How To Remove Cylinder From Office Chair

How to remove cylinder from office chair is very important to learn for those who are fed up with the continuous sinking of their chairs. Employers who are used to raising the seat height to maintain a 90 degrees viewing angle are the real victim of such malfunctioning. So, if you are one of them, we congratulate you on reaching the right platform.

Why remove cylinder from base:

Gas cylinders are very important icons in helping you adjust the seat height. Whether you want to raise seat or lower it to maintain a good sitting posture, the perfect functionality of the gas cylinder is very essential. Otherwise, the user may not be able to achieve the goal and will continue to sink down ending in an ultimately frustrating work mode. So if you find your chair unable to be set at the required seat height, then surely, there is something wrong with the gas cylinder. Check the defect keenly and buy a new cylinder to enjoy an amazing sitting experience again.

Having an office chair is not as easy as it seems. In fact, it is a roller coaster ride to own one because an office chair requires frequent episodes of maintenance. That’s why we have also addressed How To Clean Office Chair Wheels. Despite giving proper care, wearing and tearing of it with time is very obvious.  For instance, the defect in the office chair cylinder is very common. However, you need not buy a new model if the cylinder gets faulty because it is easily replaceable. You may also need to remove cylinder from office chair base if you want to disassemble it for a safe return. In either case, if you can’t remove office chair cylinder, then our step by step guide will definitely help you to get through the process.

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Tools to remove cylinder from office chair:

  1. Rubber gloves to safeguard your hands from any scratch or injury
  2. Some newspapers to spread under the chair so that the grease won’t stain the work area.
  3. A large pipe wrench to loosen the screws and vice versa.
  4. A rubber mallet for fixing the cylinder.
  5. A lubricant for smooth removal of gas cylinder

Step by step guide on how to remove cylinder from office chair:

Removing a faulty cylinder from the office chair remains no more rocket science once you go through our detailed guidelines. Following all the steps below will definitely help you enjoy a brand new office chair again without costing you an arm or leg. So scroll down for a better insight.

Step 1:

First thing first! Wear rubber gloves so that you won’t hurt your hands during the process. Furthermore, spread some newspapers on the floor where you intend to remove cylinder from chair. This precaution will prevent the flooring from stains or any kind of damage. Now it’s time to turn your office chair upside down and initiate the process.

Step 2: 

Hold on to the pipe wrench and use it to grip the joint mechanism. The joint mechanism normally features four bolts. Tighten the grip and gradually turn the wrench. Continue turning quarter by quarter unless it pulls out the bolts and the upper part of the office chair comes off.  

Step 3:

The next step is to detach the cylinder from the base. For this purpose, you’ll be needing a rubber mallet. Use this tool to gently hit the base back, exert mild pressure, and eventually, the base will detach from the cylinder. We strongly recommend you avoid any harsh attitude while separating the cylinder from the base as it may end in undesirable consequences.

However, if gentle hitting fails to detach the base from the cylinder, we suggest you lubricate and leave it for a few minutes. Lubricating will ease the detachment for sure and mild hitting will work wonders afterward. Once separated, don’t forget to remove oil from cylinder heads.

Step 4:

Now comes the turn to do the actual task. In other words, it’s time to adjust the new gas cylinder into the base. But wait! Make sure that your bought cylinder is perfectly compatible with your office chair. To clarify, the replacement cylinder must be equipped with an adequate office chair piston. There are so many options available on the market and online. So be very vigilant while shopping.

For the assembling part, put the base right up on the floor. Insert the new cylinder precisely into the base. The next step is the fixation of the seat on the base. This is possible to do very accurately by proper alignment of the hole in the mechanism.

Step 5:

Last, of all, sit in the office chair for a few minutes to fasten up the mechanism. let the replacement settle successfully and here you go with a brand new chair in a very economical price range.

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Before we wind up the entire guide, we want to warn you about an expected accident. You may come across the cylinder explosion. It happens when the piston’s pressure creates a spark and this ends in a mishap. To avoid this, make sure that you opt for good quality products and most importantly, follow all the guidelines stated above keenly and vigilantly.

Factors to consider before buying the new gas cylinder for the office chair:

As an employee needs to spend 5-6 hours in an office chair. So choosing the best ergonomic chair is very important to enhance one’s health and well-being. Besides considering comfort, durability, upholstery, cushioning, and most importantly versatility of the chair, make sure you buy a chair with a premium quality gas cylinder. Because the adjustability of the seat height absolutely depends upon this very important feature. It may also start to malfunction after a certain period and requires urgent replacement. However, in both cases, there are some factors to consider while considering the gas cylinder of a chair or if you are going to buy a separate cylinder. The most essential of them is size.

Feet lying flat on the floor along with knees bent down at 90 degrees angle defines the best sitting posture. In addition, the position of your thighs must also be parallel to the floor to attain the most recommended sitting posture. Your posture will fulfill all these criteria only if you buy the right-sized cylinder because the gas cylinder controls the adjustment of the seat height.

In addition, check according to your leg height and torso as well, and make sure that the gas cylinder you are choosing to buy is adjustable enough to serve you with perfect sitting posture. Seat thickness as well as the type of shoes you wear at work are also some of the important factors to consider while choosing the size of the gas cylinder.

Normally, cylinders that are 5 inches in size are good to go for the majority of chairs and offer recommended sitting posture also. However, they are also available in varied sizes ranging from 4, 5, and 6 to 10 inches. Thus choose without neglecting the above-described criterion.


1.     why do office chair cylinders fail?

Even if you buy a chair with a premium quality cylinder, it will surely fail to function after a few years. This is because the seals get damaged with time and are unable to maintain pressure. But where there is a will there is a way. You can solve this problem by replacing the faulty cylinder with a new one.

2.     Are all gas cylinders for office chairs the same?

5 inches is the standard cylinder size. But you’ll also come across differently-sized cylinders in the market. They normally range from 4, 5, and 6 to 10 inches. This variety helps you make a selection according to your leg’s height and torso.

3.     Do gas chairs run out?

Yes! there is always a possibility because of the continuous usage of the chair for prolonged hours. Whether you adjust your seat height frequently or not, the gas cylinder loses pressure with time ending in the frustrating sinking of the office chair.

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Now that you are well-learned about how to remove a pneumatic cylinder from office chair, we hope that you won’t face any problems during the process. We again recommend you to be very vigilant to follow all the safety tips to avoid any accident. Last but not the least, malfunctioning of the cylinder is just part of the game so be ready to deal