Best High Chair For Grandma’s House 2023 (Guide)

Grandma’s house is a special place for many families. It’s the perfect environment for children to explore and spend time with their beloved grandmother. For this reason, it’s important to have the best baby high chair at Grandma’s house when your little one visits. A good high chair should be comfortable, safe, and easy to clean. In addition, it should fit into any room of the house without taking up too much space.

In this article, I’ll review some of the top-rated models on the market, highlighting their features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Best High Chair For Grandma’s House in 2023

But we are here with the top 10 best high chairs. All of these are lightweight, foldable, and very easily portable. The rest of the features are also spectacular. So make sure you choose the one in accordance with your budget and preferences.

1. Summer Pop ‘n Sit SE Highchair:

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Willing to buy the best high chair to visit grandma’s house? Obviously, you’ll be looking for a foldable and lightweight unit. So here you go with the one that perfectly suits your requirement. it is the best lightweight high chair from SUMMER INFANT STORE.

This item only weighs 1 lb. So you see how easily it can be carried outdoors. Either it’s a picnic, camping, restaurant, and most importantly to grandma’s house. Similarly, using it at home has its own benefits.

The company manufactures the unit in two colors. One is aqua suger while the other is mango melon color. Both the colors grab the attention at the first glance.

The product can support a maximum weight of up to 45lbs. It facilitates the user with incredible pop and fold design. To clarify, folding and setting are more than a snap. Moreover, it gets quickly folds into a compact unit.

Once opened, the product doesn’t occupy a huge space. It has a small footprint. In short, this high chair is compact either open or close.

Now let’s discuss the cleaning aspect. So the good news is that the cover is removable. Thus dumping it in the washing machine for a thorough wash becomes so handy. Besides, the feeding tray is also detachable. Moreover, it’s dishwasher safe. Hence this high chair is very easy to maintain.

How can we forget to look into safety features? Because only a safe product is worth buying for our precious babies. So yes! this item includes a very easy-to-use restraint system. It is a 3-point harness. The feet are also designed to add stability.

Some additional accessories include a storage pocket and a carry bag.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

I bought this high chair for my infant son to use while we visit family and other trips. It folds up like a camp chair and comes with a bag to make it even easier to carry which is a plus when trying to get places. It definitely is worth the money and we have used it multiple times and will continue to use it.

  • folds compactly
  • built-in cup holder
  • the design locks the baby in place
  • not bulky
  • easy to use
  • ample sitting room
  • the tray is easy to detach and vice versa
  • narrow tray
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2. Joovy Nook best High Chair for grandma’s house:

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It is a JOOVY NOOK high chair charcoal and the model weighs 14.9lbs. It comes under the category of lightweight products. Most importantly, the unit is best foldable high chair and turns into a compact commodity. Once folded, transporting or storing it becomes so convenient. Not to forget! There is a carry handle. It lets you hold the folded unit outdoors very easily.

The tray is designed uniquely. Its height is adjustable to four levels. Moreover, it can swivel also. Not only this! But the tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Holding compatibility with the dishwasher demonstrates the premium quality and safe manufacturing of the tray.

The seat comprises leather. So it’s water and stain-resistant. Its cleaning only requires a wipe down and that’s all.

The maximum weight recommendation of this item is 50lbs. It’s indeed a nice range and lets your child enjoy the high chair for a good number of years.

The restraint system comprising a 5-point harness is absolutely trustworthy. In addition, the base design is scratch-resistant and ensures stability.

This product is very easy to use. Tray swivels out and lets you secure the child safely in the chair. Similarly, folding and vice versa is super duper easy. This recommendation tends to act as a game-changer. Because the comfort and ease help the baby enjoy a new phase of his life.

To sum up, this is one of the best high chairs for grandma’s house. It doesn’t spoil your visit. Rather facilitates the mothers to the best.

