Best Gaming Chairs Under 150 (Complete Buying Guide 2022)

The term gaming obviously means sitting in front of the computer for long hours. Spending sufficient time of your day on your back and butt is not at all healthy. But who cares! because gaming is an irresistible deed.

However, you can furnish your gaming episode with maximum comfort and make it a bit less unhealthy. For this, you will be needing very supportive gear i.e a gaming chair.

Only expensive and high-end gaming chairs under 300 are not capable of perfectly supporting your body. But the best gaming chairs under 150 can surely solve your problem also.

Top 08 Best Gaming Chairs Under 150

We have short-listed a few gaming chairs best buy in concern of our dear readers. All these models are divinely comfortable, durable, adjustable, and absolutely ergonomic. Without wasting a minute, scroll down and order the most suitable unit for your needs. The most amazing part of the story is that all the recommendations are affordable yet truly functional. So go ahead!

1. Gtpoffice Gaming Chair for Adult Reclining:

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As we are addressing budget gaming chairs. So, we will prefer to recommend the computer chair from GTPOFFICE in the first place. This is the gaming desk chair in the most affordable range. Without extra bells and whistles, it offers incredible comfort for long hours.

Weighing 47lbs and comprising aluminum alloy as the core material, the chair fulfills all requirements of stability. Besides offering maximum stability, this superb metal frame ensures durability also. The frame structure is designed according to the curves of the body. Hence promises a very nice adjustment.

Over the framework, you can see thick padding on the back and seat area. This thick padding is covered with PU leather. The leather is of premium quality and is beneficial in so many ways. For instance, it is wear-resistant and doesn’t cause allergies to sensitive skins. most importantly, it majorly contributes towards a comfy sitting posture.

Now let’s discuss the versatility of this best office chair in white color. first of all, the seat height is adjustable with the help of an adjuster. Hence you can easily customize the seat height according to your own height. Moreover, the back is designed to offer varied reclining angles. You can adjust the back angles from 90-160 degrees. You see! it’s not a limited reclination. Rather it’s a nice range to enjoy during office hours or gaming episodes.

The charisma of the chair doesn’t end here. you’ll be surprised to learn that this particular model can swivel to 360 degrees also. Above all, the model also includes a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. Both the cushions are removable and worthwhile icons behind the utmost relaxation.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

My son was able to assemble the chair with very little help ( mostly just holding up the back seat to attach the braces). He is so proud of himself. Would definitely recommend this chair for gaming.

  • includes rocking feature
  • easy to move with smooth-rolling casters
  • very supportive structure
  • stylish and extra-ordinary comfortable
  • heavy-duty and sturdy
  • paint on legs is chip-resistant
  • smoother to assemble
  • the armrests rotate unnecessarily
  • assembly takes time

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2. Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair with ergonomic style:

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Now we have with us the best gaming chair for 150 dollars in classy black color. Black is an all-time favorite. So, this particular model grabs attention at first glance.

This computer gaming chair near me is an incredible innovation from the homes of FURMAX. The company is well-known for always bringing the products with a blend of style, comfort, and versatility. It focuses on every detail keenly. Hence thrills the consumer industry with absolute flawless products.

Here we are going to recommend its heavy-duty yet ergonomic gaming chair. it is a very reasonably-priced item. Built on a tubular steel frame, this office chair is upholstered with carbon fiber leather. Not to forget! A high-density thick sponge is used as a filling. The padding and upholstery, both make up a nice combo and adds to the comfort of the chair.

The headrest and lumbar cushions are compulsory features of a good gaming chair. so, availing of both is not at all a bonus but your right. Each feature lets you enjoy a comfortable sitting session. Both of them support different parts of the body at their own pace.

This is indeed the best reclining and rocking chair. the flexibility to recline is mind-blowing. The maximum reclining angle is 180 degrees. So, it lets you take a nap after long hours of gaming. Moreover, its ability to swivel to 360 degrees adds glitter to gold. Option to adjust seat height deserve a huge round of applause. This best budget gaming chair weighs approximately 45lbs. The rolling casters at the bottom nicely balance the overall weight. They help in smooth mobility and shield the floor against random scratches.

