Best Office Chairs Under 300 | Buying Guide 2023

After a long day hunched over your desk, nothing beats sinking into a comfortable office chair that provides just the right amount of support. But quality ergonomic chairs often come with premium price tags, leaving your wallet hurting as much as your back.

Luckily, it is possible to find an affordable, ergonomic office chair that promotes good posture and reduces back pain without breaking the bank. There are excellent options available for under $300 if you know what features to look for.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best office chairs under $300. I’ve tried out many budget-friendly chairs to find ones that provide ample cushioning, adjustable features, and quality construction to support you through long work days.

Top 8 Best Office Chairs under 300

In the love of our valued readers, we looked for  best office chair under $300. Out of multiple models, we have reviewed below the most practical ones. Continue to scroll and get learned about the features of the best along with their pros and con while being seated on your couch.

1. HON Exposure Mesh Task Computer Chair:

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In the first place! We have this entirely mesh office chair on the board. It is truly a hypnotizing innovation from the HON store. Being a mesh chair, it serves with an awesome sitting episode. The reason behind this is the good airflow that it promotes. As a result, your body doesn’t go through excessive sweating during a prolonged sitting span.

Besides keeping you cool, the seat and backrest are designed to support your body in an ideal way. The seat is contoured to accommodate your buttocks without exerting pressure on them. Similarly, the backrest includes lumbar support to hold on to your lower spine throughout working hours.

Amongst all the appealing aspects, the adjustability of the lumbar support immediately grabs attention. It lets you set the lumbar support at the most required point of your lower back. Moreover, the backrest can recline as well. A tilt tension will help you control the reclination. Besides the tilt lock lets the user lock the backrest at the required angle. So you see! the backrest offers a complete package of facility and ease.

The adjustability is not limited to the backrest only. But the seat height and width both are customizable as per ease. In addition, you can also move it forward or backward in order to avail a comfortable posture. Not only this! But the height and width adjustable design of armrests is also a very convincing feature.

This desk chair stands on a durable base and glides with the help of premium quality wheels. These wheels swivel at 360 degrees and improve the versatility of the user. In short, this model is an amazing combo of style and functionality within a very good price range.

Image source: cloudinary

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User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

This chair is more than I hoped for. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and the ergonomic adjustment features fit all shapes and sizes. This is a great chair for the price!!! It’s more comfortable than the $800 we purchased years ago.

  • sturdy
  • easy to put together
  • seat depth is adjustable
  • very nice looks
  • wide and padded armrests
  • the seat cushion is annoyingly firm

2. Bush Business High Back Leather Executive Office Chair:

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Next, we have a high back sitting gear on the board. It is from BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE STORE. All positive reviews and medium price tags make it a perfect piece to buy.

Firstly, this unit supports 275lbs. It is indeed a good weight capacity. And the credit goes to the quality of materials used in manufacturing this particular model. The backrest is high. It is made to support your neck, shoulders, and entire back just like a professional therapist. You can see the backrest how it is padded in three portions while focusing on all the minute details. It perfectly soothes your neck and shoulder. Besides, the lower backrest is designed perfectly to support your lumbar spine. With this model in your office, your hectic working hours turn into absolute luxury.

The backrest is easy to tilt with adjustable tilt tension. Also, you can lock it in place with an easy-to-use locking mechanism. The upholstery of the backrest and seat is super elegant. Besides, the padding in both areas is soft yet denser. Hence you’ll experience mind-blowing comfort and support as you sit.

The craftsmanship not only comprises an adjustable backrest but a customizable seat also. To clarify, you can adjust the seat height from 42.9″ to 46.9″. In addition, the armrests of this seat don’t let it lose its charm.

How! They are contoured to support your arms. Also, they are padded. Hence the combo of ergonomic design plus padding makes them extremely relaxing.

Last, of all, it is a swiveling model. It swivels with the help of 5 dual-wheeled casters. So what do want more in this minimal price package?

