Will walking help hip pain?

Hip pain! What do you think? Will walking help hip pain? Well, pain from arthritis in the knee or hip joint is nothing strange. Both are weight-bearing joints and normally the sufferers of arthritis and bursitis. Before we move ahead, we want to define both ailments in a few words.

  • Arthritis: it happens when protective cushioning in the joints gets damaged. Several reasons stand behind this disease. For instance, an injury, aging, etc
  • Bursitis: this disease is referred to as inflamed joint lining.

Both problems make the life of a patient quite miserable unless they get adequate treatment. However, treatment depends upon the severity of the disease. Therapy stands in the first place while dealing with these complications. But it’s not easy to turn your affected joint from inactive form to active state.

In this regard, walking plays a very important role. It is a low-impact activity. Practicing it initially helps the patient prepare himself for further therapy.  In the below context, we’ll specifically address the connection between walking and hip pain. Ultimately! you’ll get to know will walking help hip pain? Or it is the exact way to heal hip pain?

Why walking?

Walking accompanies a lot of benefits. Let’s learn what they are:

  1. It doesn’t require any kind of training. Being the natural way of locomotion of human beings, it is very easy to do.
  2. It is free of cost activity. Without needing any equipment or paying a fee, you can go for a walk in a nearby park. Besides, you can also walk in your colony. However, if the climatic condition seems critical, you can practice walking in any large indoor area.
  3. Walking involves the movement of all the major muscles of the body. The performance of all the muscles is very important in maintaining posture, balance, and movement while walking.
  4. It is key to maintain the good weight of the body. Because walking helps to burn calories.
  5. Walking boosts the mood of an individual. How? It releases brain chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals are mood boosters and end up energizing the mental health of a person.
  6. Walking leads to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Dangerous ways of walking:

Walking doesn’t heal the root cause of hip pain. Rather it has some good role in helping hip pain. However, it can turn into a threat if not done properly. Below are the ways that are quite risky for a hip pain sufferer:

  1. Walking with a long step length has dangerous effects on hip pain. This is called overstriding. It is not at all recommended when one is bearing hip pain.
  2. Taking steps with a harsh heel-strike is something very threatening for a hip pain sufferer. Because heavy heel strike imposes unnecessary pressure on the hip. Thus, walk softly without thumping the floor. So that walking becomes a soothing activity for your hip rather than ending up in a disaster.
  3. Avoid walking on hills. Because walking uphill requires a lot of effort. The thighs, buttock muscles, and calves tend to work harder while walking up the hill. This can truly aggravate the hip pain. As a result, flat surfaces are always considered preferable to practice walking for a hip pain patient.

Does walking really help hip pain?

Yes! Walking is good for a hip pain sufferer. This activity helps with hip pain if done cautiously. But it is not the way to cure your suffering joint. In other words, it is the way that revitalizes the human body for further treatment. Similarly, there are so many other methods also that minimize hip joint. Let’s learn what they are:

  • Beginning your day with exercise has incredible benefits. No ordinary workouts will work in this regard. Rather seek advice from your medical professional. He will guide you about the precise postures you need to opt for to relieve hip pain. These include some particular exercises for strengthening the muscles of the inner and outer thigh.
  • Icing the affected joint has very influential results. It reduces inflammation and suppresses hip pain also.
  • If arthritis is the reason behind your aching hip joint, then a warm shower will surely help. However, the scenario is quite different for hip pain due to bursitis.
  • Doing a workout in water is extremely helpful in relieving hip pain. Water aerobics and swimming play a very important role in strengthening your stressed muscles. Because they let you do exercise without pressurizing your joints.

Your hip joint can be a victim of osteoarthritis. Damaged cartilage of joint results in osteoarthritis. In this regard, the sufferer needs to reduce some weight. So that the hip joint doesn’t suffer from excessive pressure.

Final verdict:

Walking and other modes of workout are only recommended if your hip joint doesn’t ache more during the process. A shooting pain during therapy is the clear sign that the activity must be stopped right away.

It’s ok to experience some kind of discomfort after exercising. However, if the pain persists for days or worsen, then it’s quite alarming. In this case, your joint doesn’t need a workout. But it requires some rest and medication.