In short, this gaming chair under 150 is not only suitable for computer work. But it is a recommended purchase for official meetings and living rooms also.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I was surprised at how good this chair feels on my back. This chair has excellent support. Yeah, I had to put it together but it wasn’t a big deal. Good purchase

  • leather is durable and skin-friendly
  • very stylish
  • ample sitting room
  • super comfortable
  • nicely shaped structure
  • great value
  • armrests are non-adjustable

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3. Best Office PC Gaming and Office Chair:

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This is the most ergonomic yet heavy-duty chair on the board. Without costing an arm or leg, this budget gaming chair under $150 includes all the essentials of the best chair. The most encouraging part for the buyer is that it’s available in a wide range of colors.

So, selecting for kid’s room or for an office is quite easier. It weighs only 34lbs. But it’s not at all flimsier. Rather this racing chair fulfills all the requirements of a durable chair. it is built on a strong metal frame. The upholstery comprises high quality PU leather and meshes with thick padding. Both the upholstery and padding join hands to provide a comfortable sitting.

This product is hard to beat in terms of customization. You can adjust different features as per comfort. Firstly, the padded arms include a flip-up design. Secondly, the gas lift is of very good quality. It is very easy to move up and down. Thus, the seat height is very easy to adjust. Fast forward, this budget gaming chair is made to swivel at 360 degrees. This swiveling feature makes this model divinely versatile.

Moreover, this adjustable unit is designed with a higher back and wider seat. Also, it’s curved to accommodate the human body perfectly. The headrest is adjustable. Most importantly, the pillows at the lumbar support and headrest are very helpful during long gaming hours.

This rolling chair is also very easy to move. The casters at the bottom are durable and roll very smoothly. Besides, the 5-point base makes it a stable unit. Setting the chair doesn’t require a diploma. Assembly requires only 10-15 minutes. You’ll receive all the required hardware and tools within the package. Lastly, the company offers 90 days warranty to its valuable customers. So, purchase with confidence.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Quiet and comfortable. Easy to use.

  • adjusted height gets locked
  • relaxes your back
  • a versatile unit
  • extremely comfortable
  • budget-friendly
  • supports good posture
  • cannot recline to wide range of angles
  • produces sound while moving on the floor

4. Homall Gaming Chair and Office Chair with High Back:

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Our next recommendation is quite famous around the globe. This is the relaxing chair from the house of HOMALL. It is an absolutely elegant and classy piece of equipment. Besides the appearance, this model doesn’t let the user get up. And the reason behind this is the ultimate comfort, it offers.

It is built on a 1.8mm thick heavy-duty steel frame. The padding comprises high-density foam to offer elastic resilience. This padding is furthermore covered with good quality PU leather. These 3 aspects ensure durability and comfort. Besides, the maximum weight capacity i.e 300lbs also guarantees the durability of the product.

This pc gaming chair under 150 by HOMALL can rock, recline, and swivel. It can rock back and forth. Besides, you can recline to 180 degrees. This is a very good range and lets you take a short nap in between your computer work. The ability to recline at varied angles makes this model perfect for the living room. As it lets the user watch Tv and read the newspaper also. Thus, the unit turns out a perfect purchase for both home and office.

Above all, the 360-degree swivel along with multi direction wheels acts as a cherry on top. Not only this! But you can adjust the seat height of this 42lbs chair. So you see, options to customize different settings are endless.

These multi-direction wheels are rubber casters. They add to the mobility of the product and roll quietly. Above all, the headrest and lumbar support pillows perfectly support your neck and spine. Thus, relieve any kind of stress and relax them to the fullest.

In short, this is a perfectly adjustable homall gaming chair under 200. it is well-built and is an ideal purchase for heavier adults.  The structure, contours, and design, all are excellent in their way.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I had this sturdy chair assembled in like fifteen minutes. It’s beautiful and comfy.

  • durable and skin-friendly upholstery
  • orthopedically designed
  • good quality gas spring
  • comfortable armrests
  • firm levers
  • arms nicely fit under a regular size desk
  • easy assembly
  • armrests are not adjustable

5. BOSSIN Gaming Chair with Footrest:

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This is also a durable, reliable, stable, and a good-quality chair. while multiple companies are busy making the best gaming chairs, why not BOSSINthen? So, the company also steps forward in the care of its customers. Hence brings a very comfortable and highly versatile computer gaming chair.

