Best Office Chair For Short Heavy Person

Addressing the need for the best office chair for short heavy person is very important. Because we understand that being a short heightened or heavy in weight person you have to face many challenges personally as well as professionally. To have an office chair according to your body structure is one of them. This happens because most companies produce office chairs suitable for people with a normal physique. However, so many famous brands are manufacturing chairs keeping in mind the needs of short heavy persons.

Top 10 Best Office Chair For Short Heavy Person

We are here with another research about the office chairs. But this time we are particularly going to address the best office chair for short heavy person. The structural design of these chairs aims to facilitate short heightened and heavily weighted individuals. However, they are versatile enough to accommodate different kinds of bodies as well. So before you lose hope, scroll down and get to know some of the best models in this regard.  We will also help you to choose which office chair is suitable for you. So have a look at our product line;

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Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair:

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This special and uniquely designed chair is a product of two thoughtful, brilliant, and well-known brains Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. It is designed exactly according to the human spinal structure and hence appears to be the best office chair for back pain.

The specialty of this chair is the 8Z pellicle suspension seat which divides its back into eight zones to give the best spinal support. Its backrest is posture fit and matches exact natural curves to give the best lumber support. Moreover, its back can tilt at three different positions from straight to relaxing posture reducing your fatigue.

This full of charismas chair had fully adjustable arms; from their height to angle, according to users’ demand. In addition, these arms can also be adjusted by moving back and forth up to 2.5 inches.

Most importantly, its manufacturing material is totally durable which makes it eligible to bear almost 300lbs. weight. So if someone is overweight then no to worry about having good quality task chair for office use. He\she can take benefit from this Herman Miller piece.

Above all, It has a roll caster wheel of such good quality that you don’t need to spend money on a chair mat even over carpet it can move smoothly and effortlessly. Since height adjustability is just at its best so short people can also buy this chair to be comfortable at work. It can be adjusted up to 4 inches up and down as well to meet the demand of different body types of people.

image source: hermanmiller
  • Very good adjustable lumbar support
  • Roomy and supportive
  • Comes assembled
  • User friendly
  • Durable
  • expensive

2. Steelcase Amia Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Short Heavy Person: 

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Steelcase is new in making office furniture but it has the capacity to give tough competition to all well-known and big manufacturers in this field.

This particular model from Steelcase is an ergonomic chair with lots of adjustments. These adjustments include height adjustment, depth of seat adjustment, adjustable armrests, tilt tension adjustment, and lastly adjustable lumbar support. Most importantly, there is no rocket science to set all these adjustments. A lever or a button is fixed to touch once and meet your desired setting.

There is another very strong reason to have it in our product line. As I mentioned earlier this research is for short heightened and heavy weighed people. So this chair has height adjustments for short and tall both. Its height can be adjusted up to 3 inches so it is very much suitable for both tall and short persons. You will also come across this Steelcase Amia ergonomic chair in a wide range of colors. So choose according to the color theme of your office interior.  

In addition to all,  one more outstanding feature is its ergonomic backrest. This backrest can change its shape with the help of adjustable lumbar support and hence gives you perfect spinal support. Moreover, it has a reclining feature too. This reclining ability lets the user relax and take a sigh of relief in between continuous sitting sessions.

If you are heavy you will find this chair absolutely suitable for you as it has seat depth adjustment to widen the seat 2-3 inches. Steelcase also focuses on after-sale service by offering fully assembled chairs along with 12 years warranty. Wow…. 12 years.. more than enough.

  • Perfect for short heighted people
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Very comfortable
  • Armrests swivel
  • Offers sturdy support
  • Premium quality
  • Expensive
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3. Modway Edge Mesh Back Office Chair:

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Modway! If you have good taste in furniture then you won’t be unaware of the “modway” the furniture store. It has presented a huge outstanding range in office furniture too. We will discuss one of its charismatic chairs for those who find it difficult to choose an office chair due to their increased weight or low height.