Image source: ctfassets

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This is literally the BEST engineered baby purchase I have ever made. Bought for our camper as we live in it full time in the summer. It is a slick high chair! Slim, easy to clean, comfortable for baby. Space saving, but large enough eating tray. You can fold it and unfold it with one hand SO EASILY. But it is still somehow very sturdy and safe. Kudos to this company 👏

  • includes the tray insert
  • sleek and practical
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • lightweight
  • perfect for outdoors as well as indoors
  • comfortable
  • premium quality
  • the seat includes so many crevices that trap food
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3. Ciao! baby best Portable High Chair for Babies:

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Here you go with a chair that is certified for safety measures by higher authorities. It meets all the safety standards of ASTM and  CPSIA. So, it definitely lacks in any toxic element and is not flammable as well. Therefore, buy it with confidence for your precious baby. It proves itself to be the best high chair for grandma’s house and for picnic and camping also.

This high chair features a built-in tray along with a cup holder. The overall unit comprises double nylon on the seat, back, and feeding tray. However, the tray is furthermore covered with clear vinyl. This design ensures ease of cleaning hence requires simple wiping.

As it’s particularly designed to be taken to grandma’s house, tailgating, traveling, and camping. So, it’s lightweight enough. Setting it is super breezy and the locking mechanism makes sure that it remains stable throughout.

Similarly, folding is again a piece of cake. Once folded, it accommodates nicely in the car trunk. The structure either opened or closed is sleek, slim, and compact. Thus, this item doesn’t occupy huge space in both cases.

The maximum weight capacity of the product is 35lbs. So, it becomes your baby’s best buddy while he turns into a toddler.

Most importantly, you avail a 5-point harness within your purchase. This aspect promises an absolute safe sitting episode.

The addition of a carrying bag is also a nice perk. You need not invest in a separate bag. Just fold the unit and pack it in the bag that accompanies the package.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

It is super easy to clean the tray and set up, the only thing we dont like about it is how much the tray slants down so the food slides right into his lap

  • very easily portable
  • no assembly needed
  • super sturdy
  • very safe
  • lightweight
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • available in multiple colors
  • the feeding tray doesn’t remain balanced as the baby sits in

4. Primo PopUp Folding High Chair:

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We cannot stop hypnotizing our dear readers. Because we have some more jaw-dropping products on our list. Every next item is more magical in comparison to the previous one. And we are damn sure! Your biggest issue to choose the best high chair for grandma’s house and baby room will be solved before this article ends.

Now we have the baby feeding chair from the house of PRIMO. It is available in two colors. One is black while the other is taupe. Both colors are absolutely elegant and are compatible with any color theme.

This is a lightweight model. It weighs only 10lbs. Foldability is another perk. Moreover, collapsing and setting the chair, are extremely easy as well as handy. And the credit goes to the one-button folding design. This one-button mechanism adds glitter to gold. As it divinely simplifies the job.

Being a lightweight and foldable model, portability is obvious. So feel free to take this chair to a restaurant, picnic, camping, and above all to grandma’s house.

The seat, backrest, and armrest comprise leather covering with a light padding. This combo offers a comfortable sitting.

This seat cover is easy to clean also. Because leather is stain and water-resistant. Also, the seat is removable for a machine wash. However, a simple wiping with soapy water is enough.

Similarly, the feeding tray can be detached and dumped in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

This product offers a 3-point harness. It helps in securing your baby safely in the chair. Besides the stable leg design also depicts maximum practicality.

In short, this is the most reliable, stable, and safe model. We really care for your little munchkins. And the functionality and productivity of our recommendations truly prove our love for them.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Liked everything about it. Easy to fold up, stores in small space beside my refridgerator, easy to clean, overall perfectly portable and easily stored.

  • folds compactly and easily
  • easy to store
  • perfect for traveling
  • soft and comfy seat
  • no assembly needed
  • adequately sized tray
  • the maximum weight recommendation is 35 lbs
  • sturdy unit
  • there remains a frustrating gap between the feeding tray and baby regardless of making all the adjustments

5. Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair:

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Primo brings another innovative high chair. The design is absolutely eye-catching and unique among all the above models. Besides, you get the chance to select between two color combos. One is white and black. Whereas, the other option is teal and white color. Both are amazing and add glamour to the product.

It is a versatile model. In the initial months, it serves as a very supportive and comfy table height feeding chair. The design helps the mothers feed purees and semi-solids to babies very conveniently. This item turns feeding into a breezy job for moms while preparing a meal or at the dinner table.