First of all, the chair is available in three color combinations. So, flexibility to choose attracts the buyer at first hand. Secondly, its elegant and stylish looks are also enough to magnetize. The design is ergonomic. But a heavier individual can also use it easily. Not to forget at this point that this ergonomic model supports 300lbs maximum.  

The company has used faux leather for upholstering the chair. this leather makes sure that the user with sensitive skin can easily enjoy the product. The padding consists of high-quality filler. This feature adds to the comfort of the chair.

Now let’s look at some of the amazing aspects. So, the unit can swivel to 360 degrees. Also, feel free to adjust seat height with the help of a gas spring cylinder. Besides, reclining is possible till 155 degrees. This range lets you enjoy a break from your workload or long gaming sessions. Just recline and stretch yourself to avail yourself maximum relaxation. Availability of a retractable footrest adds glitter to gold. Use it to truly cherish your relaxing moments. Above all, these features are very easy and handy to adjust.

Headrest and lumbar support cushions are padded with high density thicker sponge to offer comfortable support. Large seat and high back also contribute majorly towards the ergonomic design. As a result, this model doesn’t emerge as the best for gaming only. But you can buy it for the living room, conference rooms,etc.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Bought this for my wife when she works from home. She is 5 ft and little bit on the heavy side. She says it’s comfortable and supports well. With the instructions it wasn’t too hard to put together.

  • offers very good after-sale services
  • nicely supports head, neck, and shoulders
  • comfy padded armrests
  • the footrest is also padded
  • moves smoothly and quietly
  • ample sitting space
  • easy to assemble
  • armrests wobble slightly

6. Polar Aurora Racing Style Office Chair:

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The list of budget gaming chairs is incomplete without a chair from POLAR AURORA STORE. It is an exclusive model with an ergonomic design and an excellent piece to buy. Because it fulfills all the requirements of an amazing gaming chair.

This unit weighs 42lbs and can stand individuals weighing up to 300lbs. The frame is heavy-duty, durable, and is upholstered with faux leather. not to forget! The chair is nicely padded to serve with a comfortable sitting.

The headrest and lumbar pillow also play an iconic role in supporting your neck and back. Besides, the high backrest ideally aligns your overall back. Above all, the curves of the frame and your body are compatible with each other. So you see, a comfortable gaming episode without damaging the natural posture is an assurance. Not every model rocks. But this ergonomic chair offers rocking function with the help of a knob. Also, it can recline up to 160 degrees. This reclining angle is indeed an ideal range. It lets you take a nap in between your long gaming and working hours.

Like every pro model, the seat height of this model is adjustable. Besides, the unit can swivel up to 360 degrees. The multi-directional casters play an important role in this regard. Besides letting you turn towards any direction, these casters add to the mobility also. And the good part is that the mobility is smooth and noiseless.

In short, this is an extremely customizable best budget gaming chair under 150. Its armrests don’t interfere. This makes the model a perfect desk chair also. Most importantly, it’s not at all pricey. Hence, it’s clear that buying it will definitely going to nourish your long gaming sessions with incredible comfort.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This is a very very comfortable, affordable, and easy to assemble gaming chair. Definitely worth the bucks and the support team was very helpful when I had a small issue and they didn’t hesitate to get it fixed.

  • cushions are nicely padded
  • extremely comfortable
  • good customer care service
  • trendy
  • pillows are adjustable
  • armrests are not adjustable

7. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair:

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This is devoko gaming chair. It is in black and red color. Its appearance makes it perfectly suitable for gaming sessions. Not only appearance! But the feel it gives is absolutely matchless.According to the manufacturers, its weight capacity is 300lbs maximum. This weight capacity is due to the durable metal framework.

Premium leather is used as an upholstery material. In regard to its comfort, very nice padding is used to stuff the leather. Meanwhile, the back is contoured to relax and maintain the original shape of your spine. The adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions are amazing features. They support your neck and lower back area respectively. Hence prevent them from getting fatigued during long gaming episodes.