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User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

This chair was packed to perfection! I got the white which is close to pure white with a slight hint of warmth. However, it is not what I would call “ivory”. The shade of white would fit in either a white setting or an ivory setting, without clashing. The chrome is polished and sturdy. The chair has enough cushion and it has a maximum wt. capacity of 275lb. The arms feel like faux leather and the body is described by the Bush Manufacturer as “Bonded Leather”. The under side of the seat is a cloth material. This chair has a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer. It comes in approximately 7 or 8 colors. The arms have almost 2/3″ between the chrome and the seat section on both sides, which adds more room between the base of the armrests. It feels well made ands is (so far) very comfortable, even after sitting in it for over eight hours. The curvature of the cushioned armrest compliments the curvature of my dining table and my oval shaped dining chairs. So far, I love these chairs and I would highly recommend. I added a pick of my dining chairs and table to show how this design matches them better that the original chair I bought years ago.

  • includes 5-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • certified as a safer product
  • perfect shape
  • superb quality
  • durable
  • non-adjustable armrests

3. Mid Back Tufted Best Office Chairs Under 300:

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This is also a very unique piece of furniture from the BUSH FURNITURE STORE. But it differs drastically in appearance from the one recommended above. However, apart from physical contrasts, it is equally comfortable and relaxing. In addition, it is an absolute classy piece and goes with any kind of interior at home and office.

White leather is used for upholstering the seat and backrest. Whereas, soft and resilient foam is used for stuffing. The tufted design of the backrest adds to the elegance.

Like any best office chair under 300, the backrest of this model can tilt backward to a few degrees. Tilt tension control lets you control the tilt resistance. Moreover, you can lock the backrest in an upright position if tilting is not the need of an hour.

Coming on to the seat, it also catches the limelight through its adjustable behavior. Yes! the seat height is customizable. As a result, you get the chance to place your feet flat on the ground rather than hanging them.

The maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs. The core framework is made up of steel and is covered with espresso wood. It means, the structure and builds quality meet all standards of durability.

Moving down! The chair surprises with a stable five-legged design. Also, the dual-wheeled casters at the legs add to the functionality. They let the chair move smoothly on any kind of floor.

To sum up! Ignoring this flawless piece can let you regret it later. This is not a worth buying item for offices only. But purchasing it for your living or dining can definitely impart a glorious look to your interior.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

Love this chair! Very comfortable and good support. Exceeded my expectations!

  • very easy to clean
  • includes good warranty
  • very well-made
  • quality leather
  • ample sitting space
  • not your cup of tea if you want armrests for additional support

4. Mid-Back Black LeatherSoft Executive Office Chair:

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Next, we have a very modern office chair. While being a trendy model, it doesn’t forget to comfy the user. It is designed to facilitate during long sitting hours at the office. Besides relieving your body from excessive pressure, this unit relaxes your body to the core.

This desk chair is built according to commercial standards. It is certified for safety and is absolutely safe to use. Moreover, the durability and longevity of the chair are also assured.

The chair is built on a walnut bentwood frame. Padding at the seat, backrest, and armrests is soft and denser. Moreover, for upholstering the model, the company preferred using leatherSoft. All these features ensure you of the matchless quality of this task chair.

The backrest is contoured to accommodate your spine. There is built-in lumbar support that incredibly supports your lower back. In addition, the backrest can rock back and forth and is tiltable to a certain angle. The engineering also lets you lock the back at 90 degrees.

The seat is very uniquely structured. You can see the edge resembles the waterfall design. This kind of configuration plays a very important role in enhancing blood circulation throughout the body. because it relieves pressure from your buttocks and legs. Not to forget! the seat height is changeable for a heavenly experience.

This is indeed a very beautiful, practical, and useful office chair. Also, the dual casters at the bottom can swivel at 360 degrees. This feature lets you do multitasking without leaving the sitting gear. Moreover, the base design ensures you a stable sitting session.

This glossy black leather chair is no more a dream model now. Instead, it’s just a few bucks away. So, why get late in impressing your colleagues from your aesthetic approach.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

Great value. Great style

  • extremely comfortable
  • flawless manufacturing
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • rolls nicely
  • easy to assemble
  • makes low sounds on little to moderate movement.

5. Ergomax Ergonomic Adjustable Home Office chair:

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We also found this sitting gear by ERGOMAX very much supportive and relaxing. The way it soothes the neck, shoulders, and spine is more than remarkable. Moreover, the exclusive adjustability also urged us to recommend it to our valuable readers.

