How To Sleep In Office Chair

Sleeping in an office is not a piece of cake. Neither you get a bed to sleep in. Nor the offices are furnished with  sleeping chairs for elderly. You can only take a short nap in your office chair. And sleeping in an office chair is not at all ideal. That’s why learning the proper ways how to sleep in office chair is very important. Because you won’t like to get up exhausted but refreshed to the core.

To sleep soundly, make sure that you opt to sit in a chair with ample sitting room. A chair with sufficient area will help you change positions and sleep better. A very good practice is to elevate your feet using an ottoman or stool. You can also use another chair for this purpose. We also recommend you to support your feet by putting a pillow under them.

How to sleep comfortably in office chair:

When sleep becomes absolutely unavoidable, you can sleep in any kind of chair. Every office chair tilts to certain degrees. However, reclining models are a pro at making you a perfect snoozer. Regardless of the chair type, let’s learn how to attain a productive sleep in office overnight.

1. Gather some sleep supportive gears:

Look for something that can truly upgrade your sleeping episode. It can be anything you are habitual about and can let you experience a power nap. Some examples are stated below:

  • Some people find ultimate comfort while sleeping with a blanket on. So, we recommend them to keep a lightweight and easily portable blanket in office cabinet.
  • Similarly, some like to hug a soft pillow while sleeping. Or want to use it as a supportive gear for the neck or lower back. Again a personal pillow will become a lifesaver, once sleep becomes inevitable. Make sure that you choose a memory foam cushion that is easy to store also.
  • Nobody will switch off lights if only you want to sleep while others work. Also, this is not ethical to ask others to do so. Hence, it’s better to arrange something for your personal comfort while being on an office chair. A sleeping eye mask works best in this regard. Put it on your eyes and dive deep into sleep.
  • An office is not a quiet area. It is a workplace with sounds of ringing phones, typing, and buzzing printers. So, if you are like me who can never sleep in such a noisy atmosphere, then don’t worry. I always use earphones whenever crave to sleep in the office. Play some lighter tones on it and you’ll feel a lot of relief. With headphones, you don’t experience utter silence but a very soothing environment.

2. Make suitable adjustments to your office chair:

We always recommend buying adjustable sitting gears. Because you can customize their settings according to your height, liking, and above all comfort. So, once you gather all the supportive items, it’s time to adjust the chair. Do consider following the steps given below:

  • Customize the armrests’ settings. Flip them up or remove them as per design. This will maximize the sleeping area. Also, you won’t get disturbed by the inconvenience caused by armrests.
  • Reclining chairs are indeed a blessing when it comes to sleeping in the office chair. So recline the backrest according to the most comfortable and relaxing posture. This reclination will minimize pressure from your lower spine while you sleep.

3. Don’t forget to elevate your feet:

Elevating feet offer an amazing posture to sleep in a chair. The best gaming chair under 150 is a very good alternate of office chair. Some models include a built-in footrest. If you are using one of them, retract the footrest to put your feet. However, if you are using an ordinary office chair, you can use a stool or ottoman to place your feet on it. The combo of leg elevation and backrest reclination ensures very good blood circulation in your entire body.

4. Relax and sleep calmly:

Ignore all the prevalent stress. Because, if you keep on thinking about your official tasks, you won’t be able to sleep instantly. So it’s very much important to relax all the muscles of the body especially the brain muscles. Otherwise, your struggle to sleep will exhaust you more than before.

Meanwhile, make sure that your body posture is absolutely comfortable,. If you feel something weird, don’t hesitate to readjust the settings.

Once you get into the perfect posture, close your eyes and dive into the deeper sea of peace and calmness.

Is it alright to sleep in office chair:

Yes, it is very much alright to sleep in a chair ! Unless your back is not upright and the feet are not hanging. Because to sleep in the chair, one must align his body in the most comfortable posture. So that he can enjoy a quality, sound, and uninterrupted sleep.

As a matter of fact, one must always sleep on a bed or mattress. But if a person cannot avoid sleep in office and immensely needs a power nap to gear up. Then learning how to sleep sitting in a  chair is quite important. Make sure that your backrest tilts while reclining your spine. This will reduce pressure from your lower back. Also, don’t forget to elevate your feet. You can use any accessory that helps in elevation. It can be an ottoman, a spare stool, or a chair.


Sound sleep is very essential for mental health. Because it nourishes the brain cells and refreshes them to deal with further projects productively. So, if you feel an appetite to have a sleep session in the office. Don’t feel helpless for not having a bed there. Feel free to learn how to sleep in office chair by following all the tips given above and boooom.