There are smooth-rolling casters at the bottom. Neither they scratch the floor nor they produce irritating sound. Rather they let you move the chair very smoothly, effortlessly, and quietly. A 360 degree swiveling is another perk.

Moreover, you can adjust the height with the help of international-standard explosion-proof gas. Also, this model lets you recline also. So, this best budget gaming chair turns out an awesome recliner as well.

This racing-style gaming chair features an ergonomic design from all angles. Every aspect adds to the comfort. Similarly, every feature is easily customizable. the good part is that all adjustment levers are quite heavy and easy to operate.

This unit doesn’t rock. Also, the armrests are not adjustable. But both aspects are not at all discouraging. Because the offered facilities overweigh any kind of lacking. It’s challenging to buy an affordable yet quality-oriented chair like this particular model.

So, either you are in search of an office chair or gaming, this unit is perfectly going to be suitable in all conditions.

Image source: cdn-ekaln.nitrocdn

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Very comfortable and easy to assemble

  • includes all necessary installation tools
  • very good customer care service
  • pretty comfortable
  • very good for taller persons
  • improves posture
  • no footrest

8. Gtplayer Gaming Chair with Footrest:

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What if you come across a gaming chair with a footrest? You won’t be able to divert your attention, of course! The availability of a footrest demonstrates mind-blowing perfection. The PC gaming chair from the GTPLAYER store falls in the same category of perfection. As it relaxes the user divinely from head to toe.

This is an ergonomic gaming chair. Because its shape is nicely compatible with your body curves. This compatibility lets the chair give maximum support to the user. Besides, the structure, the availability of a headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion also adds to the comfort. Both the features support your neck and back during long computer hours.

This is not all about comfort. The padded armrest and high backrest also make it the best ergonomic gaming chair. Now let’s not forget to mention some other worth considering aspects. So, this quality gaming chair is built on a strong integrated metal frame. It can support 300lbs weight. Hence, durability is obvious. The padding comprises high-density elastic foam. This feature also ensures you a comfortable sitting session.

Regarding upholstery, this chair won’t disappoint you. Because it’s covered with durable faux leather. The amazing aspect of this upholstery is it’s suitable for all skin types. Above all, this best gaming chair under 150 with footrest can recline also. So, apart from using it for playing video games, you can use it to read books and watch television also. 360 degree swiveling and seat and armrest adjustability makes this ergonomic chair an absolutely irresistible product.

The footrest and lumbar support are retractable. Whereas, the two supportive pillows are removable. So, you can avail yourself maximum freedom to customize the settings as per requirement.

Image source:

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Got this chair as a father’s day gift, and he absolutely loves it! He said it’s super comfortable and it was very easy for me to put together!! Definitely worth it. After reading so many reviews and so many different chairs im glad i chose this one!!!

  • perfect for home and office
  • heavy-duty base
  • easy to assmble
  • easy to move
  • Not suitable for wider adults as the structure is not wide enough.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming Chairs Under 150

What if a gamer puts his entire focus on the gaming part and ignores some important gears e.g chair? He will surely put his mental and physical health at risk. Poor posture is one of the major drawbacks that result from long gaming sessions. sitting on a casual chair while gaming disturbs normal blood circulation of your body. Moreover, back pain is obvious. So, specialized quality gaming chairs are mandatory to nourish your gaming passion in a long run.

The best gaming chairs under $150 truly upgrades your gaming experience. Because their design is perfectly compatible with the requirements of an obsessed gamer. A gaming chair supports a good posture in the first place. But considering other essential factors is also important.

So, in the below context you will get to know some important factors to consider. Focusing on these features will definitely end you in getting a perfect purchase within the budget.

1. Adjustability:

An unadjustable chair doesn’t deserve to be entitled as a gaming chair. The fully adjustable chair lets you customize different features according to body needs. This factor gives ultimate control over the sitting position. Hence, you get the chance to avail yourself of maximum comfort while prolonged gaming.

The ability to customize seat height and recline the backrest to varied angles gives a whole new experience. But this is not the end! Look for a chair with adjustable lumbar support and headrest. High-end models offer endless options to customize chair settings. They also let you adjust the armrest as per need.