So here you go with an awesome office chair. Apart from official premises, if you are looking for some comfy seat for the study room or for a reception area, this proves to be a worth-buying piece.

This unit includes a mesh headrest. Being the first model with an adjustable headrest on the board, it catches the limelight. Feel free to swivel the headrest at 45 degrees and adjust the height accordingly. Furthermore, the backrest is also meshing and features lumbar support. So you see the chair is perfectly designed to support your head and overall back.

Most importantly, the backrest can tilt to 120 degrees. You can lock it at any required angle in between. In addition, rocking back and forth from 90-120 degrees is also feasible. Not to forget! the entire adjusting mechanism is very easy to use.

Moving ahead, we want to reveal the fact that armrests are also adjustable. Okay now! Let’s check the seat. First of all, its height is adjustable. Secondly, it’s contoured to support your buttocks and doesn’t pressurize them while you sit. Not only this! But usage of mesh at the seat keeps the user cool during office hours.

The maximum weight capacity of the model is 280lbs. Installing is very easy peasy. Moreover, the company offers a 1-year hassle-free warranty.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

Easy to put together. I’m a big guy and this is very comfortable. Thank you!

  • sturdy base and castors
  • very ergonomic
  • affordable
  • safe gas-lift
  • promotes good airflow
  • armrests are difficult to set at the required level.

6. Flash Furniture Big & Tall Office Chair:

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A comfortable office chair is the need of an hour to enhance productivity and yield worthwhile results. To help the consumer industry in this regard, we have a very soft, cozy, comfy, and spacious model on the board. This is from the FLASH FURNITURE STORE is perfect for any kind of workplace besides offices.

This is a high back model. Built-in lumbar support and integrated headrest are there to facilitate the user with maximum luxury. Moreover, the quality of padding adds glitter to gold.  Because it’s matchless hence supports at its best.

The seat is spacious enough and perfect for a huge guy. It is contoured and double padded with foam. Both the seat and backrest are upholstered with LeatherSoft. It is premium quality leather, durable, comfortable, and super soft.

The amazing part of the story is that the armrests are also padded. They are designed to offer additional support. As a result, they relax shoulder and neck muscles to the core.

The angle and height of the armrests are not customizable. But it doesn’t matter. Because the rest of the features are adjustable. Hence they compensate for the lack of adjustability in armrests.

The backrest can rock back and forth and is easily tiltable. Moreover, the seat height is changeable. This lets the chair become compatible to individuals with varied heights.

Being built on a heavy-duty chrome base, we ensure you of its stability and durability. It is indeed a commercial-grade model. Sturdier enough to stand 500lbs of weight is also a nice perk. If the weight of the user doesn’t exceed 500lbs, the chair keeps on rolling smoothly and effortlessly. So hats off to the awesome and flawless craftsmanship.

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

I bought this chair with some trepidation, as I’ve never had anything from Flash. The shipping was quick, and the chair assembly was extremely easy. It took me about 30 minutes to fully assemble the chair. I have been using it extensively for over a month now and I am in love with it! It is very comfortable and well padded. I am a fluffy guy, 6’1 and 400lbs. This chair supports me well and doesn’t leave me sore like my last chair did. Last weekend I actually fell asleep in it as I was taking a break from work! If you are a bigger guy (or gal) I would highly recommend this chair.

  • easy to clean
  • well-made
  • very comfortable
  • lasts for long
  • well worth the money
  • thinly padded

7. Safco Intensive-Use Task Chair:

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This best small office chair from the SAFCO STORE is one of the most versatile pieces available in the market. Basically, it’s an armless chair. But you can buy an optional arm kit that is sold separately. So, it depends entirely on your personal preferences. Either you want to utilize it as being armless or will attach armrests for improved comfort.

Its backrest features a reinforced mechanism for awesome lumbar support. This mechanism also offers an adjustable back tilt as well as a posture lock. Moreover, the usage of mesh makes it absolutely skin-friendly and acts as a hurdle against sweating. So you see! the ergonomic backrest emerges as a complete package to comfy your spine.