As your baby grows into a toddler, the high chair turns into a toddler chair. this transformation takes place as quickly as the blink of an eye. Whatsoever, this toddler mode helps the baby productively to enjoy his playtime. Moreover, he can also use it to watch TV and eat popcorns. So this item serves while your baby grows from 6 months to 36 months.

Without any fabric cover, the chair minimizes the hassle of additional maintenance.  Now let’s see how feeding tray works. There is a double feeding tray. It folds down like a snap. Hence helps the baby to get in and out of the unit. It is adjustable and detachable as well. Once you remove the feeding tray, don’t hesitate to put it in the dishwasher. Because it features no toxic elements and is safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

The stable leg design and 3-point harness give immense satisfaction to the user.

Not to forget! It is a lightweight and foldable model. It folds quickly and compactly. As a result, the product emerges as one of the best high chairs for grandma’s house. Because foldability helps in easy portability.

Image source: gstatic

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This high chair is amazing. We love the convenience it brings in our homes. It’s not bulky like most high chairs and you can even use it one handed while carrying a baby! I highly recommend giving it a shot. Would 100% buy again.

  • easy to store
  • the feeding tray is adjustable to three levels
  • easy to clean
  • affordable
  • safe model
  • compact and simple
  • adjustable footrest
  • very good quality
  • once folded, the unit cannot stand against a wall very easily

6. Adjustable, Folding, Baby High Chair with 5 Different Positions:

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From the homes of SWEETY FOX, this one turned the best out of the best. It is available in blue, black, grey, and pink colors. Being built from premium quality plastic, the chair promises durability.

This product is exclusively adjustable. The backrest can recline to five different angles. This range gives a nice option to adjust the baby in the most suitable posture for feeding. Also, if the baby sleeps, there won’t be any discomfort. Because the facility to recline helps enjoy a good sleeping posture.

The adjustability of this product seems endless. To clarify, the footrest can be set to three different positions. Besides, you can easily customize the seat height as well. The high chair allows you to adjust the seat height to any of the 7 levels. So you see this item lets you feed the baby in an absolute feasible way.

Besides, these options to adjust make this unit compatible with toddlers as well. So, the chair doesn’t become useless with the growth of the baby. Rather it also grows with the help of its mind-blowing adjustability. The maximum weight recommendation is 30lbs.

The foldability adds glitter to gold. Another good part is that it folds into a compact utility. Thus emerges as an absolute space-saver. The folding mechanism is very smooth also.

The seat cover comprises polyurethane. It is very easy to clean and requires a gentle wipe down. Moreover, the feeding tray is removable and BPA-free thus,  dishwasher safe.

It is an ASTM F404- certified product. The model is durable, portable, and made out of safe materials. It also helps the baby develop healthy eating habits along with the family. Just remove the tray and set the chair with the dining. This will also help develop a stronger bond with the family.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This high chair for baby girl is absolutely adorable!!! It is well built and I could not be more happy!! It has all the bells and whistles and is the most super cutest high chair I have ever seen! I am in love! Well worth the money! If I needed 2 I would buy a second one!

  • super comfy
  • includes a very good warranty
  • easy-to-use and practical restraint system
  • stores easily
  • exclusively adjustable
  • available in so many colors
  • includes a toy bar
  • sturdy and safe
  • luxurious high chair
  • no assembly needed
  • strap quality is a bit cheap but that’s not a deal-breaker

7. Baby Delight Go with Me Uplift Deluxe Portable High Chair:

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This is a very useful product from the stores of BABY DELIGHT. It is lightweight yet meets all the standards of durability. Because the company has keenly focused on the crafting of this unit.

For grandma’s house, it is the best high chair. Because it is very easily portable. The credit of its portability goes to the foldable design. Yes, my dude! this item folds into a compact unit.

The folding is not rocket science also. It requires lifting up on each latch and that’s all. So, taking it to grandma’s house solves a lot of your issues. Not only to granny’s house! But it is very much suitable for camping, tailgating, picnic, and to the restaurants. Above all, it is the best high chair for NYC apartment as well. You’ll also receive a carry bag with a shoulder strap in your purchase. This bag accommodates the chair for easy transport.

The model stands on the metal structure. Besides, the backrest and seat feature polyester fabric. This material is very easy to clean. In case of spilling, the polyester requires a gentle wiping. So maintaining it is no hassle.