Adjustability also adds to the versatility of the chair. The utility of the chair doesn’t get bound to gaming and computing. But you can use the chair for reading magazines, watching TV, and napping also.

In short, a versatile gaming chair not only offers comfort and reduces the risk of several ailments. But makes your sitting sessions extremely enjoyable also.

2. Compatibility between your and chair’s size and weight:

Chairs available in the market are unique in size and weight. Same phenomenon goes for the customers. It is always recommended to check the seat width. So that the user can buy a chair, he perfectly fits in. Otherwise, the buyer may end up purchasing a too narrow or too wide chair. similarly, check the back height and make sure it suits your height also. Besides, the seat height must also be compatible with your desk height.

The same criterion goes for the weight. Make sure that your own weight falls within the maximum weight capacity of the product. If not! It’s better to move ahead.

Every model by a particular company accompanies a size chart. Consult that and look into all the specifications. This is the only way to make the product your perfect crime partner in the gaming session. Otherwise, it’ll become an ultimate source of frustration.

3. A stable base:

Manufacturers use different kinds of bases and set the price tag accordingly. They make gaming chairs with metal base, graphite base, aluminum base, nylon base, and much more. In 150 dollars, you’ll get a gaming chair with a good quality nylon base that is sturdier enough to stand maximum weight up to 250lbs. Meanwhile, it also adds stability to the unit and doesn’t let it wobble.

However, if you weigh more than 250lbs, we recommend you to spend a few more dollars and buy a gaming chair with an aluminum or metal base. Above all, always check the maximum weight recommendation stated by the company.

4. Posture support:

As gaming requires prolonged sitting. So, if the neck and spinal are not supported meanwhile, they may end up in several disorders. for instance:

·        The digestive tract will constrict due to prolonged slouching

·        Your back and shoulder will ache like hell

·        Multiple spinal issues

·        Poor blood circulation

This is the reason why one opts for a gaming chair instead of any other ordinary model. Before you pay the final money, ensure that your chosen article is furnished with all the must-haves of a supporting chair. it must be designed to support your neck, arms, shoulders, and overall back. In other words, the structure must discourage slouching and promote good posture. So, let’s learn what to check in the chair to make sure that it’s nicely supportive.

·        The back must be slightly inward. This kind of configuration prevents your back from slouching.

·        The top of the chair must be designed to support your neck and head in the best possible way. This will be a life-saver for your upper back also.  

·        A headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion are mandatory.

Are Best Gaming Chairs Under 150 Worth It?

The best gaming chairs under 150 dollars are speedily on their way to replace office chairs. Though cheap gaming chairs are quite pricey in comparison to cheap office chairs. but due to very significant reasons, they are gaining a lot of fame day by day. In fact, gaming chairs for sale truly worth your time and money. In the below context, we’ll highlight these particular reasons. By the end, you’ll be also one of those inspired readers who end up ordering one for his home or office.

1. Ergonomics:

The design of a gaming chair imitates bucket seats in racing cars. This configuration wraps around the body and adds to the comfort. Moreover, the ability to recline to varied angles lets the user adjust the angle after a certain time. Some gaming chairs can rock back and forth also. Whereas, some models include a retractable footrest to relax feet before they start to strain due to prolong hanging. the availability of neck and lumbar support pillows ensures good posture and maximum support. Swiveling feature is another aspect that makes the gaming chair absolutely worth your investment.

2. Incredible adjustability:

No chair category can stand the adjustability level of a gaming chair. You can not only adjust the seat and armrest height. But can customize the settings of the headrest and lumbar support cushions. While circulating around the best gaming chairs under 150, don’t doubt the adjustability level in them. Because even the cheaper gaming chairs are adjustable beyond imagination. While letting you play a game, the gaming chair allows the user to take a nap the very next minute. A little bit of customization in reclining angle is all an all requirement to change posture from gaming to napping. So can you say now that gaming chairs are not worth them?

3. Say no to slouching:

The backrest is designed to align the spine. Hence video gaming chair also supports good posture and doesn’t let your back slouch. It makes you sit upright properly. So, it doesn’t make any difference if you spend half of your day on it. Because you’ll get up with good back.