This masterpiece is designed thoughtfully while keeping in mind comfort and durability both. It has all smart features that distinguish it from other ordinary office chairs. Have a look; Let’s discuss its backrest, first of all. It is made of breathable mesh that allows air circulation to give sweat-free prolonged sitting. Moreover, it is adjustable too hence you can achieve your desired posture by adjusting it. You can tilt its back with tension control, whenever you want to change your posture.

Not only this! But this best office chair for long hours has a smart combination of mesh back along with a padded leather seat to give you comfort as well as style. The most amazing part of the story is that you will not find any difficulty while moving because it has high-quality dual casters that can roll smoothly at any surface.

 Like always, One-touch adjustments are always highly appreciable. Its seat height is adjustable up or down from its actual height almost up to 3 inches with one touch. Thus, this best office chair is indeed good news for people who hardly cross 5 feet in height.

A sturdy base has been used to make it capable of bearing 330 lbs. so if you are a heavily weighed person, don’t be disappointed if you fail to find a chair that fits your body. Grab this chair by modway and forget about worries. The flip-up armrest is a space-saving feature in office chairs and fortunately, this modway computer chair facilitates the user with its flip-up armrests. So, whenever you want to fix it under the desk or while working want to be closer to the computer just flip them up otherwise flip-down armrests to support your elbows. To sum up, this chair has many adjustments to fulfill the needs of the different body structures in different moods.

  • Fully ergonomic
  • Luxurious design
  • Back support is perfect
  • Worth buying
  • Very comfortable
  • Padding flattens with time

4. Flexfit Hyken Mesh Task Chair:

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This chair is presented by staples. It’s new in the field and very less people are aware of this company. However,  they have entered in chair’s world with a beautiful and compatible office chair.

This chair is well ventilated because its seat is made of breathable mesh. Also, it is structured to ensure a very comfortable sitting and helps the user to spend long hours on it while working. Most importantly, The feature that forces me to line it up in our product line is its seat height adjustment that makes it suitable for people who are near to 5’ height. Very less chairs are in the market that meets the needs of short heightened people but it does.

Another amazing aspect is that you can adjust its armrest too to rest your elbows according to your need and as per your height. You can relax over it for some time during breaks because it can tilt back at 3 positions with tilt locks.

Most importantly, the availability of adjustable lumbar support and mesh backrest is another attraction for us to have this chair for our workplace. Besides, it has a mesh headrest also which is adjustable too from height to angle and provides the best support to your head.

This chair is made out of very good quality material. As a result, it can hold a person weighing up to 275lbs. This is indeed a very good weight-bearing capacity, especially from a chair with a new name in the market. Last, of all,  the customer sales service is also amazing as the company gives you a 7-year warranty. Giving an item that is easy to assemble with instructions in its manual also indicates customer care.

  • Super comfy
  • Adequate lumbar supprt
  • Features a very useful lock mechanism
  • Very good quality mesh
  • Headrest placement is perfect for short people
  • Casters at the bottom don’t roll smoothly as they are quite small

5. Office Star Mesh Back Managers Chair:

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Moving further, we have another smart office chair which is presented by the space seating store. This company has presented a wide range of office chairs with simple designs and simple techniques but we choose this article because of its usefulness for short and heavy persons.

So the seat is upholstered with good quality airGrid mesh that gives you calm long sitting even in the hot season. In addition, the backrest also comprises mesh and is designed to align your spine quite naturally. Built-in lumbar support is provided in its back as well. It helps in good posture, supports your lower back, and prevents it from aching even after long working sessions. Besides, its tilt mechanism is unique with a 2 ratio 1 that distributes weight well and gives you a relaxing posture to forget your fatigue.

The dual caster wheels at the bottom allow it to be rolled over any surface including carpet smoothly and silently. Also, the flip-up armrest is a blessing in disguise. These can be flipped up and down as per the requirement of height or space.