The feeding tray comprises BPA-free plastic. So, dumping it in the dishwasher doesn’t end in hazardous results. This feeding tray is sufficiently wide and includes a built-in cup holder for easy usage.

While recommending this flawless model, we assure you of safety as well. There is a 5-point harness. Also, the flared leg system provides absolute stability. Most importantly, this product holds a JPMA certification.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Absolutely love everything about this except one thing. The holes to put a child’s legs through are awfully small to get the child’s legs through

  • very lightweight
  • easy to store
  • durable fabric
  • compatible to standard table height
  • includes a locking mechanism
  • suitable for kids up to 3 years
  • safe and secure
  • flawless design
  • very stable
  • leg holes in the safety strap are very small and your baby’s legs may stuck in them

8. VEEYOO Portable Travel High Chair:

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Here we present you the best high chair in mesmerizing geometrical print. However, if you like plain colors, don’t worry! Because VEEYOO  store brings this model in a wide range of colors. You’ll also come across some vibrant colors. For instance red, orange, and green. High chairs in these colors play an important role in attracting kids towards purees and semi-solids. Amazingly, you can also avail yourself of dinosaur print. However, if you prefer neutral colors, you can choose between black and grey.

This high chair is an amazing exhibition of perfection. It is lightweight, foldable, and portable. Hence turns out the best high chair for grandma’s house.  Besides, it is an ideal gear to be taken to picnic and camping. Its utility helps enjoy outdoor plans to the fullest. Your baby won’t spoil your time and will calmly sit in this high chair. You’ll also receive a carry bag within your purchase.

It is also the best high chair for small spaces and indoors. Due to its foldability, it appears perfect for small apartments. So you see the model is pro enough to become your crime partner whether outdoor or indoor.

The maximum weight recommendation is 37lbs. It means you can avail of its utility until your baby crosses 3 years of age. This travel high chair facilitates with an adjustable feeding tray. It can slide forward and backward as per convenience. Moreover, it’s removable and ensures an easy cleaning episode.

Similarly, the fabric is also removable. So just wash it in the machine and cherish the real beauty of cleanliness. There is a 5-point safety harness. It keeps your baby safe and secure while being seated in it.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Perfect for feeding. Folds up to put out of way. Travels great. I don’t like the tray. It doesn’t go on easy.

  • folds and unfolds quickly as well as easily
  • comfortable
  • ultimate space-saver
  • includes a storage pocket
  • easily portable
  • 5-point harness
  • sturdy and durable
  • compact unit yet Spacious seat
  • baby doesn’t slide
  • no con is found yet

9. Pamo Babe Portable Fold High Chair (Black&White):

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If your baby is chubby than other babies of the same age, then this recommendation will suit you best. Because the maximum weight capacity of this model is 50lbs. This is indeed more than enough. So buy it if you need a product with the highest weight-bearing capacity.

While being a unit with ample weight capacity, this high chair doesn’t disappoint in terms of durability and stability. It is built on a metal framework. Crafting is also done with due consideration. So, the item is capable to serve in the longer run.

In addition, the base is designed with maximum vigilance. The legs are reinforced securely. In short, they are structured to add stability to the overall unit while the baby is being seated.

Foldability acts like a cherry on top. The foldable design contributes towards making it easily portable. Meanwhile, storing also becomes feasible and doesn’t require a huge space. Because the folded unit is absolutely compact and easily adjusts in minimal spaces. Above all, this item is capable of standing on its own once folded.

This high feeding chair helps to secure the baby with a 5-point harness. The feeding tray is adjustable according to the baby’s ease. Most importantly, it’s removable and dishwasher-safe. So it’s obvious that it lacks any kind of toxic elements, fortunately. So you see safety is a guarantee from all aspects.

The cleaning session of the seat is very easy peasy. While considering the expected mess a baby can make the company has used water-proof fabric.  So wiping with warm soapy water and a towel is all an all requirement.

In short, it is the feeding chair with all the must-haves of the best high chair for grandma’s house. So do consider it before your baby  pays visit to his granny’s.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

Definitely sturdy, a little lower in height than the Graco brand. But we love it because it’s super compact and folds to save lots of space and easy to travel with if need be.

