How to sit after back surgery

So the question is how to sit after back surgery?

Sitting after back surgery doesnt remain as casual as before. One needs to be very much precautions while making minute movements specifically till six months after the surgical treatment.

Following healthy habits and certain tips can definitely prevent you from enduring pain as you sit. Also physical therapy and maintaining a proper balance of body helps you recover from post-surgical complications very quickly.

That’s why we have come forward to advise how to sit after spine surgery. However, on a prior basis, we’ll recommend you to follow professional medical advice.

Whatsoever, the below piece of information is truly going to be the game-changer. As following it will prevent you from further injury and a painful journey.

A correct chair matters most after spine surgery:

For how long a patient can take leave from his job after spinal surgery? Not more than a few days indeed! He needs to get back to his work as soon as he finds himself capable enough.

As sitting in a chair is the need of every 9-5 office job. So we suggest the usage of a very perfect and comfortable office chair after back surgery. Soft chairs and couches are a big no after surgical treatment of the spine and one must avoid sitting on them. Because this kind of furniture will definitely put excess stress your back. Thus always prefer using a chair that helps maintain a good posture and doesn’t interrupt the post-surgical healing process.

Normally, the chairs in offices are comfortable and luxurious. But sadly, they lack ergonomics. To clarify, they are neither adjustable nor support good posture. Health professionals strongly recommend the usage of ergonomic office chairs and so are we. Because an ergonomic chair is a real icon that helps the patient stay comfy in weeks after surgery and helps in leading a pain-free life.

Just to ensure that the patient doesn’t have to suffer from back pain, we give utmost priority to office chairs with ergonomic designs. They act as the right pill for operated lower back to sit for prolonged periods, letting the user customize the settings as per ease hence help in pain management. Also, such ergonomic chairs are best at dealing with joint discomfort.

Don’t forget to follow the right posture strategy:

Working on the posture is the next step after selecting an ergonomic chair. Following the particular terms and conditions of sitting is very much important for a faster recovery process and if one wants to continue with a regular routine as soon as possible.

Your casual or careless attitude can damage the anatomical structure of the spine ending in several complications. For instance contraction of spinal nerves and blood vessels, headache, and fatigue. That’s why doctors recommend 20-40 minutes of sitting at intervals during the first few weeks after the spine surgery.

Amongst several sitting styles, one must identify the right posture after the spinal surgery. As per doctors’ advice, all the body parts must be well balanced and aligned and should support the body firmly.

Other precautions after spinal surgery:

1. Physical therapy boosts recovery:

The revival of energy after spine surgery is very important. You can avail the services of physical and occupational therapists in this regard. The provided physical therapy or an exercise program will increase blood circulation and will release mood-enhancing hormones called endorphins.

Not only this! But the therapists will also provide medical advice about the right way to get out of bed and follow the right posture strategy while sitting in a chair.

2. Follow the right sleeping pattern:

The best way to sleep after back surgery is to sleep on your back with bent knees and a pillow under them. Don’t put your arms on your head because this movement can strain your shoulders and neck. However, you can also sleep on your side with knees bent and again a pillow between them.

3. Don’t smoke:

Nicotine is the biggest culprit in stopping bone growth. Hence it delays the healing process after back surgery. So opt for healthy foods and avoid smoking for a quick recovery process.

4. Avoid unnecessary movements:

No excessive movement but only specified movements are suggested to take after spine surgery. Health professionals strongly discourage twisting, lifting, and push/pull types of movements. Because they are quite a threat to spinal care. Similarly, don’t dare bend forward or lean backward. Both of the movements can severely damage your operated back.

5. Walk regularly:

Walking even for a shorter span has many benefits. It significantly improves blood circulation. You may find it hard to walk but even 5 to 10 minutes of short walk can truly make a huge difference and help you recover faster.

Final verdict:

Back surgeries are not at all a piece of cake. In fact, they are not less than a nightmare for many patients. The post-surgery span also requires intensive care. The vigilance with which the person and the family around follow safety precautions defines the recovery period. Besides, the health and age of the patient also influence the recovery procedure. Whatsoever, it’s very important to learn how to sit after back surgery. Because one needs to sit before moving regularly. We hope you are quite learned about your sitting process after back surgery. So it’s time to get ready for your surgical treatment and spend a few days in the hospital.