It’s a recliner chair. This clearly means that the backrest can recline to certain degrees. So yes! this model lets you avail a reclining mechanism. Most importantly, this mechanism is lockable at any point till 160 degrees.

As you recline the backrest, the footrest also elevates. Thereby you get the chance to cherish the best ever relaxing posture with zero pressure on any part of your body.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

As advertised.

  • perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • includes a very useful and detachable accessory tray
  • super comfy adjustable headrest
  • no assembly needed
  • supportive design
  • flawless craftsmanship
  • the locking mechanism is not very reliable

2. PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner for back pain:

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The above recommendation offers a padded backrest. But now we have a zero gravity chair with a mesh back. So if your preference is an item including mesh rather than padded fabric, then this one is for you.

The mesh back promotes good ventilation. Because it is a breathable material and regulates the body temperature of the body. This regulation prevents the user from sweating. Hence lets him enjoy the relaxing period to the fullest. However, the seat is padded. both the backrest and seat are made to ensure supreme comfort while sitting.

You can also see the headrest pillow. It is an adjustable feature. You can set it at your lumbar area if your lower back aches like hell. But if you want to support your head, then avail its utility as a headrest. So the choice is yours. The classic wood handles act as a cherry on top.

Being a zero gravity recliner, this chair can recline to 170 degrees. As the backrest reclines, the footrest elevates. This setting relieves all pressure from your body. Not to forget, adjusting the backrest angle is very easy with the help of a lever. In addition, the backrest and footrest get locked at the required angle.

This model is exclusively sturdy, durable, and entertains with exceptional craftsmanship. Moreover, the stability of the design is mind-blowing as well. According to the company, a person weighing up to 350 lbs can easily use this item to soothe his back pain.

Lastly, the design is foldable. So, portability or storage becomes super easy peasy. But don’t consider this product only for outdoor events. Rather buying it for a living room or bedroom is indeed a very good decision.

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User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Got it for my husband for Father’s Day
He loves it an uses it all the time

  • comes assembled
  • lightweight
  • stable and reliable unit
  • perfect for big and tall persons
  • user-friendly
  • super comfy
  • due to wooden armrests, this chair must not be kept in the open air as it is not weather-resistant

3. ASIERY Patio Lounger Deck Chair:

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The next product is from the house of ASIERY. This is the product with an exclusive weight capacity that is 440lbs. Being built on thick metal pipes, it amazes the buyer with longevity. It means you are going to learn about the sturdiest unit on the board.

Basically the seat and back comprise a mesh. But the item includes a removable silver padding. This stuffed fabric is pretty much satisfying. It is extremely luxurious. Moreover, it’s comfy enough to heal your back pain. This padding adds versatility to this particular model. Let’s see how!

The padding is good to use in winter. But it doesn’t make the recliner useless in summers. Because it’s removable. Once you remove it, a mesh chair is ready to soothe your overall body through its ergonomic structure and breathability.

The reclining range is also great. The backrest can lean back till 170 degrees. Hence offers an extremely relaxing posture to the sufferer of back pain. Meanwhile, the chair elevates your feet as well. So you see! this model is a pro at reducing pressure from all the stressed points of your body.

The armrests are contoured well to support your arms in the best possible way. In addition, this item facilitates with an adjustable headrest as well.

Like all the above, foldability again acts as a cherry on top. Once folded, transporting or storing remains no more rocket science.

This is indeed a very modern yet simple chair. It not only permits you to join your family and friends in picnics, camping, etc. But has the tendency to become your crime partner within the parameters of your home also. As it also looks great in the lounge or bedroom.

  • improves blood circulation
  • very ergonomic
  • comfortable and adjustable
  • easy to recline
  • reliable locking mechanism
  • weather-resistant
  • no con is found yet

4. Svago Dual Power Infinite Position Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

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Now just look at this refined product. The classy looks and royalty of design won’t let you ignore it. We perceived it as an absolute versatile model. It also emerges as the best zero gravity lounge chair.

It is built on a solid birch wood base. The stuffing includes memory foam. Whereas, Upholstery comprises synthetic PU leather. This leather is in snowfall white. However, this item is available in a wide range of colored upholstery on the same black wood.

