Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Back pain is a very common outcome of long sitting hours. Being a passionate gamer or workaholic, back pain can easily victimize you. Because this is the era of technology. Every individual spends hours and hours in front of the screen for one purpose or the other. Thus, sooner or later, you might be needing some useful gears to soothe your aching backs. A chair is one of these gears that can either alleviate or worsen your screaming back. But which chair? an office chair or a gaming chair? Which category is related to your school of interest and why? Are gaming chairs better than office chairs? If yes! then how? Are gaming chairs good for your back? So, multiple questions come in mind in first place.

If you are currently searching for a comfortable item but are confused about which to buy, don’t panic! we have brought a detailed comparison between the two categories.

Comparison between gaming chairs and office chairs:

Both the kinds don’t differ from each other in one or two aspects. Rather they hold a contrast in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at what they are:

1. Seat design:

The seat of the gaming chair mimics the racing car seat. It is a bucket design with two raised sides. This design minimizes the sitting space and freedom to move around. Whereas office chairs feature an entirely different seat design. No side is raised and the seat is contoured nicely.

2. Upholstery:

The upholstery of the racing chair is normally real leather or PU. It is a durable material but not breathable. The user may sweat during sitting.  Similarly, the manufacturers of office chairs also use leather for upholstering. But we can also see the wide range of office chairs with the covering of mesh and fabric. These two materials are breathable but sadly not long-lasting.

3. Lumber and head cushions:

The lumber and head support pillows are mandatory features of a racing chair. besides, they are detachable normally. These pillows iconically support your neck and back. They relax your aching body and help maintain a good posture. On the contrary, you won’t get these two supportive cushions on purchasing the second category.

4. Backrest and headrest:

Gaming chairs feature fixed headrest and winged backrest. Both aspects make the racing chair a heavenly comfortable and absolutely ergonomic unit.

The second group also include a headrest. But unlike racing chairs, the headrest of the office chairs is adjustable. You can customize the height or angle as per your comfort.

Although the support offered by gaming chairs is unbeatable. But the benefits of an adjustable headrest are also undeniable.  So it’s up to your preferences, which kind of luxury you wish for.

5. Reclination:

The best gaming chairs under 150 let the user recline to 180 degrees. So that he can take a short nap in between his gaming session. Some models offer a minimum reclining range to 150 degrees. Reclining ability is the specialty of racing chairs. On the other hand, office chairs don’t offer such reclining flexibility. They only rock and tilt and serve with a very short-term relaxation period. High-end models of racing chairs also relax the user with adjustable armrests. Office chairs again lack in adjustability trait of armrests.

6. Looks:

Gaming chairs grab the attention of the buyer at the first glance. Their vibrant colors and high backs make them eye-catching. However, office chairs are designed to demonstrate elegance and grace. They truly impart the traditional look to your home and office. In short, both kinds are very different in terms of looks.

7. Comfortability:

Office chairs are not meant for long-term sitting. They neither support good posture nor soothe your back pain. Once you sit on them, you may feel good. But after a few hours, you may start slouching. Their mid-back design doesn’t aim to keep your back in an upright position.

But racing chairs are contoured according to the shape of your body. They are a good buy for long-term sitting. Because their high and well-shaped backs are designed to support good posture. As a result, they excel in comfortability in comparison. but if you want a unit for limited hours of sitting, an office chair will work best.

Final verdict:

So what do you think now? Are gaming chairs better than office chairs? Yes for sure! They are more comfortable and exclusively adjustable. Although you may find a racing chair uncomfortable during the first few sittings. But once you get used to them, they become your best buddy.

But if you want short-term comfort then opting for the second category is not a bad deal. Besides, they are budget-friendly also. A huge portion of the consumer industry prefers office chairs due to these specific reasons.

Lastly, we want to clarify a fact that it all depends on your job or passion. This comparison will only help in making the right choice between the two. Just consider your needs and preferences and get ready to cherish your final decision.