Its height adjustment is very easy with a click only so short heightened people can also get benefit from it. The weight capacity feature cannot be ignored as well. It has a good enough capacity to bear weight up to 250lbs.

image source: samsclub
  • Nice looking
  • Pocket friendly
  • The removable Back cushion is at its best
  • Good back support
  • Easy assembly
  • Low-quality mesh

6. Serta Hannah Executive Office Chair: 

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Serta is a big name! It is serving around the world to give comfort through multiple ways. The company has gained trust not only by manufacturing quality chairs but much more such as mattresses, furniture, beddings, etc. Today we’ll discuss a flawless office chair by SERTA.

If you want a comfortable and cozy chair with a homey look then go for this article by SERTA. It is upholstered with microfiber fabric. This executive office chair is available in so many vibrant colors. All these hues along with padded structure are versatile to add a home-like feeling to it.

Its magical feature is its cushioned headrest that supports your head and neck. Whether you sit straight or in a reclining posture, the headrest is always there to comfy your neck and head. Similarly, the armrests are well padded to facilitate your arms and elbows. The puffy and soft cushioning at both areas aims to reduce tiredness at particular points. This chair can tilt backward by rotating the tension knob. You can avail of this feature easily whenever you want to lean back and want utmost relaxation.

As we all know SERTA is world widely known for its foams and mattresses. Just think!!! how can it use low-quality foams in its chairs? So the company has used thicker up to 3 inches of foam with nontoxic quality in it to give extra comfort. Overall it’s made of good construction material including a heavy-duty gas lift and makes this chair eligible to bear 250lbs. Its height is adjustable up to 4 inches that’s why it’s suitable for short and tall both. Not to forget! the height range is 5.5” to 6.4”.

  • Durable
  • Excellent back support
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent after-sale service
  • Available in wide range of colors
  • The upholstery is poorly stitched

7. HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair:

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HON is a well-reputed company that deals in office furniture only. The company fully justifies its slogan ‘make your space work’ with quality, comfort, and style. Here we have its stylish and smart-looking armless office chair h in our product line. Picking it is backed by a few good reasons which we are going to discuss below.

One of its remarkable features is its well-contoured seat and back. Both are stuffed with double-layered padded cushions. This cushioning is furthermore covered with breathable mesh that allows air to circulate and comfy you with sweat-free sitting for long hours.

This simple-looking chair has ergonomic features too. HON kept in view all body types. Hence adds a height adjustment to it that allows 3-4” up and down adjustment accordingly to accommodate most of the short-heightened users.

Above all, the recline feature is also added to this to make your back relaxed while working. You can control it with the help of tilt tension that is fixed under the right sight of the chair for the ease of the user. HON wants you to utilize its charismas wholly, so they added a 360⁰ swivel feature that makes the chair easy to move and roll over a surface.

A company needs to consider after-sale service otherwise it will not be able to create goodwill. Warranty is one of the important aspects of customer care, so this chair comes with a 5-year warranty. Last, of all,  We want to remind our readers of a very important benefit of this chair. so, if you are quite heavy and worried about which office chair to choose with durability comfort and sturdy material then don’t overthink just grab this article by HON.

  • Rolls smoothly
  • Features thick and good quality padding
  • Durable and easy to maintain upholstery
  • Sturdy and long-lasting chair
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Seat cushion flattens relatively early

8. Safco Regular Height Swivel Task Chair:

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Safco offers a huge range of office-related items from tables to cardholders and chairs to the trash can. There is nothing that remains regarding your workspace. The company produces quality products and provides an interior to your workplace that keeps you calm, fresh, and comfortable. Here we are going to discuss an office chair that has burst the blast the market. I have used the term burst the blast in the market, when you’ll come to know about its features you’ll agree with my terminology

Safco Vue Intensive-Use chair is upholstered with breathable mesh that keeps you cool while working even in pressured situations by circulating the air through it. Its height adjustment allows 6-7” up and down from its actual height to accommodate people of varying heights.