The backrest of all the best zero gravity recliners for back pain on the board recline while elevating the footrest. But this model differs a bit. It comprises an independently adjustable footrest. As a result, you get endless options to adjust this unit.

It’s up to you how you want to utilize it. Because the item is not only designed to facilitate with a weightless relaxing session. But lets you customize the backrest and footrest as per ease. So you can say, this recliner becomes your crime partner either you want to watch TV, or take a nap.

Not to forget! the footrest can extend as well and ensures incredible support. Moreover, a manually adjustable headrest lets you control every bit of your posture.

You will also receive a remote control with the purchase. it will help you in adjusting the backrest and footrest angle. The remote control lets the user perform so many other functions as well.

There are built-in multi-purpose vibration nodes. They start massaging again with remote control. In addition, lumbar heating is an amazing feature of this product. It adds warmth to the massage and improves blood circulation to all the stretched spinal muscles.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I love the sleek design and it’s perfect for my meditation thx again

  • very comfortable
  • user-friendly
  • nice warmth at lower back
  • it worth every penny of it
  • durable and sturdy
  • no con is found yet

5. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded and Adjustable Recliner:

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This recliner chair is from a designer brand known as PHI VILLA.  The manufacturer has introduced a wide range of patio furniture. These include patio swing, patio seating, patio sofa, etc. The company has always fulfilled its promise of quality and durability. Hence succeeded in building its trust amongst the consumer industry.

The zero gravity recliner chair is an amazing innovation of PHI VILLA. It is incredibly sturdy and durable. Because the core structure is made up of a heavy-duty steel framework.

The seat and backrest are padded for maximum comfort. Moreover, the padding is covered with oxford fabric. This fabric is breathable and resistant to stain, weather, and ultra-violet rays. Thus, the framework, padding, and fabric all contribute towards making this model a comfy and durable piece of furniture.

In addition, a strong double bungee rope is used to reinforce the padded seat with the framework. We assure you that this reinforcement is done professionally. Besides, it tends to last for long.

The headrest pillow is indeed a fabulous perk. Moreover, it’s adjustable as per need. The glamour of the chair doesn’t end here. Because the armrests are inspiring as well.  They are ergonomic and supportive. Most importantly, they are wooden. So, class and elegance are obvious.

As it is a zero gravity recliner, so it reclines for sure. But the amazing part of the story is that the reclining system is lockable. Locking and unlocking are super breezy. You can see a lock catch. All you need to do is pull and push the clip for locking and unlocking respectively.

The backrest can recline to any angle till 170 degrees. once you set it to the required angle with an elevated footrest, you’ll definitely feel a noticeable decrease in your back pain.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

So comfy and easy to operate. Love it

  • exclusively stable
  • practical and effective
  • foldable and portable
  • perfect for indoors also
  • includes a detachable side table
  • the side tray doesn’t remain stable

6. Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Recliner:

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It’s never too late to buy a product that can pamper you in a true sense. The market is flooded with a lot of items in this regard. This zero gravity recliner indoor from REAL RELAX is an amazing example of the scenario.

This model is the perfect remedy for your aching back and stressed muscles. It is designed so keenly to soothe your back pain. This item features 8 massage neck back rollers. Also, you’ll avail 50 airbags within the structure. These airbags are located at the feet, calves, hips, arms, and shoulders. In addition, the model also relaxes with a warm massage at feet and lumber.

You’ll also get the remote control with your purchase. It’ll help you control and monitor the massage intensity and speed. There are three massage levels available. Adjust them as per requirement. In addition, the remote also lets the user set the backup and down.

The most amazing part of the story is the one-button zero gravity design. With this single button push, this item will recline and the footrest will elevate meanwhile. Hence you’ll experience a heavenly feel of weightlessness.

You can also enjoy Bluetooth with this amazing zero gravity recliner. Turn on the power to switch on the Bluetooth. Meanwhile, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile as well. Connect both of them and enjoy your favorite tunes while relaxing your body.

There are 6 auto modes to thrill the buyer to the fullest. Not only this! But you can also turn on the Led breathing lights.