  • sturdy yet lightweight
  • good for traveling
  • tray slides effortlessly and quietly
  • easy assembly
  • equally perfect for indoors
  • available in two patterns
  • the seat cover is not removable

10. INFANS High Chair for Babies & Toddlers:

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Foldability is mandatory in the best high chair for grandma’s house. Lacking this trait doesn’t make that product totally useless. But makes it unsuitable for grandma’s house particularly. Because it’s very hectic to transport a unit that is not designed to fold compactly.

INFANS store introduces an amazing model in this regard. This item is foldable for sure. Moreover, collapsing is very handy and easy. The foldability doesn’t help in transport only. But helps you store the product once your child grows out of it.

The most unique part of the story is that this item is built on an exclusively adjustable frame. First of all, the backrest can recline to 5 different positions. This reclining ability helps the mother feed baby in the most feasible way. Moreover, if the baby sleeps within, you need not transfer him to the cot. Rather just recline the backrest to 150 degrees and your baby will keep on sleeping calmly.

Secondly, the footrest is adjustable to three different levels. Similar is the configuration and design of the feeding tray. So you see, the high chair is not usable for the short term. Rather it serves till your baby turns 5 years of age.

Not to forget! The seat height is adjustable to 7 different levels. So it becomes easy to set the baby according to the table height regardless of his age. This outstanding adjustability also makes the unit a versatile one.

The product stands on iron pipes. This structure leaves behind zero doubts regarding durability and stability. Maintaining this high chair is also very easy. It features a removable PU leather seat cushion. This material is water and stain-resistant. Similarly, 2 feeding trays are also detachable for a quick wash in the dishwasher.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This high chair was just what our kids wanted for their new baby – it does look amazing.
I needed this shipped fast for the upcoming baby shower. I contacted the seller & was sent a message right away that they would ship ASAP. They expedited the shipment the next day & emailed me the update! I was also informed there would be a little gift sent as well. Wow – now that’s 5* customer service!! The chair arrived in 2 days!
Thankful for this company/seller & you should be confident ordering from them 👍🏻

  • breathable fabric
  • stand on its own once folded
  • 5-point safety harness
  • sturdy and well-built
  • superb quality
  • good for travelling
  • remove the tray and use it as a toddler chair
  • comfortable
  • includes wheels at the bottom
  • available in two colors
  • removing and adjusting the tray is bit tricky

11. Cosco Simple Folding High Chair:

Image source: Amazon

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A simple yet practical high chair will not only facilitate you at your mother’s home but the grandma will also enjoy using it to feed the tiny munchkin. That’s why we are here with a very simple-to-go model without extra bells and whistles. It is from the store of COSCO and is available in a wide range of colors and prints but with different price tags.

This high chair weighs 11lbs and can easily carry a toddler weighing up to 50lbs (22kgs). It is a full-size model and is very safe to use. Its JPMA and ASTM certification proves our statement. Now let’s have a look at its design details.

First of all, the company has used premium quality fabric. It is soft to the skin, durable to use, and super easy to clean. As you know that mess is obvious while feeding the baby so grabbing this chair will definitely ease your entire feeding episode.

Another perk is the adjustability of its feeding tray. You can set this tray at three different positions. As a result, this high chair doesn’t become useless after 1-2 months but grows with the baby. A built-in cup holder is also a nice addition and prevents water from spilling.

A built-in leg rest is absolutely sturdy, reinforced nicely, and lets the little feet rest comfortably. Moreover, a 3-point harness ensures optimal safety to your little kidco while being seated.

Last but not least! It is a foldable and portable high chair. Folds quickly and you can store it easily once you are all done with the feeding session. Similarly, setting it again is not rocket science as well.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say,

This high chair is just what we need for our granddaughter. It keeps her and her food contained while she’s eating. 🤣 It’s easy to clean and fits in a trunk to transport. I’m glad that I chose this one.

  • Lightweight
  • Folds compactly
  • Stable and doesn’t tip over
  • Easy to assemble
  • cute
  • The backrest is neither adjustable nor in an upright position

Buying Guide for The Best High Chair For Grandma’s House And Toddler Room

Nothing can be more important than a best baby high chair once your little one completes 6 initial months of life. It is the perfect key that helps experience mealtime in the most pleasant and fun way. But only the right choice leads to awesome circumstances. So to make a wise decision, just have a keen glance at the buying guide about the best high chair. In the end, you’ll definitely be able to select the most appropriate model according to your requirement.