The seat also features an ergonomic design. It is very nicely shaped and includes a waterfall edge. This waterfall design plays an important role in minimizing pressure points in the legs. The seat crafting comprises an amazing combo of the soft and denser cushion plus vinyl upholstery. Not to forget that vinyl is durable and very easy-to-clean material. Besides, the seat height is changeable for a more customized fit.

At the bottom, you can see the five-star base. It comes coated with a black powder finish that is absolutely chip and scratch-resistant. These five legs add balance to your overall experience. The wheels at legs can swivel at 360 degrees. Also, they glide smoothly even on carpets and add to the efficiency of the user during heavy workload.

It is indeed a heavy-duty model with a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs. While being seated, the user doesn’t experience a bit of suffocation, stress, pressure, and bad posture. And the entire credit goes to flawless craftsmanship. In short, this product can easily beat the best office chair under $200.

Image source: safcoproducts

User’s Reviews

This is what users of this chair have to say

Love this sturdy chair. Rolls smooth

  • deep, firm, and comfy seat
  • well-built and user-friendly controls
  • strong and sturdy model
  • easy to assemble
  • plenty of padding
  • it’s for big and tall individuals but the backrest is not very high

8. CLATINA Mid-Back Mesh Office Desk Chair:

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Clatina brings real good news for its customers. This devoted brand introduces the most professional yet economical model on the board. It is an ergonomic mesh office chair and meets all the standards of perfection in all aspects. Either it’s about durability, adjustability, comfort, or safety, CLATINA XDD2L seems unbeatable in comparison to ticova ergonomic office chair.

The backrest is mesh. This material is equally suitable for sensitive skins. Moreover, the shape is ergonomic to align your spine. You can see the lumbar support. It means to offer additional comfort and relaxation. The good part is that the lumbar support is adjustable.

The tiltable design of the backrest acts like a cherry on top. It enables the user to stretch his muscles in between tough working hours. Not to forget! it can recline to 25 degrees ahead of an upright position.

The seat is also a perfect demonstration of comfort. A thick cushion is used to stuff the seat upholstery. The seat depth isn’t adjustable. However, you can change the height of the seat and prevent your feet from unnecessary hanging. Most importantly, the seat base is super strong and promises a safer sitting.

Not to forget! this particular model is capable of standing maximum weight up to 275lbs. The armrests are very nicely heightened and ensure optimum support to your arms and shoulders.

This unit stands on a sturdier framework comprising a five-star base. The casters at the bottom are made up of non-compromising quality. They are made to enhance mobility and add to outstanding stability. A very good warranty with the package is also a nice perk indeed.

  • simple assembly
  • nice styling
  • comfortable
  • adjustments are easy to make
  • inexpensive chair
  • makes a cracking noise when the user sits in.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Good-Quality Office Chair?

A good quality office chair is the topmost recommendation of critics, obviously due to its benefits. but what does actually a good office chair stands for? In general, we don’t define it as the one with exclusive adjustability and lumbar support. But when it accommodates and supports your body perfectly, it is termed as a good quality office chair. whatsoever, the benefits of using the best affordable office chair are irresistible. Let’s learn what they are:

  1. The lower back is always prone to fatigue during long sitting hours. So, a built-in or adjustable lumbar support is one of the must-haves of a good chair. This feature holds your lower spine like a perfect massager. Hence turns the entire traumatic working hours into a pleasant experience.
  2. The swiveling feature of a sitting gear doesn’t mean to add glamour only. Rather it enables the user to do multitasking without leaving the seat every now and then. As a result, the user saves ample time to be surfed on other stuff.
  3. Adjustability lets you customize different features. For instance, you can alter the seat height, adjust the lumbar support, tilt the backrest, and lower the armrests for a more customized fit. Some models are more adjustable than others. A wide range of customizable features enhances the quality of an office chair and hence impose more benefits.
  4. The usage of mesh in the backrest and seat is a great incentive because it promotes ventilation. The quality of the mesh, however, must also be exceptional. So that it can facilitate the user with a cooler sitting session in a long run. Besides, a good quality mesh neither irritates the skin nor causes allergies. Hence is quite beneficial for the user.


Now you are learned enough about the best office chairs under 300. Just pen down your own requirements and any ailment if you have. This will help you in finalizing the best product compatible to your needs. By the end! We wish you a very good luck for your purchase and hope you avail the best out of it during work hours.