This product requires assembly as soon as it reaches your place. It is a very good item for big and tall persons. The maximum weight capacity is 400lbs. It is the best item for your living room or home studio.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

It might be a little harsh on my hips but this chair is the best for everything else. I have fibromyalgia and a load of other chronic pain issues and this thing gives me the relief doctors don’t bother to. Only downside is that my hips are too tender for the chair, I just put a small blanket behind my hips and problem solved!

  • the remote control includes a display screen
  • two rear wheels help in easy movement
  • worth more than the money
  • good customer care service
  • operates perfectly
  • massages professionally
  • footrest can extend
  • big and heavy

7. SMAGREHO New Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage recliner:

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Next is also a modern design of zero gravity lounger. It is from the SMAGREHO store and is an affordable yet absolutely functional piece.  So, if you are a sufferer of back pain, then buy it to enjoy the hypnotizing episode of relaxation.

This chair first of all features a built-in heater at the lumber. Moreover, it holds expertise in soothing sore feet with the help of a foot roller massage. This is not all about this best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

This equipment includes 8 rollers in the backrest. Moreover, there are airbags all over the inner body. These airbags are present at the feet, hips, calves, arms, and shoulders. Remote control comes along with the package. It helps you start the rollers and airbags massage and adjust its speed, strength, and time.

Being a zero gravity recliner, the backrest reclines to a very good angle. This also results in footrest elevation. As a result, the user can enjoy reduced to zero pressure on all the stressed muscles of the body. The good part is that this posture also improves blood circulation. Not forget! converting this model into zero-gravity mode is very easy with the help of a button push.

A built-in Bluetooth player is also an inspiring perk. It lets you connect the chair with your mobile. So that you can enjoy listening to music while this product destresses your aching back.

The overall design is absolutely ergonomic. Moreover, this chair breaks all records of durability. Because it’s built on a sturdier framework. It is very easy to install. Last, of all, this recliner is also available in brown and black color apart from this khaki color.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Easy to assemble helps ease back and. Neck pain

  • worth more than the price
  • supportive armrests
  • relaxes expertly
  • user-friendly
  • Bluetooth sound is loud and clear
  • the backrest is not exclusively padded

8. Ugears Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner with Bluetooth:

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With all these best zero gravity recliners for back pain, you need not visit the spa anymore. Because they offer you a complete package to relax within the parameters of your home.

Our next recommendation is also designed to comfy the aching muscles of your body. Besides black color, it’s also available in dark brown color. This model meets all the standards of durability. So, a person weighing up to 330lbs can use it with confidence.

The inner is furnished with airbags. The location of these airbags targets all the sensitive parts of the body. For instance, hips, calves, shoulders, arms, and feet. Once you turn on the massage, these airbags along with rollers massage your body thoroughly. As the rollers tend to adjust automatically according to the contours of the body. So, the mechanism successfully soothes all the stressed muscles from neck to feet.

The heat therapy system at lumbar adds glitter to gold. It will loosen all the stretched muscles. Hence will improve blood circulation. So you see, this model relaxes the user divinely by implementing the combo of heat, vibration, and air pressure. But remember! every feature is enjoyable only with the help of remote control.

This item is suitable for big and tall persons. Because the seat is wide. Also, you can extend the length of the footrest if needed.

The backrest reclines while elevating the footrest. This posture minimizes the pressure on your spine. Hence lets you enjoy the magical feel of weightlessness. SO this is all about this zero gravity recliner with heat and massage.

Image source: walmartimages

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

For my mother in law gift. She is very enjoy and relax for massage every day. The massage chairs very easy to install and using. I bought it since last year. She still keep using it.