Moreover, a heavy-duty 5 star base with 360⁰ swiveling wheels also adds strength to it. Its ability to roll easily over the carpet or any other surface without squeaking noise is an outstanding feature. The most amazing part of the story is that it is designed to accommodate short to tall, lightweight to overweight persons. Surprisingly, even if you are weighing up to 500lbs then go and grab this masterpiece for you or your loved one. Yes, you hear right its weight capacity is 500lbs! None other than this can bear that much weight.

Not only this! But If you feel stress in your legs while sitting in your office chair then this piece of art by Safco can help you because of its waterfall seat edge. It reduces pressure points in your legs and improves blood circulation while seated. Don’t forget to consider that this model is armless. So if the availability of armrests is never your priority, then this chair is a perfect worth buying piece. 

  • Excellent after-sale service
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable for overweight people
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Very durable
  • Chair Legs have sharp edges that can damage your shoes

9. Steelcase Leap Plus Desk Chair:

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This iconic designed chair is for those customers who prefer health not money and knows what is the value of an ergonomic chair. Because this chair is full of adjustments to meet the needs of maximum people with different body types.

Let’s start with its special feature, liveBack! This feature allows its back to be molded in the shape of the spine and gives perfect support even while moving. As you change your posture it will mold itself according to your back. In addition, the outer back and seat are made of high-quality plastic. The armrests are super adjustable and can fulfill the users’ needs according to their mood. Besides, Armrest’s height, width, and depth can also be adjusted as per the user’s preference.

To accommodate short to tall heightened people its seat depth is adjustable up to 3″. As a result, you can set it according to your leg’s height. However, don’t forget that your feet should touch the floor properly. Furthermore, Its wheelbase is made of plastic but features aluminum polish to keep it rust-free. 5 dual casters are attached to its wheelbase. These are soft and sturdy so the chair can move smoothly over the carpet or chair mat too.

Its other outstanding feature is its height adjustment so short heightened people can also get benefit from its charismas. It is adjustable up to 7” so if anyone is having difficulty in choosing an office chair due to short height then stop overthinking and grab this one.

The good news is waiting for you regarding the assembling of this chair. No manual or No tool is required as far as no pains to assemble it. It arrives fully assembled, fortunately. This chair is made up of high-quality material that allows it to bear weight up to 500 lbs. There are very few chairs that can touch 500lbs weighing capacity and this iconic model stands prominent amongst them.

  • durable and sturdy
  • stable chair
  • very supportive
  • premium quality
  • armrests are bit long

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10. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair:

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HON is a company with a recognized name in the executive world. We have already added one article from HON. The company has a strong web in the office furniture market because of good work. It’s again in our product line with another remarkable article.

This chair is fully upholstered with breathable mesh that keeps you cool and allows long hours of sitting. Besides, it lets you get rid of fatigue due to its valuable features. For instance, it offers fully ergonomic back support along with a tilt mechanism at 3 positions. So if you feel tired tilt it back and relax.

Height adjustment is a very essential feature in any office chair. So feel free to adjust it up and down to adapt various body heights comfortably. Moving ahead, let’s talk about its seat pan. It has a wider seat pan as compared to many other chairs, to accommodate overweight bodies too. Not to forget that its maximum weight capacity is 450lbs and this is indeed a good deal.

Above all, Its synchro-tilt, upright tilt, and tilt lock function are quite significant features. They allow you to sit comfortably and for a longer period. In short, this model is designed to reduce your fatigue and keep your mind fresh to do your tasks. HON tries to make its customer happy and contented so they provide a manual guide with instructions to assemble along with 5 years limited warranty.

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Swivels smoothly
  • bigger in size, perfect for a very heavier person
  • sturdy and durable
  • very comfortable
  • wide enough
  • tailbone starts aching after prolonged sitting hours

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Office Chair For Short Heavy Person

Whether you are tall or short, slim or overweight, if you are working from home or office you sit in an office chair for almost 10 hours. So you need to buy a comfortable chair that allows you to keep seated for a longer span. It is very essential to choose an office chair carefully because the right choice will increase your productivity. Here I will try to tell you what factors you should consider before deciding on a chair. our guidelines will precisely address the seating requirements of short and heavy persons. So scroll down if you are one from this particular category.