4. Thanks to the comfort:

A passionate gamer spends ample time on gaming. To cherish the real essence, a comfortable chair is very important. Again a gaming chair falls in the maximum criteria of requirement. While supporting good posture, it adds to the maximum comfort. Once you are done and leave the chair, every inch of your body thanks you for using a specially designed comfortable gaming chair. So, again this category emerges as a worthwhile purchase.

Types Of Gaming Chairs:

There are different kinds of racing chairs in the market. For your better perception, we have divided them into four basic categories. Though you might have an idea about them the below context will give you detailed information about their usage criterion. So here you go:

1. PC gaming chairs:

This category defines all the basics of a gaming chair. However, you can also use it in an office because it is designed for desks in particular. So using them for playing PC games or on your official premises is indeed a good choice.

The structure includes a high and supportive backrest along with high armrests. These armrests support your wrist for using the keyboard and mouse most practically. Moreover, a smooth-rolling 5-star base lets the chair swivel at 360 degrees. In addition, a pedestal seat on top that resembles a car seat makes it absolutely unique as well.

Not to forget at this point that the majority of Pc gaming chairs offer upright sitting by default. However, many models are introduced in the market with reclining backrests.

2. Console gaming chairs:

As the name indicates, this category means to entertain console gamers. They are very much versatile in comparison to PC gaming chairs and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The most common of them is the ‘rocker’.

The rockers don’t include a pedestal seat and wheels. Rather they comprise L-shaped seats that rest on a small stand very near to the floor.

They are not very much ergonomic as well. Moreover, this category is not compatible with official premises since they cannot be used with desks. However, the consumer industry is quite inclined towards them as they rock back and forth, comfy to use, and offer a ‘laid back’ posture.

Above all, console racing chairs come equipped with amazing technology that promotes integration to your console. For instance, USB charging ports and surrounding sound speakers.

3. Racer simulator seats:

These seats are advanced kinds of gaming chairs. The entire structure comprises a frame or you can say cockpit. This frame is designed to accommodate gaming pedals, gear sticks, and much more. These racer simulator seats come in both simple and advanced models and may cost you an arm or leg.

4. Bean bag chairs:

This is the cheapest type of gaming chair. The design comprises a microfiber or suede sack filled with beads or foam. These bean bag chairs are neither ergonomic nor supportive but still, people love to sit on them while gaming. This is because they are comfy to sit and conform to the body nicely. In addition, they allow the gamer to experience infinite positions and postures.   


1. What impact does a gaming chair has on the user’s back?

Well! Gaming chairs are very good for a gamer’s back. Make sure that your racing-style gaming chair is customizable. the high backrest, neck cushion, and lumbar support pillow are some of the very important features. They not only support your neck and spine but lets you maintain a good posture. In short, an ergonomic gaming chair is far way better than an office chair when it comes to posture alignment.

2. How long can you sit in a gaming chair?

First of all, never recline far too back while gaming. But if you do so, the span must not be more than 10 minutes.  Normally, we suggest you sit at 100 degrees default recline while computing. But remember! You need to adjust your reclining angle every 15 minutes. Frequently adjusting the backrest have several benefits on your body. It will enhance the blood flow, switch up the back muscles, and work on core muscles.

3. Are cheap gaming chairs good?

Cheap and expensive, both kinds of gaming chairs are meant to support your overall back and good posture. But the factors that distinguish between the two categories are durability and adjustability. Cheap chairs don’t offer a lot of adjustable features. Their padding may flatten and the leather may start flaking after a certain period. However, they are still a good buy for a few bucks.

4. Are gaming chairs comfortable?

Gaming chairs appear to be super uncomfortable at the first hand. Adapting the body to its curves takes ample time. But once the user gets habitual to them, their comfort seems unbeatable. Because the gaming chairs are actual icons to support the upper and lower back.

5. What are the benefits of a gaming chair?

The empowering benefits of best budget gaming chairs are their expertise in comfort and adjustability. As a result, they relax back muscles and enhance better blood flow. That’s why the gaming chairs are considered a preferable option in comparison to office chairs.


So, don’t bother your gaming session with the old wooden chair of your grandpa’s era. Buy the top pick among the best gaming chairs under 150 available on board. And satisfy your appetite by continuously sitting for hours and hours without fatiguing your back.

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