  • very easy to assemble
  • includes a very good warranty
  • ideal purchase for office and home
  • features atmosphere LED lights
  • absolutely functional
  • very heavy

9. Caravan Canopy Sports Zero Gravity Chair Loveseat:

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The luxurious Caravan Canopy Sports Zero Gravity Chair Love seat was built on conscious design for your comfort- no bad backs here. Iron phosphate powder coating gives the outside of this sturdy chair just the right amount of rust protection while keeping it looking sharp and new. This top-quality chair is imported and worth every penny.
This best outdoor zero gravity chair for back pain may seem small at first glance but don’t let its size fool you as it boasts a durable steel frame that can conform more comfortably than any other chair. When you need a place to relax outdoors, this Caravan Canopy Sports Zero Gravity Chair recliner outdoor provides you with the perfect comfortable space anytime and anywhere. It is suspended by a double bungee system for extra stability! Guaranteed not to ever shake or wobble when you’re sitting in it!
With this model, you can find relaxation with ease. Rest in comfort on this favorite reclining chair that is perfect for kicking back, watching TV, or reading a good book. Created using only the best fabric and material to ensure durability and easy care, your new love seat awaits you.
The seat is so comfortable that you’ll want to spend the whole day lounging. Great on its own for two, or put it together with another Caravan canopy chair on either side! You can flip-lock the frame under the armrest if you want to elevate your legs, and recline in any position thanks to a smooth recline function that locks in place when desired.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Bought this for my sister and it’s been great. She has some disabilities and it’s easy for her to lay back and get up in. Plenty of room and very comfortable. Wish I could give more stars!

  • improved locking system
  • includes an optional headrest
  • easily foldable and portable
  • maximum weight capacity is 500lbs
  • comfortable
  • heavy and bulky

How To Sit In A Zero Gravity Recliner?

Sitting in a zero-gravity recliner casually won’t give desired outcomes. But following the proposed method can surely entertain with good results. So let’s learn how to sit and avail the practicality of this particular gadget.

1. Height adjustment:

First thing first! We recommend you set the height on a prior basis. This phenomenon works only for recliners with adjustable height options. If not, it’s fine to proceed with other settings.

2. Angle adjustment:

All the good brands manufacture recliners with adjustable backrests. So adjust the angle of the backrest to attain a very good sitting posture. The set angle must be ergonomic to support your body in the best possible way. If not! Your body may ache screamingly. Meanwhile, don’t forget to lock the settings.

Your set angle must be according to the criterion of zero gravity. Your feet must rest in an elevated position. Moreover, make sure that your foot level is above that of your heart. So that you can enjoy the true meaning of weightlessness. If you don’t set the recliner to zero gravity angle, then what’s the purpose of investing in this particular product.

3. Set the lumbar pillow:

These kinds of recliners normally include an adjustable headrest cushion. This cushion can also be set at your lower back area to support it like a pro. So, now it’s time to adjust the pillow at your lumbar.

4. Please be seated:

It’s time to sit on the recliner. So, please be seated and feel the divine sensation of weightlessness.

5. Hands and feet positioning:

Armrests and footrests are one of the essentials. Placing the hands and feet on the allocated areas is very important. Otherwise, your sitting position won’t be according to ergonomic standards.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain:

If your health expert advised you to buy a zero gravity recliner, then there are some valid reasons behind it. Let’s learn what they are:

  • These gears allow prolonged sitting episodes because of their optimum comfort level.
  • They don’t pressurize your spine. Hence reduce your back pain
  • Moreover, they are designed to distribute weight evenly across your body.
  • Their structure aims to align your spine precisely.
  • Besides, they also soothe muscular tension and thus improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • A top-notch zero gravity chair also minimizes pressure on joints.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain And Sciatica

At this point, you are well learned about the usage and benefits of a zero gravity recliner. But the debate is not over yet. We still need to address the important factors to consider before buying it. So scroll down to learn some very useful tips.

1. Zero gravity recline:

As you are looking for a zero-gravity model in particular. So make sure that the chosen item is capable to transform into zero gravity mode. To clarify, the model must be designed to recline to 170 degrees along with the footrest elevation at the same time. Also, ensure that the particular item is competent to distribute the bodyweight evenly. If yes! then you are really going to enjoy a painless and weightless sitting session.

These kinds of chairs recline to 170 degrees. But the reclining angles must be adjustable. For instance, the backrest must be designed to recline to any angle from 90 to 170 degrees. A locking mechanism is a must-have to ensure stable reclining. So, be vigilant!

2. Type of recliner:

Upon visiting the market, you’ll come to know that zero gravity recliners fall into two categories. One is for outdoors while the other means to facilitate the user indoors.