1. Functionality:

This factor covers a lot of aspects. We’ll try to address them most comprehensively:

  • Firstly, do check the design of the feeding tray. Does it allow you to detach single handily? Because this will help you in getting your baby in or out of the chair easily. So the ability to operate the feeding tray with one hand is indeed one of the essentials of a good high chair as it adds to the ease of usage.
  • A chair with wheels is good to go if you own a big house so that you can move it here and there easily. Hence, if you prefer to buy a feeding chair with wheels, make sure that they feature a lock system as well. This will let you pause the chair movement while helping your baby experiment with new flavors.
  • The chair particularly needed for grandma’s house must be foldable for convenient portability and storage. Besides, the foldability feature is good to have if you want to buy a high chair for occasional purposes.
  • The feeding chair designed to grow with a baby is an absolute win. If a model tends to perform as a table-height feeding chair and turns into a toddler chair as your baby grows, don’t ignore it. Rather immediately grab this piece to facilitate yourself.

2. Safety:

Ensure the availability of the seat straps. Moreover, check at the spot whether they are easy to buckle and vice versa or not. Not to forget! A three or five-point harness is the recommended option for more secure seating.

In addition, if the high chair includes a JPMA seal, it means it is tested and approved for security features by an institution called Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. So instead of missing out on the chance, grab the piece for the sake of your child’s safety.

3. Comfortability:

A well-padded seat with a reclining backrest adds to the comfort. And if the backrest can lean to multiple angles, then it’s just WOW! Because this will help your child not only to sit upright to eat or lean back but also to take nap in a relaxing posture. Moreover, the presence of a footrest also acts as a cherry on top.

4. Ease to clean:

A baby eating without making a mess? Absolutely impossible! So look for a feeding chair that’s easy peasy to clean. Remember!

  • a vinyl seat just requires a simple wipe and all the mess gets cleared.
  • The seat cover must be removable to be dumped in the washing machine for better cleaning.
  • Crevices invite a lot of mess so go for a chair with minimum crevices and seams.
  • A dishwasher-friendly feeding tray significantly minimizes the cleaning hassle.  


When a baby can sit in a high chair?

The exact point at which a baby can sit in a high chair is hard to pin down. Babies are different, and development happens differently for each one. However, almost all babies can sit in their own high chair by 10-11 months. Even though they’ve shown this ability before or after the ten-month mark. Babies are usually able to sit in their own high chair at 6 months of age. However, that will vary depending on the child’s size and weight. To avoid injury, never place an infant in a high chair until they can sit upright without support (approximately 4-6 months).

Can I wash the high chair tray in the dishwasher?

Yes. The seat on the high chair is usually removable, so some people try to just remove the tray and set it on top of their dishwasher dishes for quick and easy cleaning. But don’t forget! High chair trays are often fragile and depending on the material, dishwashing may be too harsh or high of temperatures for this object. The best way to clean it would be to wipe off any sticky food with a damp towel and use a mild soap and water and scrub gently.

Is hook on high chairs safe to use?

Yes, but only if they are securely fastened to a strong, secure tabletop. If they’re not secured to a sturdy surface, the chair could tip over and injure your baby.

What can I use instead of a high chair?

If you are very much short of space or think of a high chair as a hassle, then a booster seat is a very good alternative. Just make your baby sit on it, fasten the security belt and set it with your regular table. With this adjustment, you can easily feed your baby and have your meal at the same level with maximum ease.

Can you put a 3-month-old in a high chair?

No, it’s quite risky at this tender age. We recommend you wait until he turns 6 months old. However, you still need to check your baby’s progress in particular.


The best baby high chair for Grandma’s house is one that is easy to transport, lightweight and adjustable, and safe for your little one. Look for a high chair with a wide base for stability, harness straps for safety, and simple cleaning features like a removable tray or wipeable surfaces.

A baby high chair can truly embellish your visit to grandma’s house. Because it adds luxury, comfort, and a nice change to your baby’s lifestyle. With the help of a practical model, your baby gets the chance to explore more. So, indeed it is the best investment once your baby turns 6 months.