  • Firstly you should look for seat height if you have a short height problem. It’s very important to choose a chair with height adjustment. Some chairs have 3-4” up or down adjustment whereas some are with 5-7″ adjustment. Check vigilantly whether they can adapt according to your height or not. Meanwhile, make sure your feet should rest on the floor completely and your inner thighs are not compressed.
  • Secondly, another factor that you should consider is seat depth. If you have a backache issue then find a chair with adjustable seat depth. Make sure your back is fully supported by the backrest and maintain an S-shaped curve. This feature will help you adjust the seat depth and sit at the back of the chair without compressing your knees.
  • Moving further, if you are interested in buying an office chair then go for the chair which is upholstered with breathable material. It will help you to spend long working hours while seated. Because breathable mesh gives you sweat-free, comfortable, and cool long working sessions. You can go for leather or Fabric too. Both are good options but the fabric is less durable and leather gives you a sticky and sweaty feeling. These options might restrict you from productive working while seated that’s why I prefer mesh of good quality.
  • If you want to have a useful chair then you have to check how does its caster wheels move. Wheels should move easily and smoothly over any surface. Choose a chair with wheels that are made for your required surface. The right choice will make you able to move freely in your workplace.
  • Adjustable Armrests are features that cannot be ignored. Choosing a chair with an adjustable armrest is a wise choice because it will help you to put strain off your neck and shoulders. However, some workaholics prefer to buy armless chairs as they perceive armrests as an ultimate hindrance. Hence it depends upon the buyer’s choice.
  • Everyone spends long hours in an office chair. If your chair is without an adjustable backrest then no one can be comfortable while seated. So make sure your chosen chair must have an adjustable backrest along with nice lumbar support. So that whenever you feel fatigued, adjust your backrest at its best fit and relax.
  • Lastly, make sure your chairs’ adjustments are just hand away and can be avail while seated. As all adjustments will be better fitted accordingly while seated.


1. Which chair is best for short people?

There are many options now as I have gone through this research but Safco Vue Intensive-Use Big and Tall Swivel Task chair is close to my heart. There are various reasons to prefer this miraculous article. One of them is its height adjustment. It can be adjusted from 31” to 37”. Very rare chairs offer that much range in adjustment. Another reason is its heavy-duty 5-star base that allows bearing 500lbs confidently. The last reason is its enhanced design with a waterfall edge that gives more comfort than others.

2. Which chair is best for sitting all day?

I find ValuTask Low Back Task Chair by HOM best for the whole day sitting. Its seat material seems most comfortable with sandwich mesh seat back cushion. This will allow you to sit for a longer period. Furthermore, it has adjustments that suit best to anybody such as tilt tension, tilt lock, swivel, and most importantly lumbar support. This is all a person would prefer to spend a whole day in a chair.

3. Are all office chairs come in the same height?

As we know,  no height range is standardized by any standard so different chairs come in different sizes. Their adjustment range also differs from one another.

4. What is the width of the normal chair?

Seat width is an important feature of a chair. It has a big contribution in providing comfort. A standardized width of the chair is 17″ to 20″

5. Are armrests important?

Armrests have their own significance in a chair. They support your elbows and make your arms relax. Meanwhile, they play an important part in minimizing the stress at the neck and shoulders too. As a  result, one can spend long hours without feeling a cramp in the neck. On the other hand, one can choose to have an armless chair to buy a compact model. So it also depends upon personal priorities and available space.

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Having short height or being overweight is not bad. But when you have such things to use that don’t accommodate your body then we blame our body types, not the things. So everyone needs to make a wise choice in an office chair while keeping in mind your height and weight. Today, there is a wide range of ergonomic chairs that offers height adjustment and good weight capacity. So consider yourself a blessing, not a curse.