Outdoor models comprise a mesh. If not mesh, the fabric will be waterproof and stain-resistant for sure. Also, the open-air recliners are lightweight, foldable, and easy to store as well. Moreover, their framework is made to stand mild to moderate weather conditions.

The good part of the story is that outdoor products are as suitable for indoors also. For instance, considering an outdoor seat for a small apartment or a dorm room is an encouraging idea. Because they are not at all bulky and don’t require huge areas.

Similarly, indoor models are designed with a lot of bells and whistles. They are fancy, huge, heavy, and bulky. Hence are not at all suitable for the outdoors. The indoor seats will attract you through their luxurious structure. Moreover, the usage of foam padding and faux leather adds ultimate elegance.

In short, you need to target your requirement. Go for indoor seats if you want the best chairs for watching TV. But if you spend a majority portion of the day on the balcony, select the outdoor models.

3. Maximum weight capacity:

This is a very important factor. Ignoring it can end in a huge disaster. While researching, don’t forget to consider the maximum weight capacity proposed by the manufacturer. If your weight falls within the boundaries then proceed with that item. Otherwise, it’s better to look for some other model with a compatible weight recommendation.

Not to forget at this point that outdoor models support 250-300lbs. Whereas, indoor ones are sturdier enough to stand high weights up to 400lbs.

4. Heat therapy:

This feature is normally available in heavy-duty models. They include a built-in heater at lumbar. The heat destresses the tired muscles and also improves blood circulation to the spine. You’ll be able to adjust the heat setting with the help of the remote control that accompanies the package. The unavailability of this feature doesn’t make a product useless. It’s just an additional feature to grab the attention of the buyer.

5. Other additional features:

Indoor models also offer massage. They are engineered to massage all the stretched muscles of your body from neck to feet. Adjusting the massage intensity, speed, and timer is very feasible with the help of remote control. Massage feature makes a zero gravity recliner absolutely versatile.

A detachable side cup holder or tray is also an amazing perk. It completes an outdoor model. Because it satisfies the need of the user to put his keys, spectacles, or mobiles while being on a picnic.


What is a zero-gravity recliner?

A zero gravity recliner is not a gadget to be used in space. But it mimics the sitting style of an astronaut as he flies into space.  It lets the user elevate his feet above the heart level. This results in reduced pressure not only on the heart but on the overall body.  It distributes the weight of the body evenly throughout the chair length. With the help of its steep reclining back and elevated footrest, the user attains the best ever relaxing posture. These recliners are a pro at reducing back pain. Above all, they help the patient to recover speedily after injury or surgery.

Which is the best sitting angle for a back pain sufferer?

Leaning back is always a good choice if one wants to soothe acute or chronic back pain. For this purpose, the backrest angle of your seat must be adjustable. So that you can lean from 110-130 degrees and furthermore to 180 degrees. These reclining angles don’t pressurize your spine. Thus, prevents your vertebrae from long-term damage. Apart from this, relaxation is obvious.

Can I lay flat in a zero-gravity recliner?

Do zero gravity chairs lay flat? Since these kinds of recliners offer adjustable angles. So you can customize them accordingly if you want to lay flat. In short, yes! you can lay flat in a zero gravity recliner. However, to enjoy the true essence of zero gravity, it’s better to sit with backrest adjustment at 170 degrees. Meanwhile, footrest elevation is a must ingredient to avail weightless sitting sessions.

How to clean a zero gravity recliner?

In actuality, the material of the zero gravity recliner defines the cleaning process. So there is no hard and fast rule of it. However, it is a general recommendation to use a paper towel to clear food debris or spilled liquid. Furthermore, mix some mild dish soap in water and use it to wipe the spot until it gets cleaned completely. For more accurate results, it’s better to check the cleaning instruction in the user manual. So that you won’t damage the fabric.  


The best zero gravity recliner for back pain comes engineered to soothe tensed muscles. It remains of no use if doesn’t offer weightless sitting with maximum comfort. With our recommendations, don’t doubt any kind of betrayal. Because every product demonstrates perfection to the core.

However, if you want us to pick one, it’ll be a PORTAL oversized mesh back zero gravity recliner. It amazes me with an awesome weight capacity. In addition, the combo of padded and breathable fabric is also mind-blowing.